Anything For Her

Chapter 91

If Only They Could Take Me Down

The Lincoln they traveled in was taking them to the hotel.

Throughout the journey, Sophie coughed several times.

Tristan took out a flask, unscrewed the cap, and passed it to her. “Here. Drink some warm water.”

Sophie did not know how to react as she had never shared another person’s cup before!

“Drink some warm water, Soph! You’re not down with flu, are you?”


“It’s a new cup, don’t worry,” Tristan assured her.

Once again, Sophie was at a loss for words. It’s not that I mind. It was just a matter of habit.

“Yeah! Don’t worry, Soph. My uncle is not sick!”

Upon hearing that, Tristan shot daggers at Ysabelle. Is she trying to step on my toes on purpose?

Ysabelle immediately zipped her mouth.

Under Tristan’s watchful eyes, Sophie accepted the cup and took a sip.

The man continued staring at her, leaving her with no choice but to take another sip.

When their Lincoln car arrived at the hotel, Felix got down the vehicle and opened the door.

He reached out his hands to help Ysabelle get out of the car, but the latter ignored him and hopped
down from her seat.

Tristan also extended his hand to Sophie.

Sophie did not turn down his offer. She held his hand and came out of the car.

A handsome gentleman and a beauty getting out of the car was quite a sight to behold.

The passersby standing by the road and observing their interaction were all fangirling and screaming

“Thank you.”

The moment they stepped into the hotel, the manager came out to greet them, “Are you Mr. Tristan?”

Tristan nodded and responded with a deep grunt.

“We’ve prepared two presidential suites for you, and they’re ready for check-in.”

Meanwhile, Sophie went to the front-desk counter with Ysabelle to check in.

“I want to share a room with you, Soph.”


“Oh, yeah. Isn’t Cecelia joining us too? Why isn’t she here?”

Ysabelle liked Cecelia very much because they were about the same age. She also looked up to
Cecelia because she was an award-winning actress.

“She can’t make it because she’s busy with filming.”

The achievements Cecelia attained were not results of an overnight success. She had always been a
professional actress who worked hard in all her films. Throughout her career, she had never hired a

stunt double.

She would pour her heart and soul into a project as long as she found the script inspiring.

That was why Cecelia was a breath of fresh air when the entertainment industry was full of snobbish
and arrogant celebrities.

“Oh, that’s such a pity! I thought of asking her for her autograph.”

“I’m sure you’ll get a chance to do so. She’ll be releasing her latest film soon. I’ll take you to the

Before this, Sophie had promised Cecelia she would attend her premiere but did not get a chance to do
so. Now that they were in Jipsdale, she had no reason to turn down her invitation again.

“Mr. Tristan, what should we do since the girls have decided to share a room?”

“You have a problem with that? Do you want to share a room with Ysabelle? How dare you.”

“That’s not what I had in mind, Mr. Tristan!” Felix immediately denied it. What did I do to make him think
I’m a pervert?

“Mr. Tristan, I’m just a little curious. Ms. Tanner is such a gorgeous lady. Don’t you have any thoughts
about her?”

Tristan shot a murderous glare at Felix, forcing him to shut his mouth.

After checking into the hotel rooms and changing into fresh clothes, Sophie heard a knock on their

She opened the door and saw Tristan standing outside. “Yes, Mr. Tristan? How can I help you?”

Sophie was still wearing the hotel’s bathrobe. She probably had just come out of the shower since her
hair was still wet. Her rosy cheeks were exceptionally seductive.

“I just want to give you this.” Tristan then gave her a bag.

Sophie looked into the bag and saw bottles of pills in it. “I don’t need this. I’m not ill.” Why should I take
these medicines? Can’t he see I’m not sick?

“Didn’t you have a sore throat? These pills can relieve your discomfort. Well, they’re not exactly
medicines but lozenges.”

Sophie eventually accepted the bag. “Is there anything else?”

“Nope. Let’s have dinner together later!”

“Sure, but Ysabelle is still in the shower. I’ll text you when she’s ready.” Sophie did not allow Tristan to
enter their room. She thought it was inappropriate for him to come in when Ysabelle was still in the
bathroom. It’s just not right for him to be around even though they were related.

Tristan could not help but chuckle at how hard-hearted she was when shutting him out.

Soon, Ysabelle got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.

“Who was it? Ms. Lineker? I’ll be ready in a minute.” Ysabelle was thrilled as she had looked forward to
this trip.

“Take your time, don’t worry.”

Ysabelle started putting on makeup. As a nineteen-year-old, she was particular about her looks. She
could do anything she wanted to flaunt her beauty since she was away from school.

While she went to the restroom to do her makeup, Sophie lolled on the couch in the hotel room, even
though her hair was still wet.

Her phone rang, and she answered the call.

“Phantom, are you in Koandria? Please do me a favor.” Butterfly sounded irritated.

“What is it?” Sophie was annoyed by the call. Lately, she had not been enthusiastic about anything.

“Wings of Light has recently accepted a project, but we’re at our wits’ end. We’re wondering if you
could help us out.”

“You mean all of you can’t settle the project?”

As the founder of Wings of Light, Sophie was responsible for ensuring the success of the projects they

“All right.”

Butterfly might be twenty-five years old, but when she was with Sophie, who was only in her teenage
years, Butterfly behaved like an elementary school pupil.

“Got it. Email me the details, and I’ll take it from there.”

“Phantom, I know you’re confident in yourself, but you ought to be careful. They’re not easy to deal

Wings of Light was a legendary organization, and many people had the utmost respect for it.

But some people also wanted Wings of Light to fall from grace.

Many hackers were eager to expose Phantom’s identity. By doing so, they could become the world’s
number one.

That was why whenever Phantom accepted a project, countless hackers would try to get through her
firewalls, hoping they could expose her identity.

“You worry too much.” I’ve yet to identify a worthy opponent.

“Phantom, I know you’ve great skills, and nobody can defeat you. But now, the hackers in Anglandur
have formed an alliance to find out who you are.”

“Well, I’ll be more than willing to kneel before them and concede defeat if they could take me down,”
Sophie uttered condescendingly.

Butterfly sighed. Despite knowing Phantom was invincible, Butterfly was still worried about her.

After all, hackers were not civic-minded and law-abiding citizens.

Meanwhile, Ysabelle, who had completed her makeup, had changed into a beautiful purple skirt.

When she saw Sophie was still wearing the bathrobe, she pulled her over.

“Excuse me, Ms. Tanner! Why are you still in your bathrobe? We’re leaving soon! Quick, get changed.
I’ll help you with makeup.” It would have been a waste if Soph didn’t doll herself up. She’s such a

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll just change into something casual.”

“Nope. I bought this same dress for you. Since I’m wearing it, you have to wear it too.”

Sophie glanced at Ysabelle’s purple skirt and was not a big fan of it. It’s so inconvenient to walk in that

“Please, Soph? We’re besties, right?”

“All right. Fine!”

Ysabelle gave Sophie a big hug. Yay! Soph’s the best!