Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 114

Chapter 114 We Are Not Meant For Each Other

Willow, who was still lining up at that time, looked awful upon hearing that.“Willa, what did she whisper
to you? Did she threaten you? Don’t be afraid. You have our support. We won’t let her bully you.”Willow
forced a smile and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t join you guys for lunch. I’m going back first.”Noticing the fear
on Willow’s face, the other girls put all the blame on Sophie.“Willa, you don’t have to be afraid. Many of
us are here to support you.”Willow shook her head. “I’m not feeling well. You guys enjoy your
meal.”With that, she walked out of the cafeteria.Meanwhile, Ysabelle sat in front of Sophie after
receiving her lunch set. Then she took out a piece of tissue and wiped her spoon.“Soph, have you
identified who it was? We have to find and teach the person a lesson. Otherwise, many people will
think we are easy prey.”“Who else would scheme against me at all costs other than Willow?”“D*mn it.
What’s wrong with Willow? She can devote herself to becoming Mrs. Laird. What does it have to do
with you?” Ysabelle was exasperated because of Willow. “Why does she always have to show up in
front of you? Has she no shame?”“All right, eat up. I’ll handle it. I won’t let Willow off the hook.”Ysabelle
was relieved upon hearing Sophie’s words.The driver dropped Willow off at the Laird residence after
school in the evening.Constance’s lips curled into a smile when she saw Willow.“Willa, you haven’t
come here to see me for many days. Did Mason bully you? If he ever bullies you, you must let me
know. I’ll surely teach him a lesson for you.”Willow came up to Constance and held her arm to go
inside.“He didn’t! Why would Mason bully me? He’s been treating me well. I was busy because of the
final exam. Mrs. Laird, you don’t mind that, do you?” Willow was always well-behaved before
Constance.“The final exam is important, but your health is even more so. Mason has just returned. You
should spend more time with him. Honestly, I’m fond of you and hope you two can get together in the
future.” Constance was worried that Mason would look for Sophie. “Mason will come home for dinner
later. Try your best to impress him, okay?”“Thank you, Mrs. Laird.” Willow was excited when she heard
that Mason would be here for dinner.As expected, Mason came home at six o’clock in the evening.
However, he merely nodded at Willow.The three of them sat at the dining table, and Willow kept putting
food on Mason’s plate.Moments later, Mason put his fork down.“Mason, what’s wrong? Aren’t these

your favorite dishes?”“Willow, I’m not a kid. You don’t have to take care of me like this. I can pick up
any food I want. This is my home.”Deep down, Mason thought he had to be clear with Willow or he
would waste her time.Willow’s expression turned grim, and her hand froze after Mason rejected her
kindness. She gazed at Constance helplessly, unsure of what to do.Constance could only shake her
head.But the next moment, she helped Willow ease the tension. “Just ignore him, Willa. He’s learned a
lot of bad habits from overseas.”The meal ended on an unhappy note.When Willow wanted to help the
housekeeper do the dishes, Mason stopped her.“Willow, you’re our guest here. How can you do
something like this? Let’s go out for a chat.”Willow’s face turned paler when she heard that.What does
he want to say to me?Slowly, they headed toward the courtyard outside.Looking at Willow, whose head
was lowered, Mason felt slightly hesitant to speak his mind.However, once Sophie flashed through his
mind, he thought he had to be cold-hearted. After all, everything would have turned out differently if he
had been cold-hearted five years ago.“Mason, what do you want to tell me?” Deep down, Willow didn’t
wish to face the truth. Fear overwhelmed her when she saw Mason’s expression. “Ever since you went
abroad, I’ve been waiting for your return. Now that you’re back, I think we can finally be together, right?
Mason, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t mind even if some might think I’ve lost my self-
esteem because of it. Nothing else matters as long as I can be with you,” Willow confessed before
Mason could speak.She then went closer and hugged him tightly.“Mason, I love you!” Willow eventually
burst into tears. She had a bad omen that what Mason had said earlier was to foreshadow his intention
to break up with her.Mason pushed her hands away and took a step back to maintain a distance
between them.Deep down, he knew that Willow loved him. However, love is never about a person’s
feelings.“Willow, I’m sorry. For all these years, I only treat you like my sister. Now, I’ve finally realized
that I always love Sophie. I was too weak five years ago.”Willow couldn’t say a word. Mason had
broken her heart no matter how hard she had tried to salvage their relationship. Sophie was the only
one he loved.“No matter what, I’ve failed you. I didn’t make it clear to you. I’m grateful to you for saving
me. I wouldn’t have become who I am today without you. But loving someone is not about being
thankful.”Willow hated Sophie deeply.Why? Sophie can get everything I work hard to obtain without
doing anything. All I want is Mason. Is it an excessive demand?“Mason, I love you so much. Please

don’t be so cruel to me.”“Willow, I’m sorry. I can’t give you the love you want. I might sound
irresponsible, but I believe you will meet someone who deeply loves you someday.”After Mason
finished, Willow snickered and took a few steps back.Mason couldn’t help but frown upon seeing her
reaction.“Willow—”“Why? Mason, why must you do this to me? You agreed to be my boyfriend.
Everyone knows you’re my boyfriend and we’re going to get engaged soon. How am I going to face
them if you want to break up with me now?”Willow continued to shuffle backward.When she moved
closer to the artificial lake behind her, Mason could not help but furrow his brows.“Willow, calm down.
Stop moving backward. It’s dangerous.”“What’s the point of living if you abandon me? I might as well
die.”“Willow!” Mason called out in a quavering voice.“Mason, you still care about me, don’t you? You’re
worried about me!”The next moment, Willow lost her balance and fell into the icy cold lake after letting
out a scream.“Willow!” Mason immediately rushed forward, jumped into the lake, and swam toward her.