Anything For Her

Chapter 84

Stunned By His Handsomeness

Since Sophie could not argue with Josiah, she had no choice but to go home. “Grandpa, have a good
rest. I will come here again tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to come here again. I’m going home tomorrow.” Josiah did not wish to waste his time
staying in the hospital. He believed his body was failing due to old age, and it was pointless to keep
trying to save it.

Sophie heard him and immediately paused her step. “Grandpa, don’t be stubborn. Since you are
already in the hospital, you should stay here and get proper treatment. You are not allowed to leave
without the doctor’s permission.”

“All right, I will listen to you. My Soph knows best.” Josiah did not insist on leaving the hospital.

To him, it did not matter where he lived. He just did not want to make them worry about him.

After leaving the hospital, Sophie got into the car but did not say anything.

Tristan started the car and sent her to Wisteria Apartments.

“What’s wrong? Are you worried about Old Mr. Tanner? He will be fine. I will assign a few specialists to
give him a proper check-up tomorrow,” Tristan said.

“Thank you.” Sophie did not refuse him. It looks like I have to contact the international medical

“Don’t mention it,” Tristan replied.

“Have a safe drive home.” Sophie was about to get out of the car.

“Would you like me to stay with you?” Tristan would like to stay with her if she needed him.

“No, you should go home.” Sophie refused his offer straight away.

“All right. Good night.” Tristan did not insist on staying out of respect for her choice.

After Tristan left, Sophie headed straight to her room and gave Arius a call.

However, Arius did not pick up even after she had called for a long time. Since Sophie was too
impatient to wait, she turned on her computer and tracked Arius’s location.

He’s in Anglandur. It shouldn’t take him too much time to return here.

In actuality, Arius was taking a bath when Sophie called. He saw her missed call after coming out of the
bathroom and returned the call immediately.

“What is the matter? Have you changed your mind? Didn’t I say that you have natural talents in
medicine? So, will you be joining our association?” If she joins us, she will be able to interact with the
foremost specialists in the medical field. I believe she will become a legend in the medical field.

“Shut up.” Sophie could not stand his chattering.

Arius was rendered speechless.

He had a respectable standing in the world.

Yet, he could not help but turn cowardly before Sophie.

“When will you be free to make a trip to Jipsdale?” Sophie asked.

“Why? Are you unwell?” She is as fit as a horse. I don’t think she can get sick.

“Are you coming or not?” Sophie replied impatiently.

“Yes. Since you asked me to go to Jipsdale, how can I say no? I will go there after I’m done with the
matters here,” Arius answered.


Arius asked, “But seriously, are you not planning to join the medical association?” The medical
association is such a wonderful place!

“Let’s talk about it another time.” Sophie still had a lot of things to deal with, so she could not leave
Jipsdale yet.

However, she was relieved that Arius would be coming to Jipsdale.

Arius was an expert in all kinds of diseases, and there was no health condition that he could not cure.
Furthermore, he had the backing of the whole medical association.

Meanwhile, Tristan returned home and bathed before sending Sophie a message.

Tristan texted: Rest early!

Sophie saw the message and replied without thinking: You too.

Then, she took a bath and went to bed.

The following day, Sophie came to school and found some people whispering behind her back.

Hearing how people criticized Sophie, Ysabelle felt a strong urge to fight with them. “Soph, these
people have nothing better to do.”

What is wrong with people nowadays? They can’t form an opinion but follow the crowd blindly and fall
for Letitia’s pathetic act.

“Just ignore them,” Sophie said.

Seeing Sophie in a sullen mood, Ysabelle asked with concern, “How is your grandpa?”

“Mmm,” Sophie responded.

What does ‘Mmm’ mean? Ysabelle could not understand Sophie’s response, but she did not question
her further.

Suddenly, Ysabelle pointed forward and said, “Soph, Bailey is there.”

Sophie glanced in the direction Ysabelle pointed and saw Bailey dressed in a school uniform, waiting
for someone quietly by the road.

At that moment, Bailey noticed Sophie and ran to her. “Sophie, are you all right? Why didn’t you go to
the lab yesterday?”

“Something came up at home,” Sophie answered.

“Do you need my help?” Bailey hoped he could be of help to Sophie.

“It’s all right, Bailey. I won’t be going to the physics lab temporarily. Can you inform Mr. Elswick for me?”
Sophie replied.

“That sounds serious!” Bailey appeared thoughtful. “Sophie, I hope you won’t give up on physics no
matter what happens.”

Bailey wished Sophie could continue to advance in doing physics research with him.

However, Sophie did not answer his question but said, “Class is about to start.”

Then, she dragged Ysabelle and headed to the classroom.

Other students from Senior Class 1 were disappointed to see Bailey talking amicably to Sophie.

“Bailey, did you not check the Web?”

“Yeah! You should check the Web and read the articles properly. People like Sophie do not deserve to
live in this world.”

“That’s right. Sophie thinks she has the right to bully others because she is rich. People like her should

“Have you all said enough?” Bailey frowned. What has Sophie ever done to them? They have no right
to say all such nonsense against her.

“Bailey, we are concerned about you.” His classmates still refused to give up.

“I don’t need that,” Bailey retorted.

After school ended at noon, Sophie came out of the school and saw Tristan’s car. Thus, she opened
the door and got in.

“Why are you here?” Sophie asked.

“I’m going with you to see Grandpa,” Tristan answered calmly.

“Mr. Tristan, he is my grandpa and not yours, so stop calling him that,” Sophie argued.

However, Tristan was not bothered by her words and continued calmly, “I have arranged a few
specialists to give your grandpa a check-up. Let’s go there together to learn more about his condition.”

Once they arrived at the hospital, Tristan and Sophie went to the ward to see Josiah.

When they came to the room, Willow and Charmaine were there too. Willow was feeding Josiah lunch.

“Tanny is here,” Josiah greeted warmly upon seeing Tristan.

Willow turned around and nearly stopped breathing when she saw Tristan’s handsome face.

It was her first time seeing Tristan this close.

Previously, she thought Mason was handsome, but now, his appearance paled to Tristan’s.

“Grandpa, Sophie and I have come to see you,” Tristan said.

“Didn’t I tell you that I am healthy? There is nothing wrong with me,” Josiah protested.

“Who are…” Charmaine had never met Tristan before and looked at Sophie and Tristan puzzledly.

Josiah was a little exasperated seeing Charmaine’s behavior. “Charmaine, I have people taking care of
me here. Since Willow has to paint and sit for her university entrance exam soon, you don’t have to
bring her here every day. Let her focus on her work.”

“All right, Dad!” Since Josiah had told her to leave, Charmaine did not continue with her question about

Since Old Mr. Tanner calls him Tanny, it shows Tanny doesn’t have an influential background. There is
nothing special about him other than being handsome. Thus, he can’t compare to Mason.

“Willow, since Grandpa doesn’t need us here, we should go home!” Charmaine stood up to leave.

Charmaine could not help but frown. How can she stare at a man like that? How embarrassing!

Willow returned to her senses with a flush on her cheeks. “Mom, what is the matter?”

“Let’s go.” Charmaine was disappointed with Willow’s behavior. I spent so much effort training her,
hoping she would become a socialite in the high society and marry into the Laird family. She has
disappointed me today.