Anything For Her

Chapter 87

Daring And Overbearing!

“Ms. Tanner, would you like to share a few words later on?” She hadn’t been sure whether Sophie
would have made it, but now that she was there, it seemed like a good opportunity.

“No, that’s alright.” She had never enjoyed the feeling of lights flashing in her eyes.

In Lombard Group, Felix had already planned out how he was about to get back at Letitia. However, he
did not expect Sophie to have already settled everything herself.

“Mr. Tristan, Ms. Sophie is truly amazing!”

She had singlehandedly created an uproar. It was like he could already see Transfix Cosmetics’
success before his very eyes.

Tristan was silently agreeing. I knew my Sophie would do just fine.

She had probably never seen Letitia as a rival, and she was right for doing so. After all, Letitia could
never compete against someone like Sophie.

“Aren’t you going to take a look?” Felix asked in confusion. If he were in Tristan’s place, he would have
been there in a flash.

“I can just watch the live stream.”

He knew she would do well, so all he had to do was sit back and watch.

No matter what she wanted to do, he was going to stand firmly behind her.

No matter what consequences she ended up facing, he would shoulder them for her.

The product launch had already started.

Wilma hosted the whole thing personally. First, she thanked the reporters for attending the launch
before swiftly summarizing everything that Transfix Cosmetics had done recently.

“Basically, we have received tremendous support from everyone since we started this brand. The
incident that happened with Letitia Gatrell made us even more confident in our brand. We will continue
to work harder to come up with even more products that everyone can enjoy. Now, we’ll present our
latest products through this exclusive advertisement!”

Transfix Cosmetics’ newest advertisements began to play.

Everyone inhaled in shock when Cecelia appeared onscreen.

Most people had assumed that Transfix Cosmetics was already done for, but here they were having
Cecelia as an ambassador.

They couldn’t believe that she would accept such an endorsement when Transfix Cosmetics was
caught up in its’ scandals.

“Wow! Cecelia Lance really is their ambassador!”

“They’ll definitely make it this time!”

“Man, I still can’t believe my eyes.”

“Hasn’t Cecelia always been really cautious about the type of products she endorses? She has barely
done any.”

Rachel clenched her fists, not even caring about her nails digging into her palms.

She really thought Wilma was done for this time. In the end, she was the one leaving Rachel behind in
the dust.

She suddenly began to feel lightheaded.

“Are you alright, Ms. Summers?”

Rachel nodded.

“I-I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine.” They still had Dream Cosmetics, after all. They wouldn’t lose to Transfix

The advertisement, which communicated passion and enthusiasm, finished playing.

“Do you all know that Cecelia isn’t wearing any makeup in this advertisement?”

“I know! Her skin is so smooth.”

“After using Transfix Cosmetics, her image has completely changed. It really is effective.”

Wilma reappeared onstage.

“Next, we would like to invite the ambassador of Transfix Cosmetics, Cecelia Lance.”

Cecelia walked onstage in a blinding flurry of lights.

No one was able to look away from her.

“Good afternoon, everybody. I am Cecelia Lance and I am extremely honored to have been given this
opportunity by Transfix Cosmetics.”

“Ms. Lance, Transfix Cosmetics has recently been caught up in a lot of scandals. What made you
accept their invitation to become an ambassador?”

One reporter asked the question that was on everybody’s minds.

Cecelia glanced over at the reporter’s direction.

“Many of you might have given up on Transfix Cosmetics due to their previous scandals with Ms.
Gatrell, but I have never once doubted this brand. Once the company contacted me, I agreed without a
second thought.”

The advertisement for Transfix Cosmetics’ latest products had been released on the internet
concurrently with the launch.

There had already been so many people spreading positive hashtags for Transfix Cosmetics after the
surveillance footage of Letitia had been released. However, after seeing Cecelia in their advertisement,
Transfix Cosmetics’ supporters had increased tenfold.

Rachel returned to Dream Cosmetics’ conference area which was empty. There was not a single
reporter in the space.

“What do we do, Ms. Summers? We prepared so much stock and if we don’t sell it, the company-”

“Shut up.” Rachel wasn’t in the mood for stupid questions.

She wanted to know what to do too, for God’s sake. Who is going to answer my questions? She had
nothing left up her sleeve.

She kept making guarantees that the products would be a hit and that was why she order such a huge
batch to be manufactured.

At that point, she wouldn’t be able to pay it all back even if she sold herself.

The product launch had already ended and Wilma and Cecelia had both returned to the break room.

Sophie was scrolling on Twitter.

The trending searches and hashtags were all about Transfix Cosmetics.

Sophie was rather pleased with the results.

“What are you looking at?” Cecelia squeezed in next to Sophie.

“You are really amazing, Sophie! How did you come up with these ideas? I think your brain must be
built differently.”

Sophie simply ignored her.

“Anyway, I’m glad we’re friends. I must say I pity your enemies, though.”

Sophie was completely ruthless toward her enemies, but she was just as kind and caring to those she
considered her friends despite her aloof appearance.

“They deserve it. If they weren’t so scheming, they wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Wilma had become one of Sophie’s biggest fans and knew she could do no wrong.

“That’s true. Letitia really deserves it.”

She should have stuck to acting. It was her fault for trying to use Transfix Cosmetics to get to her goal.

“Ms. Lineker, I’ll pass the remaining jobs to you. Cecelia and I will be leaving now.”

“Okay! Our new products will definitely be a success, Ms. Tanner,” Wilma said enthusiastically.

Sophie nodded nonchalantly.

“You guys have all worked hard. I don’t really care about the results anymore.”

Besides, nothing would truly bring them down with her there.


Sophie walked out with Cecelia.

“Sophie, do you know how cool you are? Honestly, you would totally kick me off the charts if you ever
joined the entertainment industry. You have the looks and the charisma. You would definitely be
successful if you joined.”

Sophie was attractive in many different faces and Cecelia knew she would be a hit among audiences of
different age groups.

“I’m not interested. I hate being followed around by reporters.”

She hated the idea of the public knowing her private life like an open book.

“Wait, but there are a lot of reporters outside right now.”

Cecelia was used to even the most ludicrously huge lens that those reporters could shove in her face.

But Sophie hated them.

Suddenly, Sophie’s phone rang.

She answered and heard Tristan’s voice. “Come up to the rooftop.”


Sophie didn’t ask any further and simply walked into the elevator with Cecelia before pressing the
button for the highest floor.

“What’s up? Where are we going?” Cecelia thought they were about to leave. “Are you worried
because of the reporters? I’m right here! I can distract them.”

“There’s no need for that,” Sophie replied.

“But you hate reporters getting in your face, right? I don’t mind dealing with them for you.”

After all, she was a famous actress. Hence, she didn’t mind her photos being taken at all.

Sophie simply continued walking to the rooftop with Cecelia.

“Come on, Sophie. It’s not the end of the world!” Cecelia said jokingly.

Suddenly, a helicopter landed in front of them.

Cecelia stared with her mouth wide open. What the hell is going on?

The reporters that had been waiting outside the building were all staring dumbfoundedly as well.

Who is that? How daring and overbearing!