Anything For Her

Chapter 92

I Want To Have Meat Too

The dress that Ysabelle bought Sophie was from the same brand as her own, but it gave off a different
vibe. The dress Ysabelle wore made her look like a princess in a fairy tale, whereas Sophie’s made her
look like a celebrity.

Sophie looked so great in the dress that even Ysabelle whistled when she saw her.

“Wow! You look really pretty!”

Sophie simply shrugged and flashed her a smile in response.

This dress does indeed look nice and suits my style really well, but it’s really inconvenient. I have to be
careful when I sit down or I might expose myself without even realizing it!

“Come here, Soph! I’ll help you with your makeup!” Ysabelle had recently gotten into makeup and even
bought some from Transfix Cosmetics.

“No, thanks. I don’t like that stuff on my face.”

“Ms. Tanner, have you forgotten that you are now selling cosmetics? How will the customers have faith
in the product if you don’t use it?”

“They can just not use it.”

Applying makeup is a real hassle and takes way too much time. Don’t even get me started on how
troublesome the makeup removal process is…

“Come on, Soph! Let me give it a shot! You know how I’ve gotten into makeup lately!”

Jeez… I have got to choose my friends more carefully…

“Ms. Lombard, is it possible for me to end our friendship?”

“Sorry, but it’s too late for that now!” Realizing that she had given her consent, Ysabelle quickly sat her
down at the dressing table and went to town on her face.

Thanks to Sophie’s naturally beautiful face and Ysabelle’s amazing skills, Ysabelle got the makeup
done in less than ten minutes.

Using the same technique she saw in videos and tutorials, Ysabelle then braided Sophie’s hair and
said, “See? You look even prettier than Cecelia!”

She’s clearly very proud of her handiwork…

“Come on, let’s go for dinner,” Sophie urged her as it was already six in the evening.

“Okay!” Ysabelle replied with a smile.

Both Tristan’s and Felix’s eyes lit up when the two girls showed up in front of them.

“Well? What do you think? I might actually consider becoming a stylist in the future,” Ysabelle asked
with her head held high.

Felix was still in awe as he looked at her from head to toe.

“You look beautiful, Belle!”

Due to him being a blunt and dense guy, “beautiful” was the only compliment he knew.

Ysabelle let out a proud snort and said, “I know, right? I think I look amazing too!”

“Sophie looks better,” Tristan commented.

It’s no secret that Sophie looks extremely beautiful. She stunned me with her appearance once at
Ysabelle’s birthday party, but this evening gown gives her a different kind of charm!

Ysabelle fell speechless when she heard what he said.

“I don’t care what you say about Sophie. I think Ysabelle looks way better!” Felix said.

“We’re going out for dinner, aren’t we? Come on, let’s get going! I’m starving!” Sophie quickly ended
the topic.

Tristan nodded. “Let’s go.”

The two of them then walked out the door together.

“You really want to become a stylist?” Felix asked while fiddling with Ysabelle’s braid.

He was well aware of her recent interest in makeup.

“Do you think I have the talent for it?”

“I think you do, but it’s way too much work.”

“Let’s continue this conversation some other time. I’m not too sure about it myself just yet.”

The four of them then made their way into a Koandrian barbecue restaurant and sat down at a large

My goodness… I never knew Tristan could make something as mundane as grilling meat look so good!

Felix thought to himself in shock when he saw Tristan work the barbecue.

Tristan added some vegetables to the meat when grilling it, which resulted in a really appetizing

When the meat was thoroughly cooked, Tristan placed it on a piece of lettuce and asked Sophie,
“Anything else you would like to add?”

“I can help myself to the food, so you don’t have to worry about serving me,” Sophie replied while
grabbing her own lettuce.

Tristan simply kept quiet as he dipped it in some sauce and held it up to her mouth.

Dozens of girls in the restaurant were looking at them at that time.

Sophie shot Tristan an annoyed glance but opened her mouth anyway.

Tristan fed her the perfectly grilled, bite-sized piece of meat that he had wrapped in the lettuce.

“Well? What do you think? Not too bad, huh?”

“It’s really good.”

A satisfied smile formed on Tristan’s face when he heard that.

The girls’ eyes were filled with admiration and envy as they watched from their tables.

“That’s Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend, right? He’s such a sweet guy!”

“I know, right? Not only does he look ridiculously good, but he also treats her so well!”

“D*mn… I want him to be my boyfriend!”

“You? Forget it! Those two are a perfect match for each other!”

Tristan and Sophie looked great together in terms of both their appearance and the aura they exuded.

Ysabelle shifted her gaze between the meat that Tristan and Felix grilled.

“Hey, Felix! You’ve been hanging out with Uncle Tristan for a really long time, so why haven’t you
learned anything from him?”

Felix, too, wrapped a chunk of grilled meat in a piece of lettuce and held it up to her mouth. “Here you

“Forget it!”

Ysabelle wrapped another chunk of meat and ate it herself instead.

Tristan was so focused on feeding Sophie that he didn’t really eat much himself.

Is he not hungry? I’m almost finished with my portion here!

With that in mind, Sophie wrapped a chunk of meat in a piece of lettuce and held it up to his mouth.

“You should eat some too.”

Tristan was not expecting her to feed him at all, so he got a little too excited and bit her finger by
accident when she shoved it into his mouth.

The two of them exchanged glances for the briefest of moments before Sophie pulled her hand back.

Despite her maintaining a calm expression, she felt a strange sensation building up inside her chest.

The finger that he accidentally bit felt numb as though it had been shocked by electricity.

That was when Tristan realized he was more interested in having her instead of grilled meat.

When they were almost done eating, Wilma poured herself a glass of wine and stood up as she said, “I
really want to thank you for what you did today, Ms. Sophie! Honestly, I would’ve given up on Transfix
Cosmetics if it weren’t for you. Now, I know I will never think about giving up ever again! I’ll be sure to
work harder from now on!”

Wilma then downed the entire glass in one go after that.

Sophie, too, poured herself a glass of wine and replied, “Don’t mention it, Ms. Lineker. I should be the
one thanking you instead. Cheers, everyone!”

She stood up and chugged her drink down in one go as well.

Felix couldn’t help but wince at the sight of that.

What has happened to girls nowadays? Are they all that hardcore?

The dozens of girls stood up with their glasses raised and filled to the brim.

“We’re not good with words, but we promise to work just as hard! Thank you for everything, Ms.
Sophie! With you on our side, I’m sure we’ll be able to afford to eat meat like this every day!”

Felix fell speechless after hearing that.

What the heck? Did Sophie become their CEO or something?

Sophie smiled at how adorable their behavior was. “Very well! I will do my best to help you all out!”

It was already eight in the evening by the time they were done with dinner. Seeing as everyone was a
little tired, Sophie decided to have them head back and get some rest.

The barbecue place wasn’t far from the hotel, so they walked back instead of hailing taxis, as it would
help with digesting the heavy meal.

Tristan and Sophie were walking in the back of the group at that time.

“I’d like to have some meat too, Ms. Sophie,” he said all of a sudden.

Sophie paused in her tracks. Wait… What did I just hear?

“I want to have meat too. Will you help me out with that?”

Sophie found herself blushing when she heard that.

Is this guy flirting with me right now?

“I’m pretty sure you can afford to have meat anytime you want, Mr. Tristan,” Sophie replied and carried
on walking forward.

“You know what I’m talking about.” She’s a smart girl, so there’s no way she doesn’t get what I mean!