Anything For Her

Chapter 99

Look Into Him

“Mom, don’t meddle in my personal matters,” Mason retorted coldly.

Constance was enraged. “I’m your mother! If not yours, whose private matters am I supposed to
meddle in? Don’t you know about Sophie’s bad reputation? I’m warning you. Stay away from Sophie.
Otherwise, I’ll donate everything the Laird family owns and leave nothing for you.”

Mason knew all along how much his mother hated Sophie. “Okay. I have things to attend to. Find your
own ride home.”

Mason still wanted to have a private talk with Sophie.

“Don’t you dare look for Sophie! Otherwise, you’ll be surprised by what I’m capable of.” Constance had
resorted to threatening Mason.

“Mason, where are you going? I can keep you company.” When Willow came out, she heard Mason
saying that he was leaving. Right away, she offered to accompany him.

“That’s not necessary. Go home!”

Willow then queried indignantly, “Mason, did I do anything wrong? Why are you giving me the cold

“You did nothing wrong.” Mason was annoyed when he saw her expression.

“Let’s go, Willa.” Constance wanted her to leave because she didn’t want to see Willow getting

When Sophie got back to the private room, she sat in her initial seat.

“Is everything okay? Why were you gone for so long, Soph?” Ysabelle was just about to go look for her.

“I’m fine.” Sophie didn’t want to reveal much.

Dissatisfied, Felix asked, “Belle, are you serious? Sophie had only gone to the restroom. Why would
you want to follow her there?”

“What does it have to do with you? It’s none of your business.”

Felix was hurt. What do you mean it’s none of my business? I’m concerned about everything you do!

After the meal, they left the private room.

Sophie and Ysabelle were standing by the roadside while waiting for Tristan and Felix to bring their
cars around.

“Soph, the final exam is coming up. What are your plans after the final exam?” Ysabelle asked.
Although it’s just a short break, it’s better than none!

“I’m going back to Horington.” Sophie had unfinished business in Horington. I’ve promised to pay
Wings of Light a visit, and I haven’t done that yet. Come to think of it, I still have a lot of things to attend
to over there.

“What are you going to do in Horington? Can I tag along?” Even though the winter break would only
last for less than a fortnight, Ysabelle was unwilling to separate from Sophie.

“Sophie, we need to talk.” Suddenly, Mason showed up.

Sophie couldn’t help but frown when she heard his voice. Why is he still here?

Ysabelle looked at Mason curiously. This man is quite good-looking. Upon a closer look, he looks quite
similar to Uncle Tristan. However, they possess different auras. This man is gentle and elegant, while

Uncle Tristan is domineering and ruthless.

“Mason, we don’t have anything to talk about,” Sophie said. We should just let bygones be bygones.

“Sophie!” Mason thought Sophie was just throwing a tantrum.

Right then, Tristan arrived in his car, and he shot a glance at Mason.

“Soph, Uncle Tristan is here,” Ysabelle uttered.


Mason saw Tristan in the car, and he kept sizing Tristan up. Who’s this man? What’s his relationship
with Sophie?

“Sophie, we need to have a talk in private,” Mason repeated.

“Mason, I have nothing to do with you, so there’s nothing to talk about. I’m leaving.” Sophie opened the
car door and was about to hop in.

All of a sudden, Mason grabbed her hand and refused to let her leave.

Tristan was infuriated when he saw that. He wants to lose his hand, doesn’t he?

“Must you do this? No matter what, we’re still friends, aren’t we?” Mason asked.

“I’m your friend? I’m not worthy of being your friend, Mr. Mason Laird.” Sophie pulled her hand away
from him aggressively.

“Don’t ever look for me again! You’re disgusting!” After saying those vicious words, Sophie got into the
car and closed the car door.

By then, Felix had also arrived, so Ysabelle got into his car as well.

After that, both the cars drove past Mason and left.

Upon seeing that, Mason narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, five years ago, I wavered because of the rumors about her, but I regret it now. Throughout my
three years in Anglandur, there wasn’t a single day gone by that I didn’t think of her. In fact, the
memories seemed even clearer as time goes by.

That was why he came back, and he was determined to hold on to her this time around. However, how
can I forget about how unforgiving Sophie is? Surely, she’s not going to just accept me so easily. Also, I
need time to deal with my relationship with Willow. Basically, this time around, I’m not going to believe a
word anyone says. I’ll stand by Sophie’s side and not let anyone hurt her.

Sophie was silent as they drove back.

Meanwhile, Tristan was also focused on the road, and neither of them said a word to each other
throughout the journey back.

When they finally arrived at Wisteria Apartments, Tristan refused to leave.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie spoke at long last.

“May I go in and have a glass of water?” Tristan knew how lame his excuse was, but he couldn’t be

Since she hasn’t agreed to be my girl, I can’t ask her to tell me anything if she doesn’t want to do that.

Nonetheless, he was still reluctant to leave.

He simply wanted to stay by her side.

Sophie scanned her fingerprint, and the door opened. As she was walking in, Tristan was following
closely behind.

Tristan never thought he would be acting so cautiously in front of a girl.

Sophie then poured him a glass of hot water. “Here.”

Tristan took the glass and took a sip.

“Isn’t the water hot?” she asked puzzledly when she saw him drinking it right away.

“It’s hot.”

“Mr. Tristan, are you all right?” That was the first time she had seen him being so absent-minded.

“I’m all right.”

Tristan put the glass on the coffee table and said, “Go to sleep early tonight, okay? Your final exam is
around the corner. Study hard.” In the end, Tristan left Wisteria Apartments without asking her

Sophie wasn’t fazed by Mason’s appearance at all. After surfing the internet for a while, she went to
bed to sleep.

The moment she got into bed, she received a text from Ysabelle.

Ysabelle: Soph, who’s the man we saw earlier today?

Sophie: He’s an ex-classmate.

Ysabelle: Is that all he is? It doesn’t seem like it, though!

Ysabelle’s interest was piqued.

Sophie: I’m not saying anything anymore. I’m going to sleep.

Ysabelle: Soph! Satisfy my curiosity, will you? That man is quite an eye candy! Were you guys
romantically involved with each other?

It seemed that she wasn’t going to get any sleep if she failed to get answers from Sophie.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times she texted Sophie, Sophie left her text messages unread.

That was because Sophie had already put her phone aside and gone to sleep.

That night, Felix asked Tristan doubtfully, “Are you okay, Mr. Tristan?”

Tristan took a sip of his whiskey and slowly put his glass aside.

“Think of it this way, Mr. Tristan. That guy from the Laird family is neither more handsome, richer, nor
taller than you. There’s no way Soph is going to fall for him.”

“That guy from the Laird family? Mason Laird?” Charles had heard of that name before.

“Should we look into him?” Sean questioned.

What’s the fuss about? We’ll know everything about him after we’ve looked into him.