Anything For Her

Chapter 83

I Am Chasing After Her

Being held inside Tristan’s embrace and taking in his unique scent made Sophie feel safe.

“Is your Grandpa okay?” Tristan rushed over to her location when he heard what was going on with her.

At that moment, he didn’t want to think about anything else other than protecting her and staying by her

“Not too good.” Sophie knew her grandfather’s condition must be serious to warrant a stay in the

She also knew how stubborn he could get due to his past experience as a soldier. He would always
think his body was still fine and unwilling to admit that age was catching up.

Everything she said at that moment would be pointless.

Tristan simply grabbed her hand and comforted her. “I’ll stay here with you.”

No one has any say in the circle of life and death.

Along that way, we would go through sickness and hardships, and there was really nothing we could do
about it other than endure and embrace it.

“Mr. Tristan, you don’t—”

“There’s no need to act tough all the time, Ms. Tanner.” With him around, she could act more gently.

Sophie wanted to say something, but Josiah woke up at that moment.

“Is that your friend, Soph? Since he’s here, why don’t you introduce him to me?” he asked.

Tristan stepped closer to Josiah with Sophie.

“Hello, Old Mr. Tanner. I’m Tristan.” Before Sophie could introduce him, he introduced himself.

Josiah studied the young man in front of him in detail. He’s certainly good-looking, and it seems like
he’d served in the military before.

“Have you served in the army?”

“For a year,” Tristan replied.

“Good, that’s good.” Josiah tended to feel more friendly toward people who served in the military

“You’re Sophie’s…” He raised his eyebrow slightly. Everything about him seems pretty good, though he
definitely looks older than Soph.

“He’s my classmate’s uncle.” Sophie spoke up.

“Ah, uncle!” Josiah clearly didn’t believe that.

“I’m chasing after her right now.” Tristan didn’t at all hide his intention.

She was speechless. This man is so blunt!

“How old are you this year?” Josiah was getting serious because he quite liked the young man.

“I’m twenty-eight years old.” Tristan didn’t realize he panicked a little when he said that.

“Twenty-eight years old! Our Soph is only eighteen.” Josiah was a little concerned about the age gap.
“However, as long as she likes you, I don’t mind. Just take good care of her.”

Sophie grabbed an apple and peeled it. Her hands were so agile that the fruit appeared as though it
was dancing in her palms.

Once she cut the apple into slices, she stabbed toothpicks into them and served them.

Tristan continued to talk to Josiah.

Both of them had a pretty good time talking with each other, which made the old man like the younger
man even more.

It wasn’t until they were alone in the room that Josiah said, “Even though you’re a decade older than
Soph, I quite like you, Tristan. Good luck!”

While he liked Tristan, he could tell Sophie didn’t seem ready yet. If Tristan wants to marry her, there’s
still a long way ahead for him.

“I’ll do my best.” Tristan smiled.

“I only have one request. Soph is still young, so don’t you dare bully her.”

“I understand.” Tristan knew what Josiah was implying and gave the old man his promise.

“I’m a little tired now. You should take Soph out for a meal! I’m not hungry, and I don’t really have the

Josiah loved Sophie the most, and so he would always think for her.

“What do you want to eat, Grandpa? I’ll buy some for you,” Sophie asked after she returned to the

Since she was already at the hospital, she wouldn’t be able to eat in peace if she didn’t see her
grandfather eating well.

“Anything of what you can find will be good! I’ll be sleeping now.”


Tristan put the blanket over Josiah’s body. If my dad sees me in the act, I bet he’ll be furious.

When Sophie returned from fetching water, she saw him covering Josiah’s body with a blanket.

At that moment, she felt touched.

When Tristan turned back and saw her holding a kettle, he went over to her side and grabbed it. “You
should’ve let me do this.”

“My grandpa likes you,” Sophie stated.

“I prefer if you like me instead.”

She was speechless. Is this how he chases after women?

“I’ve never chased after a woman before, Sophie. You’re my first, and my last. I don’t have any
experience, but I want to give you the best I can offer.”

“Mr. Tristan—”

“All right, it’s fine. You’re still young. I’m not in a hurry. I can wait.”

Both of them were experiencing the same kind of feeling, a feeling of longing for each other.

“Right now, I need to fulfill my promise to Old Mr. Tanner and take you out for a meal,” Tristan said.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You should still eat even if you’re not hungry. People don’t eat just because they’re hungry!” He knew
Josiah wouldn’t want her to suffer because of him.

Tristan pushed Sophie out of the hospital and brought her to a nearby restaurant.

The decor was very elegant.

After the food they ordered arrived, he kept putting food on her plate.

As for Sophie, she ate quietly.

After their meal was over, Tristan asked the chef to prepare three mild-flavored dishes for Josiah.

Upon returning to the hospital, they saw the old man had woken up.

He was smiling at them as they entered the ward.

Tristan proceeded to lay out the three dishes he bought on the table.

While the dishes were mild-flavored, the chef spent a lot of effort making them look good.

Tristan ladled a bowl of mushroom soup for Josiah before Sophie held the bowl and fed the soup to her
grandfather with a spoon.

Seeing how naturally the two of them were interacting with each other, Josiah began to feel like they
were made for each other.

“Open your mouth, Grandpa.” Sophie was never good at serving other people or having great patience,
but she was exceptionally patient when taking care of her grandfather.

Josiah opened his mouth and drank a spoonful of soup.

“Mhm. The taste is pretty good. It reminds me of the food I eat in the military. You sure are thoughtful,

Tanny? Sophie turned to glance at Tristan. Grandpa’s probably the only person in Jipsdale who calls
Tristan that!

“I’m glad you like it, Old Mr. Tanner. The chef of the restaurant we went to was a retired member of the
platoon you served with before,” Tristan replied.

Josiah became even more satisfied with Tristan. If he’s treating me this nicely, doesn’t it mean he’s
very interested in Sophie?

He was having a pretty good appetite and managed to finish half of the food on his plate.

Sophie didn’t dare to tell him to finish the rest since eating too much at that time of day might lead to
stomach problems.

After the old man finished his meal, Tristan chatted with him further.

“I think you two should head back now! There are nurses and butlers around to take care of me,”
Josiah urged.

“I want to stay with you, Grandpa,” Sophie retorted.

“Listen to me, okay? Don’t you have classes tomorrow?”

“It’s fine if I don’t attend school for one day,” she said without a care.

“It’s not convenient for a girl like you to stay here, Soph! You should go back.”

“I’ll send you back first before returning here to accompany Old Mr. Tanner,” Tristan offered.

“Mr. Tristan—” Sophie felt it wasn’t necessary for him to do that.

“You can come over during the day. It’s more convenient for me to take care of him during the night.”

She stayed silent.

“All right, that’s enough. I’m fine! I don’t need people to take care of me. You should send her back
home now!” Josiah said.