Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Bridal Carry

Just when Willow thought she was done for, Sophie finally released her grip on the former’s
neck.“Remember, stay out of my way. If you see Ysabelle, run. Otherwise, I won’t show you any more
mercy.”Sophie shoved her to the ground when she finished speaking.Willow gasped for air desperately,
her face pale as a sheet. There was no doubt in her mind that she would have met her maker in less
than a minute if Sophie had not released her grip.Enveloped by a sense of fear and asphyxia, Willow
took out her phone and gave Mason a call.When the latter saw it was her, he ended the call and
continued going through his documents.In spite of that, his phone rang again the next second.In the
end, Mason relented, for Willow had saved his life once, obligating him to help her to the best of his
abilities.“Mason, save me. I’m about to die.” Willow’s sobbing voice rang out the moment the call was
connected.Mason’s brows furrowed.“What happened? Where are you? Don’t panic. I’ll head over right
now.”Mason drove straight to Jipsdale Premier High where the guard at the entrance forbade him from
driving in. Left without a choice, he got out of his car and entered the school on foot.His gaze darkened
when he saw Willow collapsed by the stairs.As for Willow, she burst into tears at the sight of
him.“Mason, I thought that I would never see you again. Death was knocking on my door just now.”
Willow was trembling all over, for the fear she felt was real.Mason wrinkled his brows.“Willow, tell me
what happened.” As they were on the school grounds, the school administration had to take
responsibility in the event a student was hurt.“Mason, I’m really scared. I thought I would really die.”His
heart softened when he saw how violently Willow was shaking. Mason then carried her in his arms.“I’ll
send you to the hospital first. We’ll talk about it after you get examined.”As Willow wrapped her arms
around his neck, Mason brought her downstairs.“Mason, don’t leave me. I’m afraid when I’m
alone.”Mason didn’t answer, as he could never give her what she truly desired.When the students saw
the dashing Mason carry Willow away, they gossiped amongst themselves.“Oh my God! He’s really
handsome!”“Don’t you know? He used to be a legend in Jipsdale Premier High. I heard that he and
Willow are a couple!”“Mmm-hmm. I was told of it too. I even heard that Sophie also fancies
Mason.”“Sophie must be dreaming. He’s out of her league!”“Precisely. Mason and Willow are a match

made in heaven!”“I’m so envious of her bridal carry! I wish I was the one in his arms.”“Say, why would
Willow get hurt? Could it be that Sophie hurt her? Sophie has been jealous of her, hasn’t she?”“I think
Sophie must be the one who hurt her. Just a while ago, you missed how terrified Willow
looked.”“Sophie is really wicked. Who does she think she is?”“All of you should shut up. I’ll smack
whoever that makes another sound.”Ysabelle could no longer tolerate the harsh comments.Who the
f*ck is Mason? There’s no way Soph is interested in him. Uncle Tristan is way better than
him!“Ysabelle, you had better stay away from her. Look, she even dares to strike her own sister.”“Shut
your trap.”Ysabelle was incompetent at verbal insults. Hence, that was the best she could manage out
of her limited vocabulary.Meanwhile, Sophie came over and swept a calm gaze across the
girls.“Mason? Not my cup of tea.” With that, she held Ysabelle’s arm and left.“Soph, don’t mind their
words.” Ysabelle was worried that the snide remarks would hurt her.Even though Sophie had nerves of
steel, Ysabelle still sympathized with her upon hearing the comments.“Mmm-hmm. I’m not bothered by
them. Besides, they were not wrong. I was the one who roughed up Willow,” she bravely admitted.“It
was because of me, wasn’t it?” Ysabelle, too, felt that Willow had it coming.“I just can’t bear the sight of
her. Anyway, let’s get back to class.” After Sophie helped Ysabelle back to the classroom, the fourth
period began.Upon hearing the news of Willow being hurt, Yale and Charmaine rushed over.Both of
them heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Mason.Ever since Mason returned, his attitude toward
Willow was colder than before, causing them to worry that their relationship had taken a turn for the
worse.But now that he was by Willow’s side, it was a sign that he still cared for her.“Thank you,
Mason.”Mason merely nodded before making way for them.“Willa, what happened? How did you get
hurt?”“Mom, it’s Soph. I have no idea why she did this to me.”“What? Sophie? That’s audacious of her!”
Yale bellowed. “What in the world is she trying to do?”“Dad, I’m as clueless as you are!”Willow put on
an innocent look as she sneaked a glance in Mason’s direction, hoping to learn his thoughts about the
matter.However, all she could see was a frown on his face.“Willow, I’m sure there must be a
misunderstanding. I know Sophie isn’t capable of such a thing.”“Mason, why don’t you believe me? Are
you saying that I’m making false accusations against her?” Willow was on the brink of tears. How can
he not trust me?“I just think that she’s not a bad person.”“In that case, are you saying that I’m the one

that’s bad?”Willow summoned her tears at will to cement her pitiable look.“All right. I’ll get to the bottom
of the matter. You should rest at home for the next few days instead of going to school.”Feeling
annoyed, Mason was in no mood to continue the topic.“Mason…”Willow felt indignant. Even though I
have ended up in the hospital, he still refuses to stay by my side.“Willa, Mason has just returned to the
country and probably has a lot on his plate. So, you shouldn’t get in his way.”Just as Yale spoke, he
stood up to walk Mason out, leaving Charmaine and Willow in the ward.“Willa, was it really
Soph?”Willow gave her mother a pained look. “Mom, what’s that supposed to mean? Do you also think
that I’m framing Sophie?”“That’s not what I meant. I just don’t want both of you to ruin your relationship
over a man.”“I’m not!” Willow was infuriated. Even my own mother doesn’t believe me.“Fine. Let’s just
forget it. Going forward, don’t step on Sophie’s toes. Instead, focus your efforts on staying by Mason’s
side.”Speechless, Willow was further outraged by her mother’s words. Still, she wouldn’t dare get on
Sophie’s nerves anymore.Recalling the fearless look on Sophie’s face, Willow believed that the former
would really carry out her threats to kill her.By the time Mason returned to his office, he had lost the
mood to work.He then drove aimlessly around Jipsdale until it was five. Eventually, he still failed to
keep control of himself and headed toward Jipsdale Premier High.He waited inside the car, feeling the
need to have a proper talk with Sophie, as they didn’t have the opportunity to do so the last
time.Finally, after three complex experiments, Aaron dismissed Bailey and Sophie from class.When
both of them came out for dinner, Mason’s car was right in front of them.“What’s wrong?” Bailey
couldn’t help but ask when Sophie stopped in her tracks.