Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Tristan Has No Interest In Girls

At the sight of her, Mason quickly alighted and approached her.“Sophie, let’s have dinner together.”
There were certain words that he needed to say to her in person.Bailey scrutinized the man in front of
him. Isn’t he Willow’s boyfriend? Why is he here to see Sophie at a time like this?“You must be here to
question me about hitting Willow, right? There’s no need to do it over a meal, as I can give you an
answer straight away. I wanted to teach her a lesson just because I don’t like her face. How about that?
Are you happy with the answer? If you are, you can get out of my way now.”All this while, my words
never matter to him, so why even bother? Since he didn’t believe me five years ago, it’s meaningless
for him to say anything now.“Sophie, I really have something to tell you. Can you listen to me for once?
Are things between us so bad that we can’t even have a meal together?”“I’m sorry, but the sight of you
makes me lose my appetite.”Mason was at a loss for words as he felt a squeeze in his heart.Has our
relationship deteriorated to such an extent?“I know you’re not able to get over what happened five
years ago. But don’t you worry. I’ll make sure you get the justice you deserve.”“Mason, I don’t need you
to interfere in my affairs. And what’s this talk about seeking justice for me? Do you think you’re some
kind of superhero?”“Sophie, let’s go. We still have to attend a self-study session at night,” Bailey
reminded, as they had yet to have their dinner.Sophie nodded before leaving with him.After being
spurned by Sophie, Mason leaned against the car door. Regardless of what he said, she refused to
listen to him.Meanwhile, Willow’s friends sent her a message when they coincidentally spotted Mason
meeting with Sophie.After that, they walked up to him.“Mr. Laird, you’re back. You must stand up for
Willa. Sophie is just too much. She always acts as if she owns the place.”“That’s right! All she does is
bully Willa. I bet she’s jealous of both of you being together.”“Mmm-hmm, Mr. Laird, Sophie is a terrible
person.”When he heard how they disparaged Sophie, an excruciating pain surged in his heart.All these
years, she has suffered a tremendous amount of insults alone. And yet, I chose to leave her behind
after that incident and let her carry the burden by herself.“Going forward, don’t ever let me hear you
badmouth Sophie. Also, Willow and I are not in a relationship.”“Mr. Laird…”The girls couldn’t believe
their ears.“What do you mean? Are you dumping Willa?”“Yea! How can you do that? Willa waited for

you for five years. Now that you’re finally back, how can you just abandon her?”Willow’s friends felt bad
for her.Having no intention to waste time arguing with a bunch of girls, Mason turned around in
exasperation and returned to his car.Upon receiving the message, Willow flung her phone at the wall,
causing its screen to shatter when it dropped to the floor.“Sophie!” Willow clenched her teeth. Why
does she always mess up my life? Why didn’t she just die in Horington?Willow’s pretty face contorted
in anger, as the urge to tear Sophie to pieces swelled within her.The next day in school, Ysabelle pulled
Sophie aside, causing the latter to cock her brows.What is she up to?“Soph, accompany me to
Lombard Group this afternoon.”“Why?” Sophie was puzzled.“I’m bringing Uncle Tristan and the others
lunch.” Felix had ignored her for two days. Realizing the folly of her actions, she planned to tell him that
she was sorry.“The others? Do you mean Felix?”Sophie knew what Ysabelle was up to. I bet she wants
to apologize to him.“Mmm-hmm.”“All right then.”During the noon break, Sophie and Ysabelle picked up
the food from Pegasus Pavilion before hailing a taxi to Lombard Group.As it was Ysabelle’s first time
there, both of them were stopped by the receptionist because she didn’t recognize them.“I’m Ysabelle
Lombard. Tristan is my uncle, so let me in.” Ysabelle felt helpless. It was understandable that the
receptionist didn’t know her, but no matter how much time she spent explaining, the former just refused
to believe her.Sophie watched them argue for a while before finally giving Tristan a call.When Tristan
picked up, he and Felix were already having lunch outside.Nonetheless, he was not only surprised to
receive her call but also delighted by it.“Mr. Tristan, where are you? Ysabelle and I are in the lobby of
Lombard Group. Are you here?”“What?”“We brought you food,” Sophie patiently explained.“Food? All
right. Just stay there. I’m coming back right away.”After ending the call, Tristan grabbed his suit jacket
and prepared to leave.“Mr. Tristan, where are you going? We haven’t even started eating.” Felix got to
his feet and hurried after Tristan.“You guys should continue. I need to head back to the office.”Charles
asked, “What’s wrong? Is Lombard Group going bankrupt?”Sean added, “You think? It definitely has
something to do with Ms. Sophie.”Only that girl possesses such a hold on him.Felix was rendered
speechless.Forget it. After all, I’m just someone who’s being resented. Despite all my efforts, Ysabelle
doesn’t appreciate me at all.In the meantime, Ysabelle was disheartened by the fact that she was
barred from entering Lombard Group even though she was a Lombard.“Let’s just sit over there. I’ve

called Mr. Tristan to come and pick us up.”Sophie dragged Ysabelle to the lounge of the lobby.“Girls,
Lombard Group isn’t the place for you to mess around. Can both of you please leave?”If management
sees the two students here, we’ll lose our jobs!“You had better not go too far! Didn’t I tell you that I’m
here to see Mr. Tristan?” Ysabelle raged.“I know that Mr. Tristan is the epitome of a man and is
irresistibly charming. However, he has no interest in women at all, so please leave!”Ysabelle snapped,
“Does my uncle know that you think of him that way?”Having no interest in women? Is she really talking
about Uncle Tristan?Sophie was speechless.Tristan isn’t interested in women? In that case, was it a
phantom that hit on me?“It’s true. There has never been a woman by Mr. Tristan’s side. Both of you
should just give up.”Tristan, who had just returned, was walking up to the girls when he overheard the
receptionist’s comments.How can she say something like that in front of the girl I fancy? Tristan’s face
turned grim.“Mr. Tristan?”Not expecting Tristan to come back at that time, the receptionist was shocked
to the core.“Mr. Tristan, these two girls insist on seeing you. I’m in the midst of getting them to leave.”
The receptionist finally found her voice.“There is no need to. Come, let’s go up to the ninetieth floor.”
Tristan took over the food the two girls brought. “This is Ms. Tanner. When she comes to see me next
time, please escort her straight to my office on the ninetieth floor.”The receptionist was dumbstruck, as
Sophie was the first ever girl allowed to do that.