Anything For Her

Chapter 78


Wilma didn’t harbor any hope for Sophie, but after the former heard the latter’s analysis and requests
regarding the case, the former got a tad excited.

It had been a long time since Wilma felt that kind of intense excitement. Under Sophie’s lead, Transfix
Cosmetics will no doubt return to its former glory! In fact, it may even surpass its previous
achievements and become better than before!

“All right, Ms. Sophie.” After a long pause, Wilma found her voice again because she was just that

Everyone stared at Sophie in shock.

They couldn’t believe she was just a normal high-schooler because her thought processes were so
many times more advanced than the students from prestigious universities like themselves.

When Sophie finished, she was slouching on the chair, staring at them. Even though she was exuding
a languid vibe, they were all blushing as they stared at her.

“Do you all have any other questions? If there aren’t any other problems, I’ll let Ms. Lineker handle the
company matters. As for the comments on the internet, I’ll take care of it. There’s no need for you all to
worry about it.” Seeing how everyone was staring at her, Sophie reassured them.

“I don’t have much issue with most of what you said except for your third point. With how Transfix
Cosmetics is right now, there’s basically no one who’ll be willing to become the ambassador for the
company, Ms. Sophie.”

“That’s right. We’ve already contacted a few celebrities, but they’d all rejected our requests.”

“In the past, they were the ones who came to us when they were desperate. Now that we ask them for
help, they wouldn’t let us in at all. It’s outrageous.”

“That’s right! The situation in Transfix Cosmetics is really tough right now, Ms. Sophie!”

Sophie straightened her back and informed, “I’ll take care of it. I want all eyes on our new marketing
campaign this round.”

After she finished her sentence, she left.

Wilma personally sent her out. “You don’t have a driver’s license yet, right, Ms. Sophie? I’ll drive you to
your destination.”

“I know you’ve been doing your best in Transfix Cosmetics, Ms. Lineker. Once you take care of the
company’s issue properly, I hope you’ll be willing to help me manage it.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ms. Sophie! I’ve poured my blood and sweat into the company, so I’ll definitely
make sure to take good care of it!”

All those years, It wasn’t that no one had tried to poach her.

It was just that she didn’t want to leave because that was where her dream started.

She spent an enormous amount of time and effort to push Transfix Cosmetics to its current position.
Therefore, there was no way she would give up and leave. “Don’t worry! I won’t let you down! I have
faith in you, Ms. Sophie. I trust that you can take the company to even greater heights.

Sophie slept until noon on Sunday.

It wasn’t until she accepted Ysabelle’s invitation for lunch that she got up and washed up.

“Are you all right, Soph? You really shouldn’t pay any attention to those nasty comments,” Ysabelle
advised. Even though Soph isn’t saying anything, it still makes me worry about her.

“I’m fine! Relax. I’ll let Letitia parade around for a few more days.” Sophie was going to give Letitia
more chances to show off her acting skills.

After she almost finished lunch, she suddenly felt her stomach cramping. “I need to go to the restroom.”

“Do you need me to accompany you?” Ysabelle asked.

“No need! You should just eat.”

Sophie spent some time in the restroom before she felt better. Hmm, if I’m not wrong, my menstruation
period should be around the corner. I need to go get some pads later…

When she opened the door, she saw Letitia smiling at her smugly.

Sophie ignored her and washed her hands at the washbasin.

“If you apologize to me now, I’ll consider letting Transfix Cosmetics go!” Letitia negotiated.

Sophie didn’t want to talk to her. She’s so incredibly greedy. Even now, she’s still trying to extort more

When she went out, Letitia followed behind her and abruptly said, “I’m at my wit’s end now, Ms. Tanner!
I beg you, please show me mercy! Yes, I know I shouldn’t have told the truth, but now, every night, I
can’t sleep! Please, let me go! I’m just an ordinary civilian. I’m no match for Tanner Group!”

From the moment she started speaking, Sophie knew what she was doing. If my guess is correct,
there’s probably a recording device on her body. What a cheap tactic this is.

“Ah! Ms. Tanner! Why did you hit me?” Letitia uttered as she gave herself a slap.

Sophie stayed silent and watched her continue to put on a show.

Despite being glared at intently, Letitia stubbornly continued to act out her script.

“Have you had enough fun, Ms. Gatrell? I don’t think it’s possible for you to make it big in the
entertainment industry with your poor acting,” Sophie dissed.

“You—” Letitia pulled out her recording device and pressed stop. “You need not worry about how I’ll
fare in the future, Ms. Tanner. Although, with your current reputation on the internet, what do you think
will happen if the netizens heard this recording?”

“Let me ask you something, Ms. Gatrell. Are the cosmetics sold by Transfix Cosmetics really defective?
Or is it just something you made up to get attention?”

When Letitia saw the confused look on Sophie’s face, she grinned smugly.

“I bet you’re really regretting taking over Transfix Cosmetics now, Ms. Tanner! Say, you’re just a high-
schooler. Why are you doing this instead of studying? I kind of pity you, so I’ll tell you this. That’s right,
there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Transfix Cosmetics’ products at all! I tampered with them. But
who’s going to believe you? Even if you tell everyone what I said, still no one will believe you, because
everyone only trusts me now. I’m the victim here, you see. Nonetheless, if you compensate me right
now, I’ll consider letting the company off. Say, how much are you all willing to pay this time?” The last
time she did that, she got five million as compensation.

Although, she had already spent all of it.

She wanted to become a famous actress, and she was convinced the reason she hadn’t become a star
yet, despite her outstanding acting skills, was because she didn’t have any backup behind her.

If only I have someone to back me up, nobody could be my match!

“So you’re doing all of this for money? Do you think the netizens who are on your sides are all idiots,
Ms. Gatrell?” Sophie questioned further.

“That’s right, they’re all idiots. I just need to squeeze out a few drops of tears and they’ll think I’m the
poor victim. Isn’t what’s happening now the best evidence for that? Tanner Group’s stock is
plummeting, isn’t it? If you want this to stop, the only way you can do so is by compensating me. That’s
the sole solution to your problem. You have one day to think about it. If you give me thirty million, I’ll
pretend what happened today never occurred and let this story slide from the public consciousness.
Otherwise, I’ll destroy Transfix Cosmetics and Tanner Group completely!” Letitia then left while waving
the recording device in her hand.

She was certain no one in Tanner Group would dare to lay a finger on her, and that if anything
happened to her, people would think Tanner Group was responsible.

Sophie glanced at the surveillance cameras in the corridor. Well, this is certainly an unexpected gain
when I’m just here to have a meal.