Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Beaten To A Pulp

Tristan was worried, as those were professional mercenaries who were vastly different from ordinary
thugs.He couldn’t control his temper, as he was extremely anxious.However, he had no choice but to
tamp his temper down after hearing her question.“Soph, be good. Stay in the crowd instead of going
somewhere desolate. I’ll come to you now.” His men had tracked her location down, and he was on his
way to her.Sophie was rendered speechless.“Mr. Tristan, I can handle them.” His voice was soft; she
couldn’t bring herself to be harsh on him. After all, he was only concerned about her.“Be good and don’t
move. Wait for me,” Tristan implored, his tone contrary to his usual arrogant voice.“All right.” Sophie
caved in. She couldn’t bring herself to say no or reject Tristan mercilessly like how she used to reject
other men.Yet, Sophie could not wait for any longer after realizing the men were armed.She was
currently in the most bustling area in Jipsdale. The streets were crowded, so the consequences would
be unimaginable if they were to use their guns in public.Sophie unlocked her phone and clicked on the
map. She observed the map for around one minute before strolling toward a desolate area calmly.The
men clad in casual clothes immediately shared a look and strode after her.Playing with the wire of her
earphone, Sophie strolled into a quiet alley.“Get her!”Sophie came to a stop at the end of the alley and
turned to look at the men.“You have nowhere to escape now, huh?” one man sneered as his gaze
gleamed with malice. “Surrender without putting up a fight, so you won’t have to suffer as
much.”“Escape?” Sophie repeated mockingly. “You’re nothing but trash. Why do I need to
escape?”“Ha!” The leader let out a mirthless laugh. She’s confident, huh? ”Take her away!”The
mercenaries stepped forward menacingly, but Sophie was still fiddling with the wire of her
earphone.Before they could reach her, she pulled out a piece of gum and unwrapped it before tossing it
into her mouth.Chewing on her gum, she observed the men carefully.Finally, the mercenaries stopped
in front of her. Sophie darted out of their way before they could take action against her.Leaping into the
air, she kicked one man’s crotch forcefully.Sophie didn’t like beating around the bush. These were
deadly mercenaries, so she didn’t hold back and attacked them mercilessly.The mercenaries collapsed
to the ground one by one.The leader of the mercenaries was scowling by now. His subordinates were

skilled but got defeated by the young lady easily.“You’re the only one left. Come on!” Sophie said
arrogantly.“You must be sick of living!” the leader growled. He shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it
aside, then strode toward Sophie ominously.Without wasting time, he pulled his gun out and aimed for
Sophie’s head.“We never wanted to kill you. Just come with us,” the man commanded.“No.” There was
no way she’d leave with them easily.At that moment, Tristan’s car rolled to a stop before the alley.His
heart clenched up anxiously when he thought of Sophie entering the quiet alley instead of listening to
his words.The alley was eerily silent, and for a moment, Tristan dared not walk into it.Bang!A loud
gunshot rang out, prompting Tristan to dash in.To his shock, he saw over ten mercenaries moaning in
anguish on the ground.One man’s wrist was bleeding, as he had been shot.Sophie, however, had over
ten guns with her.She arched a brow at the sight of him.Tristan hurried over to her and only relaxed
after making sure she was all right.“Who sent you here?” Tristan went to the leader.However, the
leader merely glared at him and refused to spill a word.“You won’t say anything, huh? Never mind. I’ll
make you regret what you have done today.”Right after he said that, Felix appeared with over a dozen
of men in black.Tristan ordered, “Bring them back, but don’t let them die.”He wanted to question them
personally after sending Sophie back home.Felix noticed the mercenaries rolling in pain on the ground
and cast Sophie a look.Despite knowing Sophie wasn’t someone to be trifled with, he had no idea she
was capable of beating the mercenaries to a pulp.He couldn’t help but wonder how many secrets she
had.I don’t think I can defeat the mercenaries alone.The alley was silent once again.Tristan stood
silently in his spot. He was obviously upset at her.Sophie spat her gum into a piece of tissue before
going to him.“Mr. Tristan, are you mad at me?” Sophie asked.“Why didn’t you listen to me?” Tristan’s
entire being was still shaking in fear. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if something were to
happen to her.“I wanted to listen to you, but they were armed. So—”“You came here knowing that they
had guns? Sophie, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Tristan interjected, a wave of fury crashing
through him.Sophie was befuddled by his anger.In her opinion, she was just trying to prevent a gunfight
in Jipsdale.“The street was crowded, and I didn’t want—”“Those people have nothing to do with me.
Why would I bother about their safety? Your safety is my priority,” Tristan cut in.His words might sound
selfish, but he was telling the truth. No one else but her life mattered to him.Sophie was astonished to

learn how possessive he could be. She had no idea Tristan was this concerned about her.“Mr. Tristan, I
—”Refusing to hear her explanation, Tristan pulled her into her arms and bit the corner of her lips as a
form of punishment.“Why won’t you listen to me?” he whispered in her ear.Sophie wrapped her arms
around him and leaned against his chest.Her action calmed him down instantly.“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean
to make you worry.”Tristan sighed out loud. He was hopelessly in love with her.Without saying anything
else, he gave her a ride back to Wisteria Apartments.“Can I see those men?” She was curious why
those men wanted to abduct her.“Mm, no problem,” Tristan agreed readily.He would make the
arrangements for her if she wanted to see them.“They wanted to abduct you so they could use you to
threaten me into submission.” Tristan had rushed over the moment he received the news, but he didn’t
make it here in time. In the end, she had to solve the matter alone.“No one can abduct me easily. Mr.
Tristan, don’t let others use me to threaten you into submission.” Sophie wanted to help him instead of
being his Achilles’ heel.“Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone get the chance to hurt you.” Tristan’s eyes
blazed dangerously. He wasn’t even this mad when his enemies had tried to harm him.