Anything For Her

Chapter 90

Put Up With Him

When Sophie and Ysabelle arrived at the airport, Wilma took their passports to obtain their tickets.

The other girls followed her to get the tickets.

“What’s going on? My ticket is first-class.”

“Mine too.”

“Oh God.”

The three tickets Wilma obtained were all first-class seats.

Even if they were sent on business trips at their old jobs, they always flew economy class.

“Did the airline make a mistake?”

“Could their system be faulty?”

“I don’t think so; Ms. Sophie is that generous. It sure feels good to be pampered.”

It was a sentiment the girls shared.

Wilma led the girls back to Sophie and handed her and Ysabelle the tickets.

“Economy class suits us fine, Ms. Sophie. There’s no need for you to spend this lavishly.”

“It’s not much.”

Sophie honestly did not think it was a lot of money. It was not meant to be an ostentatious gesture.

The girls under her employment gazed at her with gratitude.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Sophie. I will work hard after the trip.”

“Me too! I will make back what you spent on my first-class seat.”

It’s rewarding being Ms. Sophie’s employee. We will work hard and not let her down.

“Go on, then.” Though Sophie did not mean to buy them off, she did not object to the effect her gesture

The girls were excited as it was their first time passing the VIP security check.

“Take me under your wing too, Sophie! There are so many of them, and all their seats are first-class!”

“They’re worth it.”

I have witnessed how hard they work.

“How nice it must be working for you.”

After the security check, the group had some time to spare before boarding and waited in the VIP

Felix suddenly called Ysabelle.

“What?” she asked rather irritably upon picking up.

“You’re rather mean to me of late, Belle,” Felix complained.

“So? What do you want? We’re about to board.”

“Nothing. I just want to tell you to have a safe trip.”

Ysabelle did not know what to say, so she hung up abruptly.

“Does Felix have nothing better to do?” she asked in annoyance.

“He’s actually pretty busy, yet he finds time for you.”

It is impossible for the heir of the Northley family to have that much free time to spare.

The group of about a dozen girls got up and walked across when the notice to board sounded from the

The pleasant sight of a dozen excited, pretty girls made quite an impression on the other travelers.

Ysabelle was stunned when they ran into Tristan and Felix at the boarding gate.

“What are you doing here, Uncle Tristan?” she asked suspiciously.

“I have matters to attend to in Koandria.”

“What a coincidence!”

Ysabelle gave a bitter laugh. It’s not often that I get to go on a holiday. Can’t he cut me some slack?

Having never met Tristan and Felix, Wilma nodded to them as a form of greeting.

Felix seated himself next to Ysabelle upon boarding the plane, to her chagrin.

“What are you doing? I want to sit with Sophie.”

“Are you sure, Belle?”

“I’m very sure.”

“Mr. Tristan, Ysabelle says she wants to-”

Ysabelle clapped a hand over Felix’s mouth and glared at him fiercely.

Tristan looked over. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” Ysabelle said hastily as she concealed her annoyance.

How am I going to rebel against my uncle?

“Look. I don’t want to sit with you, either. I’m afraid of Mr. Tristan. You are no better, aren’t you?”

Ysabelle was struck dumb. Lamenting her fate, she was careful to keep her voice down as she did so.

“Have you had lunch?” Tristan asked Sophie. It’s now one in the afternoon. I wonder if she has eaten.

“I have.”

She and Ysabelle had come over after lunch.

“I’m glad you did.”

Sophie took out her phone and put on her earphones.

“What are you listening to?”

Sophie gave him the other earbud. Tristan took it and put it in his ear.

It was a very catchy Ustranasion song.

Tristan took out his own phone and searched for the song. After setting it as his ringtone, he closed his
eyes for a nap.

He spent the entire night dealing with the matters of Lombard Group for the next couple of days. After a
meeting earlier that morning, he came with Felix to the airport after taking care of his work.

Noticing how exhausted he looked, Sophie was careful not to bother him. Instead, she read a book on

Arius had expressed his desire for her to join the medical association. She agreed as she was
genuinely interested in that field.

Sophie’s resolve to study medicine strengthened significantly after the incident with her grandfather.

I will join the medical association after settling the issues within Tanner Group.

Sophie was so engrossed in reading her book that she did not notice Tristan waking up.

Surprised to find her with a book, Tristan gazed curiously for a while.

When he saw that she was reading an original version of a textbook on anatomy, Tristan became even
more convinced of Sophie’s medical prowess.

She wouldn’t tell me anything if I asked her right now. However, it does not matter. I don’t care how
many secrets she has. I will unravel them one by time.

Sophie turned around and saw Tristan’s eyes fixed thoughtfully on the book in her hand.

“Would you like to take a look?” Sophie offered while handing it over. “I can lend it to you if you find it

Tristan shook his head.

“It’s a tall order for me to start learning medicine at my age. I’m just curious about what you’re reading,
that’s all.”

“It’s never too late to start learning something as long as you have the passion.”

Sophie did not continue her conversation with him. Instead, she turned her attention back to her book.

It is rare for young people to sit quietly with a book in hand these days.

Tristan’s fondness for Sophie increased yet again.

After over two hours of flying, the plane finally landed at Jinrich International Airport. The group
descended the aircraft after the flight attendant’s announcement.

The cars sent by the hotel were already lining up in wait outside the airport.

Even Wilma, who had witnessed high-profile travelers in her day, was stunned at the sight of the three
extra-long Lincoln limousines parked by the road.

What sort of a hotel has Ms. Sophie arranged for us?

“Come on, get in!” Sophie gestured.

The girls seemed intimidated by the grandeur of their reception. “We can all squeeze into one.”

Sophie frowned. “That would be too cramped.”

“Not at all, Ms. Sophie.”

“All right. They will take you to the hotel, and you can go wherever you please after checking in.”

They do not appear at ease in my presence.

“All right, Ms. Sophie. Enjoy yourself.”

Tristan and Felix were already waiting for them at the side of the last Lincoln when Sophie and
Ysabelle went over.

“Aren’t you here on business? What do you want now?”

Felix opened the car door in response while Tristan stood aside for Sophie and Ysabelle to enter.

“Why do I get the feeling that they followed us here, Soph?”

The rubbish about being in Koandria for business is obviously a lie.

Sophie glanced at her.

“Are you accusing your uncle of something?”

Ysabelle was horrified. How did she know? I must be mad to do that!

Her family was not aware that she had taken leave to travel abroad. If word slips from Uncle Tristan, I
am finished. That is why I have to put up with him.

Ysabelle hurriedly vacated the seat next to Sophie when Tristan entered the car.

He sat next to Sophie as if it was the most natural thing to do.