Anything For Her

Chapter 93

I Look Amazing Without Clothes

Later that night, Sophie waited till Ysabelle had fallen asleep before helping Butterfly and the others
solve their problem.

Since she had a phone call with Arius that lasted over an hour after that, she only managed to get four
hours of sleep.

As such, Sophie looked incredibly tired when the group had breakfast at the hotel dining hall the next

“What’s wrong, Sophie? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want to go back to your room and get some
rest?” Ysabelle asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well, that’s all,” Sophie replied.

She grabbed some random food items and a glass of warm milk before returning to her seat.

Tristan sat down in front of her with his breakfast and asked, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.”

Why is everyone asking me the same thing?

Worried that she could be starving, Tristan transferred a lot of his food onto her plate.

He had been doing stuff like that so often that Sophie had gotten used to it at that point.

“You should eat more.”

Since she wasn’t a model, he couldn’t stand seeing her being skinnier than actual models out there.

“Do you have a problem with my figure, Mr. Tristan?” Sophie asked lazily.

“Yeah. You’re a little too skinny.”

“Oh, please! I only look skinny because of the clothes that I wear! I’ll have you know that I look amazing
without them!”

Tristan kept quiet and stared at her chest before nodding in agreement.

It wasn’t until a few seconds later that Sophie realized what she had said and blushed really hard.

What the f*ck? I can’t believe I actually said that to a guy!

“You can prove it to me when we have the time,” Tristan whispered suggestively.

I would gladly verify that statement of hers myself!

Their little intimate moment was interrupted when Ysabelle came over and asked, “What are you two
talking about? Your face looks really red, Soph! Are you actually feeling unwell?”

“I’m fine…” Sophie mumbled as she shoved a grape into her mouth.

“Oh, by the way, what were you doing on the computer last night?” Ysabelle asked.

She had gotten up in the middle of the night and seen Sophie working on her computer.

Thinking that she was probably busy with something, Ysabelle didn’t want to disturb her and went back
to sleep.

“I was gaming.”

“That sounds fun! I want to join you the next time you play!”


“Phantom has struck again last night, Mr. Tristan,” Felix whispered with a depressed look on his face.

Being a huge fan of Phantom, he had always wanted to know who Phantom was but never had the
chance to find out.

“Got it.”

Tristan was equally curious about Phantom’s identity. He wanted to recruit a talented individual like

Sophie shot them a glance when she heard them talking about Phantom, but she carried on eating as if
she didn’t know anything about it.

After finishing her food, Sophie was about to put the plate away when Tristan stopped her.

“Leave it here. I’ll take care of it along with my own plate later.”

As Sophie was having a stomachache at that time, she did as told and ran off to use the bathroom.

The group had planned on having a fun day at the beach later, so Wilma and the others were going to
get their stuff from their hotel rooms.

That was when Wendy accidentally bumped into a woman dressed in fancy clothes, knocking her
handbag to the floor in the process.

“Are you blind or what? Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” the woman yelled angrily while
shoving Wendy off her.

Upon noticing the branded stuff the woman had on, Wendy apologized as she knew she couldn’t afford
to mess with her. “I’m sorry! It was an accident!”

“Saying sorry isn’t going to help! Do you have any idea how much this handbag costs? Someone like
you couldn’t possibly afford it!”

“I’m really sorry!”

The woman’s temper flared when she heard her apologize again.

She slapped Wendy so hard that blood came out of the corner of her lips.

As Wilma was walking in the front of the group, she didn’t realize the trouble Wendy had gotten herself
into until she heard the slap.

“Hey, Ma’am! I don’t know what happened, but you shouldn’t have hit her like that!” Wilma got angry
when she saw the woman bullying her subordinate.

“She should consider herself lucky that a slap is all she got! Do you even know how much this handbag
costs? It’s a limited-edition item!” the woman snapped back at her.

It pained Wilma to see Wendy’s face all swollen up. “Wendy, are you okay?”

Despite how aggrieved she felt, Wendy didn’t want to cause Wilma any trouble, as they were in

“I’m fine, Ms. Lineker…” she mumbled.

“Apologize to me properly and compensate me for my handbag! Until then, none of you are leaving
Jinrich Island!”

Koandrians like her often looked down upon Chanaeans.

I really want to tear this woman a new one, but we can’t afford to cause trouble now that we’re in a
foreign country…

With that in mind, Wilma asked, “How much do you want?”

“Ten million!” the woman replied shamelessly.

“I don’t have that much money, Ms. Lineker!” Wendy was on the verge of crying.

“Ma’am, your bag fell on the floor. How can that possibly cost ten million?” Wilma tried to reason with

“My bag is dirty now, so I don’t want it anymore,” the woman replied arrogantly.

Everyone in the hotel knew she was the wife of the local business conglomerate, so nobody dared
intervene at all.


Sophie had just returned from the bathroom when she saw them being surrounded.

“What’s going on here?” she asked as she made her way over.

“Ms. Sophie!” Wendy burst into tears the moment she saw her savior.

Wilma gave her a brief summary of the situation, and Sophie narrowed her eyes after hearing her

Those who were close to Sophie knew that look meant she was about to screw someone over, but the
woman was still mouthing off at them.

“How about this? Since you’re all so poor, I’ll be kind enough to let you all off the hook if you all
apologize to me sincerely.”


Wilma was on the verge of exploding with anger at that point.

“It’s fine, Ms. Sophie!” Wendy said as she didn’t want to get them all in trouble.

“How much did you say this handbag is worth?” Sophie asked.

As no one had ever dared stand up to her, the woman was completely fearless even when faced with
someone like Sophie.

“Ten million.”

“All right. Fetch me a pair of scissors.”

Fearing that she would offend the woman further, Wilma tried to talk her out of it. “Ms. Sophie—”

“I said, fetch me a pair of scissors,” Sophie repeated herself.

Wilma had no choice but to do as told and returned with a pair of scissors in hand.

Sophie then handed the scissors over to Wendy without saying a word, much to her confusion.

“What are you girls planning on doing, huh? You’re in Koandria right now! Do you even know who I

“Shut up!”

Sophie shot her a cold glare, causing the woman to go silent instantly.

She turned toward Wendy as she continued, “This handbag is worth a lot of money, right? Cut it.”

This handbag is worth ten million, though! Are we seriously going to cut it?

Wendy glanced at Wilma with an uncertain look in her eyes.

“Just do it!”

With trembling hands, Wendy knelt down and began cutting the handbag in front of everyone.

The woman was livid with rage when she saw that.

It was really hard for me to get my hands on that handbag! I had to pull so many strings just to get it,
and these people are just cutting it to pieces?

She got so mad that she wanted to kill them all on the spot. “You b*tches—”

“While we can afford to pay you ten million for destroying your handbag, it’s clearly a fake worth only
ten thousand. Wilma, pay her ten thousand,” Sophie said with her arms crossed.

Wilma did as told and handed the woman ten thousand in cash.

“Bullsh*t! Don’t give me that cr*p!” The woman refused to believe that she had spent ten million on a
counterfeit handbag.