Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 116

Chapter 116 I Will Wait For You To Grow Up

“Have you heard, Soph? Everyone’s signing a petition to have you expelled.”Ysabelle had heard about
this from other girls during a restroom break.She was so livid that she nearly started a fight with
them.“Oh?” Sophie continued to work on her math question while acting as though she had heard
nothing.Seeing that, Ysabelle snatched her pen away.“Now isn’t the time to be focusing on math! What
are you going to do? With so many people hoping to kick you out, the school’s going to have to
consider it for real! Not only that, but the authorities are already furious about whatever happened on
the school forums!”Ysabelle was frantic by now, and yet Sophie appeared as calm as usual.“What are
you doing, Sophie? I’m talking to you about something really important! Can’t you take this more
seriously? Wait, how about this? I’ll get Uncle Tristan to donate a library to the school. That way, they’ll
stop bothering you.”Ysabelle figured this was a good idea.There’s no problem money can’t solve.If the
problem is not resolved, that’s just because the money wasn’t enough.Fortunately, money was never
an issue for the Lombards.“I can take care of the situation,” Sophie replied. Since they keep coming
after me, I’m only going to look like a coward if I don’t get back at them.As the self-study session
concluded, Tristan’s car could be seen parked right outside the school building.“I’m guessing my uncle
already knows what happened, but I swear I didn’t tell him about it. Why are you looking at me like
that? I really didn’t tell him anything!”“What are you getting all nervous about? If you didn’t tell him
about it, then you didn’t.” Sophie was amused by Ysabelle’s behavior.“Okay. Well, I’ll be heading back
now,” Ysabelle concluded but then stopped to turn around, still feeling worried about Sophie. “I think
you should give Uncle Tristan some reassurance, though. No guy would ever be happy to see the girl
he likes getting caught up in a rumor with another boy.”Uncle Tristan gets real scary when he’s
upset.Sophie couldn’t help but laugh when she saw how concerned Ysabelle looked.The latter glared
at her.“Hey, Sophie! You’re going too far! How could you still laugh when I’m so worried about
you?”“Get home safe and have a good rest. You don’t have to worry about me.”Ysabelle reluctantly
entered her car. She would have really wanted to spend the night with Sophie if it wasn’t for her fear of
that uncle of hers.She probably needs company at times like these.After Ysabelle left, Sophie walked

toward a silver Lamborghini, opened the door, and hopped in.The creases between Tristan’s brows
instantly faded when he saw her enter his car of her own accord.“Aren’t you supposed to be in
Frosa?” It’s only been a few days. Has he taken care of everything there? How is he back so
soon?“You sound like you don’t want to see me.” The prior look of dismay Tristan had on his face
quickly returned.“That’s not true! Why wouldn’t I want to see you?”“Did you miss me? I already started
missing you just after being away for a few days.”“Mr. Tristan…”Did I miss him? I don’t think so! I’ve
been too busy to even think about him.Judging from her expression, Tristan knew he had expected too
much from her. There was no way this heartless girl would miss him. Even if he were to leave this
planet for a long while, she probably wouldn’t even remember that there was once such a brilliant man
who had stood by her.Seeing the disappointment on his face, Sophie didn’t know what to do.The
atmosphere inside the car suddenly turned cold.When they finally arrived at Wisteria Apartments,
Tristan could no longer contain himself. He pinned the woman against the wall and gave her a long
kiss.It was only when she nearly lost her breath that he let go of her.“What about now?” Do I not have
any effect on her at all? There has to be something, whether it’s good or bad!Sophie’s chest continued
to heave, and she gazed up at him upon hearing his words.Those large, charming eyes of hers only
served to enchant Tristan further.Unable to control his own thoughts, the man lowered his head to kiss
her again.In response, Sophie wrapped her arms around his waist subconsciously.Her heart began to
race as their bodies pressed against one another.This was a feeling she had never felt before. It was all
too foreign, but she didn’t seem to hate it.Tristan locked her in an embrace as he rested his chin on her
shoulder, breathing heavily. He was on the verge of losing his mind. Seeing Sophie like this was akin to
having a spell cast on him; he was absolutely entranced.“Mr. Tristan —”Upon realizing how hoarse her
voice sounded, Sophie immediately stopped talking.Tristan couldn’t help but smile at that. It turned out
he did affect her in some way.As a reward, he gave her a peck on the forehead.“Good girl. Don’t worry.
I’ll wait for you to grow up.”Sophie was still young.So no matter how tormenting it felt for him, he didn’t
want to sully her.“Get some rest and don’t think about anything else. Leave whatever’s happening in
school to me.”The young woman became displeased as she heard that. What does he mean? Is he
going to take care of things for me?“I can take care of it by myself, Mr. Tristan. You don’t have to

interfere.”Tristan furrowed his brows. Is she that against me trying to help her?He certainly didn’t feel
good being shut out of her world like that.He liked her so much that he wanted to be a part of
everything she did and experienced, and yet, she had never wanted him to be involved from the
start.Despite feeling his anger, Sophie remained unfazed. When it came to matters related to her
principles, she would never be willing to compromise.The two were at a standoff until Tristan eventually
ceded. There was nothing he could do. He was the one who had fallen for her first, after all.“I’ll be
leaving now. Get some rest.” The man released his grasp on her before turning to leave.There was a
hint of dejection in his eyes, and his silhouette looked especially lonesome.Did I go too far?Just as
Sophie wondered that, she received a phone call from Mason. The latter’s phone number had stayed
the same for the past five years, so even if Sophie had long deleted his contact, she could still easily
recognize these eleven digits.The woman rejected the call instantly. There was really nothing for them
to talk about at this point.Mason felt as though his heart was being grappled tightly when he heard the
beeping noise coming from his phone.She still hasn’t forgiven me. That’s why she’s not picking
up.Tristan walked out of Wisteria Apartments at that very moment, and Mason balled his hands into
fists at the sight of that.So, she was with another guy?Tristan had also noticed Mason while walking out
of the apartment area.Is he still not giving up?