Anything For Her

Chapter 79

Accompany Me

Sophie returned to the restaurant and turned on the laptop in the establishment.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing?” Ysabelle asked curiously.

“It’s nothing. I just received an urgent email that I need to reply to. Wait for me for a moment.” The
laptop was much slower than hers as it took almost a minute to boot.

She swiftly typed a string of code on the keyboard before she found the surveillance footage of the
corridor. Seems like the footage captured was in HD vision. It even has audio recording, too.

After downloading the footage, she sent it to her email and wiped off any trace of her using the laptop.

Once their meal was over, Sophie and Ysabelle went shopping in Monarch Mall.

Ysabelle was trying out clothes inside when Wilma called.

“Ms. Sophie, we arrived at the same time Rachel and the others did. However, they chose Rachel.”
Wilma sounded sad. “No need to worry, though. I’ll continue to work hard. I’ll definitely find a suitable

“I know, don’t worry. I’ve already found a suitable candidate to be our brand ambassador,” Sophie

“What? You already found one? Who is it?” It wasn’t that Wilma didn’t believe Sophie, it was just that
no one else was willing to be their ambassador so far.

“Cecelia Lance.”


“Cecelia Lance.”

“I didn’t hear that wrong, right, Ms. Sophie? Cecelia is the newly crowned queen of movies! Her future
is very promising! Will she really agree?” Wilma and her team had been looking for newbies to be their
ambassador and even they had refused.

It was why she doubted Cecelia would agree.

“She’ll agree. Just take care of the matters I told you to handle,” Sophie assured.

“Okay.” Even though Wilma was still doubtful, she knew Sophie’s temperament, so she didn’t dare to
ask any more questions.

Rachel still didn’t want to leave after exiting Lorelei’s house because she was waiting to laugh at
Wilma. I’ve been overshadowed by her for a long time in Transfix Cosmetics. It’s finally my turn to

“No need to feel that bad, Wilma! It’s actually good that you didn’t manage to invite Lorelei to become
your spokesperson. Nowadays, no one is using Transfix Cosmetics’ products. You can’t even pay your
employees their wages, much less spend an enormous amount of money hiring someone as famous
as Lorelei!” Rachel mocked.

“That’s right! Transfix Cosmetics is over! I think you lot should quickly find a new job! If you can’t work
in the same industry anymore, I suggest washing dishes at a hotel!” one of Rachel’s companions

Wilma’s face darkened. D*mn you, Rachel!

“Look at you, Rachel, acting all smug. You made your choice, and we’re fine with that. There’s no need
to kick us when we’re down. Besides, it’s not over and the winner has yet to emerge!” she retorted.

Rachel sneered, “You’re as stubborn as a mule, Wilma. Even at its best, Transfix Cosmetics couldn’t
win against Dream. Now that your company has fallen to its current state, there’s no way it’ll even catch
up to Dream now!”

“That’s right! It’s all thanks to Ms. Summers that we have an opportunity to be part of Dream!”

“Give up, Wilma! You’ll never make a comeback!”

“Thanks for your concern.” Wilma opted to ignore them. I’ll never give up until the end!

“Have any of you invited a director to shoot the advertisement?” Wilma asked as she left with her team.

“Tomorrow’s the shooting day, but we don’t have an ambassador or a director! What do we do, Ms.


“Dream is deliberately launching a new product on the same day as us! Why do they have to do it on
the same day…”

“They’re clearly bullying us!”

“All right, that’s enough. It’s pointless talking about that. Right now, we just need to focus on our tasks. I
believe Transfix Cosmetics will make a comeback.” Wilma attempted to boost their morale. No matter
what happens, I need to keep their spirits up.

“Yeah! With Ms. Lineker around, Transfix Cosmetics won’t fall!”

That night, at Cecelia’s mansion.

Cecelia actually returned to the country in secret. No one knew she was already back at that moment.

When she saw the languid young woman sitting on the couch playing games, she spoke resignedly.
“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you, Sophie? I just returned to the country, you know? Can’t you
at least spare me a glance?”

Is this how you’re supposed to treat the youngest person crowned the queen of movies?

Sophie finally raised her head and shifted her line of sight from her phone to Cecelia. “I’m here to ask
you to cast in an advertisement for Transfix Cosmetics.”

“I don’t want to.” Cecelia pouted. I refused to be ordered around! I’m not going to star in an
advertisement just because you said so!

“Be good, okay?” Sophie coaxed.

“Hmph! You didn’t contact me for a long time, and the moment I come back, you want me to star in an
advertisement for your sake. Am I all that’s left to you?”

“You should be glad that you’re useful to me at all.” Sophie didn’t mince her word.

“You!” Cecelia pouted again.

“Don’t tell anyone you’re going to be involved in Transfix Cosmetics’ advertisement yet.”

“What do you mean? Sophie, do you know how popular I am? I’m the queen of movies now, you know.
All the advertisements I starred in will basically lead to the products selling out!” Cecelia was confident
in herself.

“Be good, okay?” Sophie furrowed her eyebrows.

“Don’t you forget that I’m two years older than you, Sophie.” Cecelia was displeased with Sophie’s

Sometimes, the aura a person exuded had nothing to do with their age.

“Keep me company tonight, will you?” Cecelia stared at Sophie pitifully.

“I have things to do,” Sophie rejected.

“I’m warning you, Sophie. If you don’t go to bed with me tonight, I won’t star in your advertisement.”

“Go to bed with you? Do you think you’re still in a movie, Ms. Lance?” Sophie narrowed her eyes
slightly. Even if we are to go to bed together, I should be the one making that demand!

Still, she originally had no intention of leaving, since they hadn’t met each other for a long time.

“This Lorelei, she’s…” Cecelia was utterly speechless. “So what if she got to star in Dream’s
advertisement? The reason she got it in the first place is that I rejected it.”

She swiped open Twitter and saw the trending topic about Lorelei’s collaboration with Dream.

“Why do you care about her? You should go and sleep now. You have an advertisement to shoot

“I want to accompany you a little longer. It’s been a while since we last met.” Cecelia didn’t want to
sleep yet.

“Go to sleep so tomorrow’s advertisement won’t suck.”

“Fine! Then will you be accompanying me to the shoot?”

Even the location of the shoot for Transfix Cosmetics and Dream was held at the same venue.

Since Cecelia promised Sophie she would keep the job a secret, she arrived at the venue in secret.

When Wilma saw Cecelia in the dressing room, her jaw almost dropped.

“She’s Ms. Lineker from Transfix Cosmetics,” Cecelia’s assistant introduced.

Cecelia stood and stretched her hand out. “Hello. I’m Cecelia Lance, Sophie’s best friend.”

“Do you understand Transfix Cosmetics’ current situation, Ms. Lance?” Even though Cecelia was very
popular, she had been staying overseas for a long while. It was why Wilma was worried if Cecelia knew
what was really going on in the country.

“What do you mean? Do you think I’m not good enough to shoot for Transfix Cosmetics?” Cecelia
furrowed her eyebrows.

Wilma shook her head immediately. “That’s not what I meant.”

“That’s all I need to hear. In any case, you may not trust Sophie enough, but I do.”