Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Only One Spot

Sophie walked freely into the principal’s office as though she owned the place.Inside, Andy, Bailey’s
mother, Whitlea Dixon, and Derrick, the homeroom teacher of Senior Class 8, were all present.Andy’s
face scrunched up when he saw that it was Sophie again. Even though Sophie got into the school
because of Felix, her results were outstanding—perhaps even better than the other students.It was just
that he had no idea how to deal with the matter since Bailey was involved in it this time.“Sophie, can
you explain what happened at the physics lab?” The uploaded photos had caused a stir on the school
forum for the past few days. It caught the attention of many parents as a result.Essentially, they
deemed school as the place for students to acquire knowledge. It was unquestionable why they would
have such violent reactions after the school was involved in a matter like this.Fixing her gaze on
Sophie, Whitlea realized that the former was a beauty with immensely charming and delicate facial
features.Nonetheless, that was the kind of physical appearance she hated the most.Sophie whipped
her head around toward the couch, where Whitlea was seated. That must be Bailey’s mother. They
share an uncanny resemblance. She indifferently answered, “Mr. Langston, what else can I do in the
lab other than experiments?”“My purpose of asking you over today is no other than hearing your
perspective about the situation at the lab when the incident occurred. You should know that the photos
on the forum have created a negative impact. Many parents and students are highly concerned about
the incident. If we don’t handle things well, it’ll do no good to you and Bailey.”Andy was tactful with his
words because he knew Felix was one of Tristan’s men, and no one dared to get on the nerves of
anyone from the four prominent families in the entire Jipsdale.“Mm.” Sophie remained nonchalant, and
her attitude gave off a vibe that she was not the least bit worried about the current situation.Right at
that moment, a door knock sounded.Andy instinctively furrowed his brows. Who would it be at a time
like this? I’ve got so many matters yet to handle. Who’s here to cause trouble?Still, he let the people
outside in.“Mr. Langston, we’re the student representatives of the incident this time. A notorious student
with bad conduct like Sophie is unworthy to be a student at our school. We’re petitioning for you to
expel her.”There were several girls outside the door, holding a petition in their hands.At once, the

grimace on Andy’s face became more pronounced.“You all should head back first. The school will
handle this matter and give everyone a satisfactory answer in due course.”“Mr. Langston, we believe
you’ll give us the answer we want. If the school continues to condone Sophie’s behaviors, the students
who put in their hard work to study like us will be utterly disappointed.” Those girls glared at Sophie in
disdain as they clarified their stand.After the principal’s assistant sent them out, the atmosphere in the
office instantly turned heavy with tension.Derrick had been quietly standing at the side, as he did not
know what to say. Deep down, he still believed Sophie.“Mr. Langston, there must be some
misunderstanding. I believe in Sophie’s character. She isn’t someone who would do such a
thing.”Whitlea, who had stayed silent, stood up from the couch and walked up to Sophie.Looking at the
nicely dressed woman before her, Sophie remained unfazed. There was not a tinge of fear in her
gaze.“What else is left to say? It’ll only cause adverse effects for the school if you continue to let her
stay! Besides, this student has a bad record, right? I’d say the easiest way is to expel her, Mr.
Langston. She’s nothing but a student with a bad reputation. I don’t think there’s a need to call for a
director’s meeting to expel her!”“Mdm. Dixon, we haven’t gotten to the bottom of the matter. Rashly
expelling a student doesn’t sound like a reasonable plan.” Andy dared not take too big of a risk to make
such a decision.“What other details are there to establish? How’s Bay’s performance in school? Don’t
tell me you’re still unclear, Mr. Langston. Very well, let me set things straight. I don’t care if anything has
happened between them, but this matter has indeed affected Bay,” Whitlea snapped. “Her expulsion is
the only way to alleviate the impacts caused to the school and Bay. He still wants to get into Jipsdale
University and the research institute too! Is that more than enough? What about her? So what if she’s
the second in the entire school?” She was ready to eradicate anything that stood in her son’s
way.“Mdm. Dixon.” Andy knew he was in no place to disobey the member of the board of directors.
Nonetheless, he dared not hastily decide since Felix was behind Sophie’s admission to the school.“Mr.
Langston, have you been staying in your position for too long? Do you wish to change to another
position instead?” Whitlea was growing impatient. She’s nothing but trash. Can’t they make the
decision and get rid of her? There’s no need to waste so much time on her!Anger and annoyance were
building up within Andy. However, there was nothing he could do, as she was the director. All he could

do at that point was put a smile on his face.“I know Mr. Dixon is a brilliant student, Mdm. Dixon. But
Sophie isn’t too inferior either. If they both take part in the physics competition this time, perhaps they’ll
both—”“Jipsdale Premier High only has one spot for the physics competition, Mr. Langston. What are
you trying to imply?” Whitlea was so unhappy that she wanted nothing more than to give a forceful kick
to Andy’s mouth.What ensued was a moment of dead silence.“Since there’s only one spot, the best
way is for them to compete fairly for it if they wish to participate in the physics competition.” Derrick was
unable to tolerate it any longer. Does she mean that only Bailey has the right to participate in the
competition?“Who are you? Do you think you’re in a position to speak up?” An ugly scowl crept up to
Whitlea’s face. “Let me repeat myself again. Bailey must participate in the upcoming physics
competition. How can a student who got expelled represent Jipsdale Premier High? You must be
kidding, right?”Right then, Bailey barged into the principal’s office, and Whitlea’s expression
changed.“Why are you here? No matter what the problem is, I will settle it for you. Get out of here
now.”“I’m of legal age. I hope I can make my own decisions on matters that concern me. Can you not
interfere?”Finishing his words, Bailey approached Sophie and pulled her arm, preparing to head
outside.“Sophie, don’t worry about this matter. I’ll shoulder all responsibilities. I was the one who asked
you to go to the lab. This has nothing to do with you.”No matter what the consequences are, I will face
them by myself. Even if it means expulsion, I should be the one bearing this punishment. Besides,
nothing happened between us in the physics lab.“Bailey Dixon, do you still acknowledge me as your
mother?” Whitlea was seething with anger. “Are you treating me this way because of this little wretch?
I’ve been planning everything for you, but what about you? You’re only messing around in school! You
are nothing but an embarrassment to the Dixon family!”Sophie frowned.Bailey’s mother is honestly too
much. She doesn’t listen to Bailey at all. Does she think the decisions she made for him are always the
best?“Mom, don’t put her in a tight spot. This matter has nothing to do with her. I’ll put in extra effort for
the physics competition and make sure I won’t disappoint you. But please don’t hurt her.” Bailey
sounded especially despondent.Whitlea pinning all her unfulfilled dreams on him had undoubtedly
caused him to experience burnout.