Anything For Her

Chapter 86

Turn The Table

“Ms. Summers, Transfix Cosmetics has pushed back their product launch.”

“Luckily we left Transfix Cosmetics along with Ms. Summers back then. We would have already lost our
jobs by now if we had stayed!”

“Wilma is insane! How could she put so much trust in an eighteen-year-old?”

“She’s completely hopeless, isn’t she?”

Rachel couldn’t help but feel overjoyed as the girls around her began discussing Wilma’s dreadful

They were right, after all.

Back then, she had always been outshined by everything Wilma did. Now was her chance to shine.

“Okay, everybody! Now the most important thing is to do our jobs well. We will make the new products
a success! Moreover, Lorelei is extremely popular now.”

Rachel was determined to make Wilma and the others regret everything they had done.

Letitia’s press conference had already begun.

“I’d like to thank everyone for attending this press conference today. Recently, the conflict between
Transfix Cosmetics and I have taken up a lot of public resources. For that, I would like to apologize,
and I also hope that this will be put to an end today.”

Letitia stood up and bowed deeply.

“What a polite girl! I haven’t seen a bow that deep in a long time.”

“Yeah! Transfix Cosmetics is a real jerk!”

“We should just boycott Transfix Cosmetics and Tanner Group altogether.”

Someone in the crowd began to holler, and others began to follow suit.

“Yes! We have to protect our little fairy so that she doesn’t get hurt!”

Little fairy?

Letitia’s manager glanced at her. Just how confident is this girl about her looks? How could she have
the face to let others call her little fairy?

“Regardless of the truth, I hope my dear fans will stop stressing out over this topic. Today, I would like
to announce some good news to everyone. I am about to start filming a new movie! I hope you guys
will be able to direct your attention to that instead and support me in my new role.”

“Of course, we’ll support our little fairy!” `

The crowd was still clamoring in her favor.

Letitia stood up and bowed deeply once again.

Based on how popular she was right now, her new movie would definitely take off.

She had been dreaming of that day for the longest time. Sophie’s name is probably getting dragged
down the drain right now!

She couldn’t help but smile.

Does that high school student really think she could do anything to me? Even if the sky collapsed, her
fans would be there holding it up for her.

Letitia’s manager took her to one side after her press conference had ended.

“Letitia, I have to warn you. You may be popular now, but it’s never good to offend potential investors.
Everything in this modern society is fueled by them.”

“We have the popularity now! We don’t have to worry about not having the capital anymore.”

After tasting a brief glimpse of success, she was practically on cloud nine. As far as she was
concerned, she was already an A-list actress.

“Letitia, Transfix Cosmetics has just started their press conference.”

“Who cares? Transfix Cosmetics is done for. No one will ever buy their new products.”

“T-that’s not the thing. Someone just released a HD video online…”

Letitia rolled her eyes in disdain. To her, nothing could stand in her way anymore.

The assistant showed the video to her manager, whose expression was completely stormy after
watching it.

“Letitia, what is the meaning of this?”

Letitia was starting to get annoyed.

“Are you tired of working for me? Just because you’re my manager, that doesn’t make you my boss.”

“Is that so? You’re not even a C-list celebrity yet! How do you have the face to pull off such obnoxious
acts? I don’t want to have someone as big-headed as you working under me either.”

Letitia finally started feeling that something was wrong and snatched the phone from the assistant. The
security footage of everything that Letitia said and done to Sophie in the restaurant the other day was
playing on the screen.

Everything nasty that she had said was played in the video for everyone to see.

Xeno: Little fairy? More like little b*tch!

Beast: I can’t believe I spent so much time defending her!

C#: I really pity Transfix Cosmetics for having to deal with a psycho like her.

10290: I’ve never dared to say this before, but to be honest, Transfix Cosmetics is a really good brand!
I would even regard it as one of the best local brands.

Lilyxxx: Their foundation stays on your face the whole day and doesn’t even smudge! I’ve been wanting
to say this for a while. I’ve even tried a whole bunch of international products and none of them can
compare to theirs!

Golditis: Letitia is such a scheming b*tch!

The whole comment section was full of insults toward Letitia.

Someone had even started a hashtag for #ILoveTransfixCosmetics that had begun trending.

Almost instantly, everyone who had previously hated Transfix Cosmetics was beginning to use the

&Loveme&: I can’t wait for Transfix Cosmetics to release their newest product! I’ll definitely be the first
one to buy it.

!Ali22: Hey, what’s the nearest branch to you? Let’s go together.

Letitia couldn’t bear to scroll any further. She was already trembling with rage.

Just a few seconds ago, she had been beaming with pride as she approached success!

Now, she had been thrown down into hell from the gates of heaven.

Everything had happened so quickly that she hadn’t even had the time to react.

“What do we do? What now?” Letitia asked, tugging at her manager’s hand. “Only you can help me

The manager pulled her hand out from Letitia’s grip.

“Sorry, but I don’t think I can help you now.”

Suddenly, a few men dressed in police uniforms walked into the room, causing Letitia to turn even

“Ms. Gatrell, you have been arrested for your involvement in cases of blackmail, cheating and three
other crimes. You will now be taken in for further investigation.”

“I didn’t do anything!”

Letitia tried to run, but the policemen didn’t even give her a chance.

She was brought away by them and the reporters who had rushed over only managed to get shots of
the police cars’ tail lights.

Back at the Transfix Cosmetics’ product launch, there were now a lot more reporters after the huge

Even the hundreds of bodyguards stationed at the location weren’t enough for the sheer number of
reporters that had come by.

Rachel had already prepared everything for their press conference, but there wasn’t a single reporter at
their event.

“What the hell is going on?” Rachel said with a frown on her face.

“Have all of you gone deaf? I just asked you what is going on! What the hell is a press conference
without the press?”

“You might want to take a look at this, Ms. Summers.”

One of her subordinates passed her a phone.

After watching the video of Letitia, Rachel’s face turned bright red.

No wonder all the reporters are gone!

“What do we do now, Ms. Summers?” They had prepared so much stock on their latest products for the
press conference, but if that didn’t happen, what should they do with all the extra stock? The company
would lose so much money.

Lorelei had finally reached the so-called press conference only to see nobody there.

She took off the sunglasses on the bridge of her nose.

“What’s going on? I spent three hours on my makeup and no one is here to even get one picture of

Rachel was clearly not in the mood to entertain Lorelei.

“Go take a look.”

She wanted to see exactly what Transfix Cosmetics was up to.

Wilma had finally heaved a sigh of relief back at Transfix Cosmetics.

She couldn’t help but look at Sophie in awe.

That girl is really something.

It was barely two hours since the incident happened but she had managed to turn the table.

Wilma couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

She had learned a lot from being around someone so talented.

“I’ll leave the rest to you, Ms. Lineker. I know you can do it.”

Sophie had always trusted Wilma.

Wilma was all energized at the sound of Sophie’s encouragement.

“I won’t disappoint you, Ms. Tanner.”

“I won’t disappoint you either!” Cecelia suddenly showed up and announced. She would not want to
miss out on Transfix Cosmetics’ new product launch.