Anything For Her

Chapter 96

I Cannot Wait

“They left after they came back and saw you sleeping,” Tristan uttered calmly.

“Oh.” Sophie made nothing out of it. Since they’ve already left, I guess I’ll just eat with him alone.

“Wait for me. I’ll wash up, and we’ll have dinner together.”

Tristan was elated when he heard her say “we.”

Sophie went to the bathroom and washed up. After wiping her face dry, she tied her hair up into a
ponytail before going out.

Tristan got up from the couch right away when he saw her coming out.

The two then went out for dinner.

By the time they were done with dinner, one hour had passed.

The moment she got back into her room, Ysabelle dashed toward her. “Soph, Uncle Tristan is a…”

Ysabelle opened her mouth to speak, but she hesitated. Uncle Tristan is a monster! Do I even have
words to describe him?

“What’s up with your uncle?” Sophie didn’t know what Ysabelle was trying to say.

“Soph, I’m sorry. You wouldn’t have known Uncle Tristan if it had not been for me.” Ysabelle was filled
with guilt.

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

Ultimately, Ysabelle asked, “Soph, did Uncle Tristan take advantage of you?”

Despite being a calm and collected person, Sophie couldn’t help but feel surprised. As a result, she
kept quiet for a while.

“See! I knew it! Since you guys were already sleeping together, there’s no way Uncle Tristan could
keep his hands off you. This is all Felix’s fault. If I hadn’t gone out with him, you wouldn’t have…”
Ysabelle was on the verge of crying.

“Ysabelle, your imagination has run wild, hasn’t it? I forgot to bring my keycard out with me, so I slept in
your uncle’s room. That’s all,” Sophie answered. Who would’ve thought Ysabelle would have these
dirty thoughts in her mind? She seems so innocent!

“Are you sure?” Ysabelle wasn’t convinced.

Sophie nodded, and she couldn’t be bothered if Ysabelle believed her or not.

“That’s good, then. I was so scared.”

Sophie was rendered speechless. What’s so scary?

The trip to Koandria lasted for three days and two nights.

Since Sophie and Ysabelle were still students, they had only applied for three days’ leave of absence.

Although they were reluctant and wished to stay longer, they had to pack up and leave.

While they were waiting at the airport, Wendy approached Sophie with a present in her hands.

“What’s this?” Sophie asked.

“Thank you, Ms. Sophie.” Wendy gave her the present. Wendy was very grateful to Sophie because
Sophie stood up for her.

At that time, Wendy was utterly frightened. Hence, she felt touched when she saw Sophie defending
her bravely.

Sophie received the present with both hands. “Thank you.”

Upon hearing that, Wendy blushed. Ms. Sophie is awesome!

She then cheerily went to sit with Wilma and the others.

“Mr. Tristan, it seems like you have another competitor! Ms. Sophie is capable of charming both males
and females!”

“Of course! Sophie is that appealing,” Ysabelle chimed in.

Tristan was rendered speechless.

Sophie proceeded to keep the present Wendy had given to her in her luggage.

“Wendy, what did you give Ms. Sophie? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for her.”

“Stop speaking nonsense, you guys!” Wendy blushed.

Wilma just shook her head upon hearing the conversation. Well, Ms. Sophie is very capable of making
people fall for her.

By the time they arrived at Jipsdale, it was already past eleven at night, and Tristan personally sent her
back to Wisteria Apartments.

“Go to sleep early tonight,” he said.


In fact, Tristan was reluctant to leave. Although we’ve spent the past three days together, I want more.
If only I could have known her a few years earlier.

“Goodnight.” With that, Sophie was about to head inside.

Tristan reached out and held her hand. When she turned around, he pulled her into his embrace.

“Sophie, I can’t wait for you to grow up.”

The next day, at noon, Sophie hailed a taxi and went to the hospital after school.

However, she found out that Josiah wasn’t in the ward anymore.

Upon asking around, she was told that Josiah had already gone home.

Sophie was feeling utterly helpless. This old man doesn’t listen, does he?

Sophie then hailed a taxi to go to the Tanner residence.

When Charmaine saw her come home, she immediately got the housekeeper to pour Sophie a glass of

“You’re back, Soph! Drink some water first. Your grandpa is in the study!”

Due to how well Transfix Cosmetics was doing, there was a big possibility that Sophie would end up
becoming the CEO of Tanner Group. Hence, Charmaine’s attitude toward Sophie changed drastically.

No matter what, Sophie was still her daughter. If Tanner Group were to end up in Sophie’s hands,
Charmaine would still need Sophie’s help in the future.

“I’m not thirsty.” Sophie went straight to the study, only to find Josiah practicing calligraphy.

Upon seeing her, Josiah put his pen aside and asked concernedly, “You’re back! Have you eaten?”

“Grandpa, why didn’t you listen to me? Didn’t I tell you to stay in the hospital? I’ve just been away for
three days, and you went home all by yourself.” Sophie was displeased.

Still smiling, Josiah replied, “Calm down, Soph. I’m fine, really. I’m doing fine.”

Sophie was speechless because she didn’t know how to handle Josiah.

“By the way, Transfix Cosmetics is doing well, right? Keep an eye on your dad, okay? It seems like he
has not given up yet.”

“Grandpa, I’ve said it before. Since you’ve already decided to let me manage Transfix Cosmetics, you
should leave it to me.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that your dad… He’s…”

Josiah was upset when he mentioned his only son.

“I’ll get you a few bodyguards,” he added. Of course, he did not hope anything happened to Sophie that
might require the bodyguards’ help, but they could keep her safe if Yale were to do something to her.

Sophie was also well aware of what the despicable Yale was capable of doing.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa! I can take care of myself.”

“I can’t help it, Soph. Do you blame me? If it were not for me, you wouldn’t be in danger.”

Indeed, it was selfish of him to let an eighteen-year-old girl deal with such matters.

“Grandpa, I would never blame you.”

After lunch, the driver sent Sophie and Willow back to school.

“You’re happy now, aren’t you, Sophie?”

Since there were only the three of them in the car, Willow didn’t bother putting up an innocent front.
Besides, she knew the driver was on her side.

Sophie had her eyes shut and ignored her.

“Sophie, do you hear me? So what if you’ve saved Transfix Cosmetics? What’s so impressive about
that? If someone were to give me an opportunity like that, I can also achieve what you’ve achieved,”
Willow added.

Finally, Sophie opened her eyes, and she shot Willow a look casually. “You should request to manage a
company that’s on the verge of bankruptcy, then. That way, you’ll stop complaining.”

In response, Willow scoffed and retorted, “What’s so difficult about that? It’s just that I’m never given
such an opportunity. Grandpa doesn’t even want to hand anything down to me.”

“In that case, perhaps you should stop whining in front of me. Do you know how pathetic you look when
you do that?”


Sophie never liked to argue. However, Willow was no match for her once Sophie took the fight

No matter what Sophie does, she’ll never be able to marry Mason. Suddenly, Willow chuckled. “You’re
feeling smug, aren’t you? Let’s see how long that will last. Mason is coming back soon. The moment he
arrives, we’re going to get engaged.”

“Mason?” Sophie hadn’t heard that name in ages. In fact, she had almost forgotten about that person.