Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Causing An Unwanted Misunderstanding

Felix had no idea Tristan would bring Sophie to the dungeon.Everyone who was tortured and
questioned here would definitely spill the truth.Sophie was in a daze after she entered the dungeon.It
did not occur to her that Tristan would bring the men here and that such a place existed in Jipsdale.“Mr.
Tristan,” Felix greeted. He had just arrived a while ago and didn’t have the chance to question the
mercenaries yet.“I’ll bring you around,” Tristan said to Sophie, who nodded in agreement.Despite
priding herself on her rich experience, she couldn’t stop a chill from going down her spine at the
horrible-looking devices used to torture the prisoners kept captive here.“Mr. Tristan, do your rivals often
try to assassinate you?”Is he only the CEO of Lombard Group? Why do so many people want him
dead?“Why?” Tristan led her deeper into the dungeon. Everything Sophie saw here gave her a new
perspective of what Tristan was capable of.“Why do you need to establish a dungeon like this?” The
police might not be able to get the answers they wanted, but the prisoners here—including ruthless
mercenaries—would definitely spill everything after being tortured by the highly advanced devices.
There was simply no chance of fighting back.“Indeed. After I took over Lombard Group, many wanted
me dead,” came Tristan’s answer.Hearing that, Sophie felt bad for him.No matter how mentally resilient
he was, he must be annoyed by those constant assassinations!Tristan took in her expression and went
to her.Taking her hand, he said, “But they don’t have what it takes to kill me. I’m still healthy and
alive.”He wouldn’t have created a dungeon if it wasn’t necessary.“You shouldn’t have brought me here,”
Sophie said.This place was very important to him. If someone else discovered the existence of this
place and sent the evidence to the relevant authorities, he would be greatly affected.“Sophie, you’re
different from others. You mean a lot to me.”He would allow her to do anything she wanted in his
territory.In fact, he could take over any territory that wasn’t his as long as she wanted him to.His gaze
was too affectionate, and Sophie had no idea how to respond. Without a word, she went deeper into
the dungeon.“The technology here is really advanced. I’m sure no one can refuse to talk.” No matter
how strong one’s willpower was, one couldn’t resist for long.“Yes.”He had spent a lot to build this
dungeon, so it was undeniably effective.After their tour ended, Felix had already pried the information

from the mercenaries’ lips.“Mr. Tristan, the Zaleses sent them, just like last time in Horington,” Felix
reported.The Zaleses had always been jealous of the Lombards and had been trying to wipe them out
in secret.“Clayton Zales.” Tristan’s guess was right.The only person who dared to pull this feat in
Jipsdale could only be Clayton.“Mr. Tristan, what should we do about them?” Felix asked, for there
were over ten mercenaries here.“Hand them to Eustace. He’s been trying to capture them, hasn’t
he?”Sophie blinked after hearing Eustace’s name.“Sure.”They were doing Eustace a big favor.“I’ll
handle the rest. It’s late. You and Sophie should go home and rest.” Deep down, Felix was still afraid of
Sophie. She’s not someone to be messed with. I need to show her more respect or risk invoking her
wrath.Sophie yawned loudly. She was indeed exhausted after the fight. “If you’re busy, I can head
home myself.”In an attempt to butter up to her, Felix immediately replied, “You are the most important
person here. I can handle the rest, so don’t worry!”“Let’s go,” Tristan uttered.His large hand wrapped
around her tiny one and warmed her hand up.Sophie fell into a momentary daze.The moment Tristan
left with Sophie, Felix ordered his men to tie the mercenaries up.“Mr. Northley, what should we do with
them?”“Drag them to the door of the SWAT team and leave them in the hands of Eustace. He has dealt
with similar matters plenty of times.”The mercenaries had assassinated several important government
officials, so Eustace would be rewarded for his outstanding service if he were to arrest them.That was
the exact reason why Felix was terrified. The mercenaries were known to be ruthless, but Sophie had
managed to defeat them easily. It was really mind-blowing.These few days, Eustace had been busy
with a case. He didn’t get to sleep well.He had just fallen asleep that day when he received a call from
his team.“What is it?” Eustace pinched his nose bridge in an attempt to wake up.“Captain Sheppard,
come to the station now!”Eustace’s brows snapped together.“What happened?” he asked. His team
members from the SWAT team had been working alongside him for some time and were experienced,
so it was the first time he had seen them this flustered.“You’ll find out when you arrive. Even if I explain
everything to you now, you won’t trust me.”Eustace drove to the SWAT team at once. When he saw
that over ten mercenaries were all bundled up inside, he promptly lost his cool.The leader of the group
of mercenaries was an internationally wanted fugitive. His team had been finding the whereabouts of
these mercenaries but to no avail.Who is capable enough of capturing them before sending them

here?“Contact Interpol.” Eustace kept his cool and made the arrangements. The leader of the
mercenaries had committed many grave crimes, so no matter who captured him, he or she had done a
good deed.“Also, find out who sent them here.”“Captain Sheppard, what a stroke of good fortune! You
managed to arrest an internationally wanted fugitive when you were sleeping at home.”Eustace rubbed
his nose. That’s true. I’ve cracked a few important cases after I met Sophie. Hmm, it’s time for me to go
see her. She’s a high school student, but not an ordinary being. Previously, she was involved in
defusing the bomb. Was it also her this time?The next morning, Eustace drove to Jipsdale Premier
High.He stared at the gate intently until he saw a young lady clad in uniform heading toward the gate
with two buns in her hand. Without hesitation, he got out of his car.Eustace was wearing his police
uniform, which looked great on him. In fact, he looked dashing in his uniform.Thus, he immediately
attracted the female students’ attention.Classes were going to begin soon, but they refused to head
in.“Wow, he’s a hunk!”“Yeah! I used to think that Bailey’s hot, but he’s not as handsome as this
man.”“You’re right. Oh, how I wish I can marry a police officer.”Sophie glanced at Eustace as she took a
bite of the bun.She chewed on it slowly before swallowing it.“Captain Sheppard, you’ll cause a
misunderstanding if you show up at my school in your uniform to look for me.”“What kind of
misunderstanding?” Eustace didn’t understand what she was talking about. “I’m here to ask a few
questions.”“What is it?” Sophie asked airily.