Anything For Her

Chapter 88

The Grand Gesture

The helicopter hovered above Sophie and Cecelia as a rope ladder was dropped.

Sophie looked at Cecelia. “Can you manage?” she asked.

“Of course. I don’t get to be an award-winning actress if can’t even do my own stunts.”

Cecelia had also been practicing Taekwondo for several years.

Without saying another word, she grabbed hold of the rope ladder and ascended with some difficulty.

When she was nearing the top, somebody reached out for her hand and pulled her on board the

Gazing up in dumbstruck awe, Cecelia could not find the words to describe Tristan’s overwhelming
good looks.

He would be an A-list celebrity if he joined the entertainment industry.

However, Tristan did not even look at Cecelia.

Cecelia could not stop herself from being intrigued by him. This guy is pretty good for not many men
can resist my beauty.

Below, Sophie climbed the rope ladder with ease.

Felix reached out with the intent of pulling Sophie on board.

“Step aside.”

Startled, Felix touched his nose at the sound of Tristan’s voice and stood aside.

Mr. Tristan’s possessiveness can be quite frightening!

Taking Tristan’s hand, Sophie hopped on board the helicopter easily.

The reporters below watched the helicopter depart with their jaws dropped.

The helicopter must be here for Cecelia! It is not unusual for an award-winning actress like her to have
such vast resources at her disposal.

After recovering from their initial shock, their excitement began to grow.

With this scoop, our salary this month is going to swell several times over!

After several moments of silence within the helicopter, Cecelia glanced at Sophie and Tristan.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us, Sophie?”

“This is Tristan Lombard, and that is Felix Northley.”

“Tristan Lombard? Mr. Tristan of Lombard Group?”

Sophie nodded.

Cecelia’s coolness began to fall apart. It really is him! How is Sophie acquainted with these influential
and powerful people?

“This is Cecelia Lance, a friend of mine.”

Tristan nodded at Cecelia by way of greeting, who had by then regained her composure.

Having met all kinds of women before, it’s no wonder Mr. Tristan is hardly taken with my beauty. He
only has eyes for Sophie.

Cecelia noted to herself that Tristan was indeed fond of her friend.

He has good looks, money, power, and loyalty. Wow, lucky Sophie.

“I’m in awe of you, Sophie.”

This way of escaping from the press conference was beautifully done!

Felix could not refrain from gushing his praise.

“That’s enough, Felix.” Sophie glared at him.

Felix fell silent reluctantly. Being a prominent figure in Jipsdale, he could not believe how he was

Cecelia could not help but giggle.

Sophie has not changed over the years.

Felix stared at Cecelia. Though he dared not talk back to Sophie, he did not have the same regard for
an actress.

“He’s looking at me threateningly, Sophie,” Cecelia complained.


Felix was furious that Sophie caught him in the act. His gaze was indeed frightening.

“I did not, Mr. Tristan.” Felix was not about to back down. So what if Cecelia has her backer, and so do

However, Tristan did not pay him any mind.

“My apologies,” Felix muttered, not expecting such a predicament to befall him.

Seeing that, Cecelia became smug.

This is how powerful my backer is.

Josiah was pleased to see Cecelia when the group arrived at the hospital. As Sophie and Cecelia were
old friends, the latter had been a frequent visitor to the Tanner residence.

“Is that you, Cecelia? It’s been a long time since you paid me a visit. Have you forgotten all about me?”

Cecelia grinned. She cut some fruits for Josiah and then poured him a glass of water.

“You’re like my grandfather, Grandpa. How could I forget you? I haven’t visited the Tanner residence
because I was upset that Soph had been banished to Horington.”

Well, I was still young five years ago and had no power to help Sophie.

“Forget it, it’s all in the past now. Soph turned out just as well in Horington.”

“That is true. Sophie excels wherever she goes.”

As Cecelia had a program to shoot that night, her agent came and picked her up.

Sophie and Tristan were still in the ward. The former began a conversation with Josiah.

Yale arrived at the hospital later that night and frowned upon seeing Tristan who was standing next to

“Who is he?”

The sales of Transfix Cosmetics must be doing well, given its current state.

He never believed Sophie was capable of something like that and could not help but wonder if the man
had anything to do with Transfix Cosmetics’ success. What is he after? Does he have intentions toward
Tanner Group?

Josiah was displeased with Yale’s attitude.

“Who he is is none of your business. What do you want to tell us this time? Sophie has taken concrete
steps to disprove your claim of her being incapable. What else do you have to say?”

“I’m just concerned for her, Dad. I am her father. Why would I harm her?”

Yale sensed that there was more to that man than met the eyes.

“Send Sophie home, will you, Tanny?”

Josiah felt ashamed to have a son like him.

“We’ll make a move, Grandpa. See you soon.”

Tristan was displeased with the newcomer’s disrespect for Josiah and attitude toward Sophie.

As he is Sophie’s father, it’s not my place to say anything.

“Who is the hell is he, Dad? Sophie is still young and naïve. What are his intentions for being close to

“Are you worried that he would threaten your position within Tanner Group, Yale? When have you ever
cared about Sophie like that?”

“That’s not fair, Dad. Isn’t all that I do for the benefit of our family? Is the change in ownership of Tanner
Group what you want?”

Josiah grew tired of arguing with his son.

With the conversation ending in a huff, Yale left the hospital and lit a cigarette as soon as he got in the

“I want you to find out about the man with Sophie today.”

“Yes, Mr. Tanner,” said Lionel respectfully, who had been waiting in the car the entire time.

“Do you think the man accompanying Ms. Sophie today is the mastermind behind Transfix Cosmetics,
Mr. Tanner?” he continued after a thoughtful pause. “I can already foresee what a hit Transfix
Cosmetics’ new products will be. At this rate, there’s a high possibility of Ms. Sophie stepping up as

Lionel refused to believe that an eighteen-year-old girl possessed such business acumen.

“That is why I’m sending you to investigate! You are my trusted aid. How do you think you will fare if I’m
no longer CEO? I’m telling you, this daughter of mine can really hold a grudge. She will not make it
easy on you.”

Yale became irritable at the mention of that problem.

“What if Ms. Sophie emerges victorious, Mr. Tanner? Are you really going to let her take over as CEO?”

“No way in hell.”

“At this point, I think you have to acknowledge the possibility of that happening, Mr. Tanner.”

“If this is where we stand, I’m afraid more drastic measures have to be taken.”

Lionel did not answer. He heaved a sigh of relief at his employer’s words.

Yale has always been ruthless. He would never allow others to touch his share of the pie.

Sophie received a call from Wilma the following morning as soon as she woke up.

“We did it, Ms. Sophie! Our products had sold out the moment they came online.”