Anything For Her

Chapter 82


“What did you say?” Sophie’s voice sounded exceptionally deep.

“I said you pissed off your grandpa so much that he almost died!” When Yale finished, he hung up the
phone. I hope Dad finally realizes how big of a mistake he had made!

Sophie jumped down from the couch with her phone in hand and headed outside.

“Where are you going, Soph?” Ysabelle asked while she was barely able to react to Sophie’s quick

She immediately tried to follow her friend.

“Wait here, Ysabelle. Tell your uncle I have a matter I need to attend to, and that I have to leave now,”
Sophie replied.

Ysabelle grabbed her friend’s hand. I’ve never seen such an expression on her face before!

It scared her. “What’s going on, Sophie? Tell me about it or I’ll follow you.”

“It’s nothing. My grandfather is sick, so now I’m heading to the hospital to visit him. You don’t need to
follow me.” When Sophie finished, she swiftly left.

Ysabelle stood dumbfounded, unsure of what to do. What do I do? Uncle Tristan is still in the meeting,
and I don’t know when it’ll end!

Sophie exited Lombard Group, hailed a taxi, entered the vehicle, and immediately called Butterfly.
“Help me find my grandfather’s location.”

When she finished, she sent Josiah’s ID card and phone number to Butterfly.

Butterfly could hear the panic in her voice, so she immediately turned around and typed on her

Upon finding out the information Sophie wanted, she sent it to her via a text message: Jipsdale
Hospital, VIP Room No. 9. ”Are you all right, Phantom?”

“I’m fine. I’m hanging up the call now.”

When Sophie arrived at the hospital, she went straight to her grandfather’s ward.

Willow, Charmaine, and Yale were standing outside of the ward.

When Yale saw Sophie, he bolted toward her and attempted to slap her.

She grabbed his hand and stared at him coldly.

“Don’t mess with me.” Her voice sounded really cold.

“Look at what you’ve done, Sophie! You know what, I think you shouldn’t have returned at all! You
should’ve just died in Horington.” Yale was brutal with his words.

“It doesn’t matter to you if I’m dead or not. I’m in a bad mood right now, so you’d better not open your
mouth again!” Sophie flung his hand away.

“He’s your father, Sophie! How can you speak to him like that?” Charmaine approached her. “This
whole thing is your fault in the first place. What right do you have for shouting here? Have you looked
at what a mess you’ve caused Tanner Group to become?”

“The Tanner family really doesn’t welcome you, Sophie,” Willow sneered. Sophie is a jinx. I want to see
how long she can continue to act tough.

It was then the doctor walked out.

Sophie ignored the three of them and approached the doctor. “How’s my grandpa, doctor?”

The doctor answered, “There are no major issues with him. That’s how people are when they are old.
He’s fine. In fact, he has already woken up and calling for you to go in!”

Sophie nodded and entered the ward.

Yale followed behind too. If anything happens to Dad, I mustn’t let Sophie have Tanner Group!

When Josiah saw how pale Sophie was, he smiled. “No need to appear so serious, Soph! I’m fine. It’s
just that my blood pressure was slightly on the high side.”

She approached him and grabbed his hand. “You’re going to be fine, Grandpa.”

“Mhm, I’m fine.” Ever since Sophie was a child, Josiah had doted on her.

He knew she was a complicated person and that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to worm their way
into her heart.

However, if someone did manage to secure a place in her heart, she would give her all to him.

“Do you see now, Dad? Sophie isn’t at all suitable to enter Tanner Group! I hope you’ll hand her shares
to me,” Yale suggested.

“You can leave now, Yale.” Sophie frowned. Even at this moment, all he sees is still power and money.
A person like him doesn’t deserve to stand here.

“No matter what happens, I’m still your father, Sophie! How dare you speak to me like that!” Yale was
so angry that he wanted to choke her to death.

“Get out of here, Yale! All of you should go home! I only need Soph to accompany me. This ward isn’t
that big either. It can’t have too many people inside,” Josiah ordered.

“Are you still trying to defend her, Dad? When are you going to stop protecting her?” Yale retorted.

“Yeah! You’re sick, Grandpa. How can we go back in peace? I want to accompany you, too,” Willow

“Dad, Sophie is still young. She doesn’t know anything! How can she take care of you? I think it’s better
for me to stay and—”

“Are you all ignoring me right now? I’ve said so much, yet none of you seem to listen at all!” Josiah
angrily sat up on his bed with much difficulty.

“Fine. Since you don’t want to see us here, we’ll leave.” Yale was disappointed and angry at Josiah,

Seeing that Yale was about to leave, Charmaine didn’t have the nerve to stay any longer. Hence she
pulled Willow away with her.

It wasn’t until the three of them were outside that Willow said, “What kind of spell did Sophie put
Grandpa under, Mom? Even after what she did to Tanner Group, Grandpa still trusts her! Why?”

“All right, that’s enough. Your dad’s already not happy. It doesn’t matter to you what will happen to the
Tanner family. Once you get married to the Laird family, you’ll have so much more than what you
currently possess,” Charmaine dismissed.

Willow’s fist tightened. “You know how impressive the Laird family is, Mom. If I join their family with
nothing, do you think they will take me in with high regard? Don’t you know how important dowry is

“I know, and your dowry won’t be anything short of impressive.” Charmaine felt like she was getting a
headache, but there was nothing she could do.

Only Josiah and Sophie were left in the room.

“Come sit next to me, Soph,” Josiah requested.

Sophie pulled a stool closer and sat on it next to the bed. “You should take care of yourself, Grandpa!
No need to think about anything else. There’s still me!”

He smiled. “When you reach my age, you’ll find many things becoming unimportant. As you can see,
I’m getting really old now. I can let go of anything but you. I just hope you’ll find happiness.”

She was his favorite child.

Sophie wasn’t exactly a talkative person, so all she did was nod.

However, her heart was turning cold.

She knew how well he had been treating her.

Seeing how heavy her expression was, Josiah joked, “Actually, I don’t want to die yet! Not until I see
you getting married to a good man, at least.”

“You will, Grandpa. I want you to personally hand me over to the person I love.”

When he thought about that day, his eyes turned red. God, there’s nothing else I want more than a little
more time for me to see her get married.

“What do you want to eat, Grandpa? I’ll buy it for you.” Sophie couldn’t bear seeing her grandfather like
that, so she wanted to find an excuse to leave.

“There’s no need for that, Sophie. The butler got that covered. You just need to accompany me.”

“Mhm. You should sleep for a while, Grandpa! I’ll stay right here with you. I won’t leave.” Sophie’s voice
sounded soft.

“Okay.” Josiah fell asleep shortly as he was tired.

It wasn’t until someone knocked on the door that she turned to open the door.

When she did, she saw an anguished Tristan.

He immediately hugged her.