Anything For Her

Chapter 85

The Product Launch

“Willow, I’m very disappointed with you today,” Charmaine said the moment they left the hospital ward.

“I didn’t even do anything!” Why’s she angry at me? ”That man with Sophie is actually very good-
looking, isn’t he?”

She was just an eighteen-year-old girl, after all. Wasn’t it common to enjoy seeing eye candy every
now and then?

“What else do you have in that brain of yours? How embarrassing would it be if someone saw you
ogling at him like that?”

Willow fell silent.

“Your grandfather called him ‘Tanny’! What sort of man worth his weight in gold would ever allow
someone else to call him that so casually? Looks are nothing in the end. Power and privilege are what
really matters.”

That man did look rather intimidating, but Charmaine didn’t think of Sophie as someone who could be
in the company of anyone with power.

“Okay, I get it. I won’t do it again.”

She’s right! This is the Laird family we’re talking about, the family of everyone’s dreams. If Mrs. Laird
didn’t assume I had saved Mason, I would never have gotten this chance!

“Good. Mrs. Laird invited us to dinner tonight. Come back earlier, okay? I’ll take you to get dolled up.”

She would only be counted as a member of the upper class society if she managed to get on good
terms with the Laird family.

Sophie poured a glass of water for Josiah, and he drank a big gulp.

“Soph, I’m really okay. You should be spending your time in school studying, not in this hospital.”

“Don’t worry as it’s lunchtime now.”

“That’s even more important. You should rest too.”

“Okay then. I’ll be going now. You should rest too, okay?”

Sophie didn’t tell Josiah that she was going to talk to a doctor.

Since he didn’t want her to know, then she would pretend that she didn’t know anything.

“We’ll be heading off now, Mr. Tanner.” Tristan waved at Josiah.

“Go ahead! Don’t worry, there are a lot of people taking care of me here.”

Tristan and Sophie arrived at the specialist’s office where more than ten specialists were already

“Hello, Mr. Tristan.”

The director bowed respectfully when he saw Tristan.

“What exactly is wrong with Mr. Tanner?” Tristan asked directly.

“We’ve already done a full scan for Mr. Tanner. The reason behind his fainting is because there were
still bullet fragments in his brain.”

It was probably a mistake on the doctor’s part and had most likely been left behind during the surgery.

Sophie closed her eyes. She was extremely interested in medicine and the director’s rough explanation
was already more than enough for her to imagine.

“What’s your plan?” Tristan hated seeing that expression on her face.

“The only solution is surgery, but due to the location of the fragments being extremely unique, it will be
a highly risky surgery. The important thing is that there haven’t been any doctors in the country who
have been willing to do such a surgery.”

The surgery was an extremely detailed one and highly depended on the chief surgeon. There were
barely any doctors across the world who dared to do such a surgery, let alone in the country.

“So you’re saying you guys don’t have a plan?” Tristan said, clearly agitated.

The director fell silent, not daring to speak. Almost everything could be settled by hard work, but
surgeries were something that no one dared to experiment on.

“Okay, I understand. Please leave us alone for now,” Sophie finally said.

All the doctors sighed in relief. They were all terrified of facing Tristan’s wrath.

“Don’t worry. I’ll find another specialist.”

“There’s no need for that.”


Tristan never knew how to comfort others. He felt as if anything he said would be useless in this

“I’m fine.”

She couldn’t change the fact that there were no doctors in the country who could do it, but that didn’t
mean it was impossible after all.

“I’ve already contacted Arius,” she continued.

Arius was famous in Chanaea as the youngest doctor in the world who made groundbreaking
contributions to the field of medical science.

“Arius Gullifer?”

Tristan had heard that name once, but he never thought that Sophie would be able to get him.

He was actually already thinking of contacting Arius, but it seemed like she had beaten him to it.

The first time they met, she had already taken out a bullet for him.

What exactly is the relationship between her and Arius?

However, it wasn’t the time to say such things. He simply remained silent.

Still, he couldn’t help but think about what a unique girl he had set his sights on.

She was practically surrounded by elite people.

It seemed like he would have to keep a close eye on her. He might lose her to someone else if he didn’t
watch her closely.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, it was time for Transfix Cosmetics’ product launch.

Wilma had been working overtime for the past few weeks and had even begun wishing for more hours
in a day simply so that she could get more things done.

She really felt like she had already done everything she could.

“We won’t lose this time, Ms. Linker.”

“Yeah! We’ve already done our best.”

“Let’s keep working hard, everybody. I’m confident in our new products this time.”

Wilma continued to boost their morale. After having prepared those new products for the last three
years, she was very confident.

“Oh, no. Letitia is coming today for a press conference too, and she picked the spot right in front of us.”

“Crap! How much does she hate our company?”

“She just wants to push us into a corner at this point. Her press conference was scheduled to start half
an hour before ours.”

All the reporters they had invited would definitely have swarmed over to Letitia by then.

“What do we do, Ms. Linker?” Plenty of people weren’t looking forward to their latest products. They
were beginning to wonder why they were even hyping themselves up.

At that moment, Wilma was paler than a sheet of paper.

“Ms. Linker?”

The others began to lose faith at the sight of her expression.

Suddenly, Sophie appeared.

It was almost as if Wilma had seen a savior.

“Ms. Tanner, I-”

“I understand.” She had already done her homework on the way there.

“I’m really sorry, Ms. Tanner. I didn’t expect this to happen,” Wilma said apologetically. She had really
done her best. Why are things just not working out?

“Don’t be sorry, Ms. Linker. You are not to blame for this. Most importantly, you have to trust me. Our
product launch will be very successful.”

Even though Sophie was just a fresh and young eighteen-year-old, Wilma felt a miraculous sense of
relief at the sound of her reassurance.

“Okay! No matter what, I will always be right behind you, Ms, Tanner.” Wilma was finally confident
again. No matter what, she would always stand with Sophie.

“Good. Buck up, everyone! We will delay the product launch by two hours.”

“Ms. Tanner, there are no reporters here right now.”

It wouldn’t matter even if the reporters came three, four or ten hours later.

“Do whatever Ms. Tanner tells you to,” Wilma said to her subordinates.

“Good. Everyone, be on your highest alert! Also, Cecelia will be coming to the event.”

Transfix Cosmetics’ new products would definitely make their name.

Now, all that mattered was how popular it would be, and that depended on its quality.

Letitia and Dream Cosmetics must be feeling really proud at that moment.

The happier they were right now, the more they would regret it after the press conference.