Anything For Her

Chapter 89

The Great Boss

Sophie put her phone in speaker mode and stretched out before doing a split in the living room.

“Haven’t we foreseen all of this, Ms. Lineker? You’ll have a lot more to do in the upcoming days. Once
we get past this stretch, you and the team will be sent to holiday abroad.”

They have been highly strung of late. It’s about time they relaxed.

“Please take me under your wing, Ms. Sophie.”

At that moment, Wilma felt so content and spoiled.

How generous of Ms. Sophie to give us a holiday abroad.

“Is there anywhere you would like to go? Tell me if there is, and I will make the arrangements for you.”


Wilma accepted the gesture graciously. As her team had been fraught with worry over the launch, she
naturally leaped at the opportunity to take them out for a break.

“Is there a budget?” she added as an afterthought.

Transfix Cosmetics has been making a loss until yesterday, after all. Though we have had an explosive
start, it wouldn’t do to go overboard.

“There is no limit.”

Since I have made them that offer, I’m more than happy to pay for everything.

On the other end, Wilma covered her phone to seek suggestions from the rest.

“Ms. Sophie wants to treat us to a trip abroad, girls. Is there any place you have in mind?”

“What? All expenses covered?”

“I haven’t misheard, have I? Is it a holiday oversea?”

“Excellent! Let’s go to Jinrich Island!”

“Jinrich Island it is, then!”

“Would Jinrich Island be too expensive, though? We aren’t exactly raking in the profits yet.” Wilma felt
the need to modulate their excitement.

“You’re right. Why don’t we go to Jinrich Island after Transfix Cosmetics makes big money?”

“Ms. Lineker.”

Wilma removed her hand at Sophie’s voice.

“I’d heard your conversation. Just go to Jinrich Island.”

“Ms. Sophie-”

“Hang on a couple more days. Leave the arrangements for the trip to me.”

“I can do it, Ms. Sophie. There is no need for you to do it personally.” Ms. Sophie is a busy woman with
classes to attend.

“It’s no problem. I can easily book the tickets and hotel rooms online. We’ll talk soon as I have to head
to school.”

“All right, Ms. Tanner. Talk to you later.”

Wilma hung up and gazed at the faces alight with excitement.

“How did it go?”

“We’re going to Jinrich Island,” Wilma announced with a smile.

I’m grateful to have chosen the right employer. Though Ms. Sophie may look cold, she is kind to those
loyal to her.

“We’re going to Jinrich Island!”

“We are! It’s a pleasure to go on holiday with all of you.”

Gazing at the group’s excitement, Wilma felt that all their hard work was worth it.

Cecelia heard the news of Transfix Cosmetics’ company trip to Jinrich Island and gazed at Sophie

“I played a part in Transfix Cosmetics’ success too, Sophie! If your staff can go on holiday, what about

Sophie gazed at her.

“Haven’t you been to Jinrich Island many times before?”

“So what if I have? Are you that reluctant to part with your money?”

“Fine, you can come too.”

Cecelia was satisfied. “That’s better.”

Meanwhile, Ysabelle also caught wind of the trip to Jinrich Island and gazed at Sophie with large,
expectant eyes.

After being subjected to such intense scrutiny for half an hour, Sophie could not bear it any longer.

“What is it?”

“Are you planning a trip to Jinrich Island, Soph?” Ysabelle asked as she twiddled her fingers.

Sophie’s gaze shifted from the anatomy chart on her book to her friend’s face.


“I would like to join you.” I want to join her on her vacation. Otherwise, it feels like she has abandoned

“You may.”

Geez, she could have just told me. Why did she have to stare at me like that?

Upon hearing from Ysabelle that she was going to Jinrich Island, Felix immediately relayed the news to

“How are you this calm, Mr. Tristan? Jinrich Island is the perfect place to develop a romantic
relationship. Are you really not going?”

“You are the one who wants to go, aren’t you?” Tristan retorted. Since Felix found out that Ysabelle
was going to Jinrich Island, he had not stopped talking about it.

“You’re right. I admit that I badly want to go. It’s meaningless to be working all the time! What’s the
point of earning so much money if I don’t enjoy myself? Going on a trip with someone you like is a good
opportunity to develop a romance.”

“Usually,” he added sagely, “a romantic spark is not found in familiar places, and going someplace new
might just bring out the romance in a different light.”

Being almost nineteen, Ysabelle is no longer a child. It is an impressionable age when girls fall in love
easily. If Mr. Tristan did not take advantage of his niece’s company when he still could, he would regret
it when Ysabelle found someone she loved.

“We should join them, Mr. Tristan.”

Ysabelle would not agree if I went alone.

“Mr. Tristan?”

Felix was annoyed at how transparent his thoughts were compared to his employer’s.

I can never fathom Mr. Tristan’s thoughts…

The sale of Transfix Cosmetics’ new products had been skyrocketing. By that point, it was almost
impossible to obtain any ready stock.

Wilma had the factory work three extra shifts to produce the new stock.

The new products of Transfix Cosmetics only took three days to become the most popular series out of
the company’s entire catalog.

As the date of their trip to Jinrich Island drew closer, Wilma handed her tasks on hand to her trusted
aide before heading to Jinrich Island with the rest.

Having agreed to meet at the airport, the girls were already there when Wilma arrived.

“Over here, Ms. Lineker.”

One of them saw Wilma from a distance and waved at once.

Wilma soon gathered with her team.

“Will Ms. Sophie be coming with us, Ms. Lineker?”

“Yes, she will.”

“Wonderful! Come, let’s take a picture!” Photography was a popular activity for girls on an outing.

The girls huddled together for a selfie which one of them posted on Instagram.

The caption wrote: Throughout all the choices I have to make in life, I have never regretted choosing
Transfix Cosmetics. Though I expressed doubts back then, I have become more certain about my
choice to work for Ms. Sophie. She’s taking us on a trip! It pays well to have an employer like Ms.

The other girls supported her view by liking that post.

On the other side of town, the girls who had followed Rachel to found Dream Cosmetics were close to

The staff scheduled another press conference to compensate for the pathetic end of the first one.

Though they had extended the invitation to many reporters to play safe, the response was tepid at best.

And now we’re working overtime every single day.

After finding the time to catch up on her social media, the first thing the girl saw was the post about her
ex-colleagues going on a tour abroad.

“What are you looking at?” asked another one of the girls as she leaned over. She, too, became
depressed after viewing that post.

“How nice it would be if we never left Transfix Cosmetics.”

“It’s too late to regret that now.”

“That’s right. If it were not for Ms. Summers, we wouldn’t have left Transfix Cosmetics.”

Walking in at that exact moment, Rachel heard them.

“Ms. Summers,” one of them exclaimed upon catching sight of her employer. Dropping her gaze in
terror, she dared not say another word.

Rachel scowled.

“Do you think it is degrading to be working for me? Look at how jealous you are getting over a trip

“That’s not what we meant, Ms. Summers.”

“Then what exactly do you mean? You are free to leave if you think Dream Cosmetics is holding you