Anything For Her

Chapter 94

A Truly Swollen Face

Sophie didn’t want to waste any more of her time and energy on that woman.

“We’ll know for sure by having someone appraise it. You may not know whether your handbag is
authentic, but you did slap my colleague across the face.”

The woman fell silent instantly.

“Tell me, how much do you think you should pay us for the slap?” Sophie pressed on.

“Heh… I knew it! You lot are trying to con me of my money! Have you Chanaeans forgotten where you
are right now? How dare you try to con me in my own country?”

“I think you should forget about it, Miss. She’s the wife of a business conglomerate.”

Unlike in other countries, business conglomerates were incredibly powerful in Koandria.

“I am not going to let this slide!” Sophie insisted.

The woman pulled out a ten thousand note from her purse and threw it at Wendy.

“There, is that good enough for you? That’s ten thousand for a slap!”

Sophie got so angry that she actually felt a little amused. This woman sure is something else! I can’t
believe she actually managed to anger me!

“Oh… A slap is only worth ten thousand to you, huh? Since you like hitting people so much, I’ll play a
little game with you!”

She stepped forward and slapped the woman repeatedly across the face.

Those slaps were so hard that they left the woman stunned with her ears ringing.

It took her every ounce of strength she had just to remain on her feet.

“How many times did I hit her?” Sophie asked.

“Ten times,” Wilma replied.

Sophie took the purse from Wilma and threw ninety thousand at the woman’s face.

“You want to make more money? I’d be happy to keep oblige if you do, but my hands are a little tired,
so I’ll pay someone else to do it for me.”

“You… Just you all wait and see!” the woman spat those words out before fleeing the scene.

“Are you sure it’s okay to do that, Ms. Sophie? Business conglomerates hold a great amount of power
here!” Although it was incredibly satisfying to put that woman in her place, they were still worried about
the potential repercussions of their actions.

“Don’t worry! I’m here with all of you!” Sophie reassured them.

I wouldn’t have done that if I were afraid of the consequences! Besides, a business conglomerate from
Jinrich Island is nothing compared to me!

Tristan, Felix, and Ysabelle came running over when they noticed the commotion.

“What happened?” Ysabelle asked.

“It’s nothing. Some idiot just tried to bully us, that’s all.”

Sophie refused to let anyone make a fool of her.

Fearing that Sophie would get into trouble because of her, Wendy said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Ms.
Sophie! I really didn’t mean for this to happen!”

Tristan glanced at Wendy’s face and said, “Felix, get a doctor over here.”

“On it!”

After hearing that Sophie had slapped someone ten times, Tristan held her hand and examined it as he
asked, “Does your hand hurt?”

According to the law of action and reaction, it would make perfect sense for her hand to be hurting after
hitting someone that many times. Honestly, she shouldn’t even have to get her hands dirty like this.

Sophie and everyone else fell silent upon seeing his behavior.

“Next time, let me do the hitting.”

“All right, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Everyone else then returned to their rooms while a doctor tended to Wendy’s injury.

After hearing the doctor declare that she was all right, they headed over to the beach as they had
originally planned.

The girls were quick to forget the unpleasant incident from earlier the moment they saw how beautiful
the scenery was.

However, it wasn’t in Tristan’s nature to forgive and forget like that.

“There is no longer any reason for that woman to exist now that she has offended me. Have Sean take
care of this.”

“You sure are protective of Sophie, Mr. Tristan!”

“Of course. She’s mine, and I’m not about to let anyone bully her.”

Felix fell speechless upon hearing that.

Given how powerful Sophie is, I highly doubt anyone has what it takes to bully her!

As Ysabelle found Wilma pleasant to hang out with, she decided to befriend her and said, “Let’s add
each other on WhatsApp, Ms. Lineker! From now on, you may feel free to contact me if you ever need
anything. I may not be as powerful as Soph, but I might just be able to help out!”

Naturally, Wilma was well aware of Ysabelle’s capabilities.

Having taken a liking to her personality as well, Wilma agreed to her suggestion readily, “Sure thing!”

Since the weather was great that day, Sophie decided to get off the chair and go for a stroll.

She took her shoes off and walked along the beach with her feet in the water.

“I believe I’ve made myself clear enough, yes?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tristan! Just leave it to me!”

After all, making a mere business conglomerate go missing was a piece of cake for them.

When Tristan shifted his gaze toward the sea, he found himself mesmerized by how beautiful Sophie
looked playing in the water.

While making his way toward her, he paused in his tracks and took a picture of her on his phone.

A boundless blue ocean in the background, and a beautiful goddess with long hair that blows freely in
the wind… This picture is perfect!

Satisfied with how great the picture turned out, Tristan put the phone away and continued making his
way toward her.

Instead of walking alongside her, Tristan simply followed behind her and admired the view.

Sophie paused in her tracks and turned around to face him all of a sudden, but Tristan just kept walking
toward her without breaking his stride.

He didn’t do or say anything strange in particular, but Sophie found her heart beating faster as he got
closer to her.

Tristan came to a halt when he was about a step away from her.

Despite having so much power at his fingertips, he chose not to abuse it by forcing himself on her.

Instead, he believed that she would someday take that step toward him of her own accord.

“Hey, Felix… I think I might be homosexual… I don’t know why, but seeing Uncle Tristan together with
Sophie makes me sad. Do you think I might’ve fallen in love with her?” Ysabelle mumbled as she
observed their interaction from afar.

“Ysabelle, are you serious right now?” Felix couldn’t believe his ears.

Don’t tell me my rival in love is a woman…

“But they look so good together!” Ysabelle protested.

Felix glanced in their direction and saw what she meant.

It’s true that those two look great together. In fact, it’s such a beautiful sight that I feel like I’m watching
some romantic Koandrian drama. However, it wouldn’t be as beautiful if one of them turned out to be
my love rival!

Unable to withstand her boredom any longer, Ysabelle ran up to them and grabbed Sophie by the arm.
“Let’s have a competition!”

“What kind of competition?” Tristan asked.

Since he was rarely open to such suggestions, Ysabelle wasn’t about to let such an opportunity slip her
by. “Since we’re at a beach, it only makes sense that we play a game of beach volleyball! What do you

“I think that sounds great. Come here, Belle! You and I are on the same team!” Felix pulled Ysabelle

Naturally, Sophie and Tristan were teamed up with each other.

Wilma and the girls gathered around after seeing what they were doing.

“You can do it, Ms. Sophie!” the girls chanted in unison to cheer her on.

“You sure have a lot of fans.”

“Eh, it’s all right.”

Hmm… Looks like I still have a long way to go if I am to become the only one who matters to her.

“Since this is a competition, we should have a wager to keep things interesting! Wouldn’t you agree,
Mr. Tristan?” Felix suggested.

Tristan arched an eyebrow at him in response. Does Felix think he can beat me? Isn’t he
overestimating himself a little too much here?

With that in mind, he asked, “Do you really think you can win?”

“Every competition will have winners and losers. Besides, I don’t think I’m bound to lose!” Felix replied
with a chuckle.

“That’s where you’re wrong. You’re guaranteed to lose if you compete against me.”


Felix was irritated by Tristan’s unbelievable arrogance, but there wasn’t much he could do about it.

“How about this? If I win, I’ll trade places with Sophie!”

He was truly going all out at that point.