Anything For Her

Chapter 81

Be Good

Sophie was speechless. The wall’s not even that high. I’m not afraid at all, okay?

“Which class do you belong to? Don’t do anything stupid. We can talk this out.” The security thought
Sophie wanted to end her life and was panicking already.

Sophie jumped down from the wall without turning back.

Tristan was stubborn and insisted on catching her.

He knew how physically capable she was, but he still couldn’t help but worry when he saw her
performing such a dangerous act.

Sophie coughed, reminding him to put herself down.

However, it was as though he didn’t hear her at all as he carried her to his silver Lamborghini.

“I can walk by myself, Mr. Tristan,” she uttered. It’s not like I don’t have legs.

Tristan didn’t let her go until she was inside the car. “Don’t do anything that dangerous again.”

On the other side, Felix had finally found his voice again, though it was slightly trembling. “You’re
getting bolder now, Ysabelle! You even know how to climb a wall now!” If I wasn’t here, what would’ve
happened if she broke her arm or leg?

Ysabelle dug into her ears. “Why are you speaking so loudly, Felix? I feel like I’m turning deaf! I was
just climbing the wall so I can skip classes. Why are you panicking so hard?”

“I don’t think you should stay with Sophie in the future anymore, Ysabelle. You’ve learned some bad
habits. Look at you right now—”

“I’m warning you, Felix. Don’t you dare speak ill of Soph. Otherwise, I’ll stop talking to you.” She was
very insistent on protecting Sophie. No one is allowed to badmouth her, not even Felix!

Seeing how serious she appeared, Felix shut his mouth. Who do you think I’m doing this for?

“Hmph!” She then jerked open the door to the passenger seat and went in.

He had no choice but to be their driver resignedly.

“Why did you two come here, Uncle Tristan? Is Lombard Group going bankrupt? You seem to be very
free lately!” Ysabelle asked.

Felix was speechless. Only she has the guts to say something like that. Who else will look forward to
their family going bankrupt?

“Shut your mouth, Ysabelle,” Tristan ordered.

“Well, you see, Letitia is causing trouble again, and this time, she’s gunning for Sophie. Mr. Tristan was
worried about Sophie, so he came looking for her.” As Tristan’s subordinate, Felix had to speak if his
boss didn’t want to.

The moment he finished, he could feel an air of coldness coming from his back.

That was Tristan threatening him.

“No need to care about what those comments are saying, Soph,” Ysabelle comforted.

It was because she saw Letitia’s recording that she wanted to bring her friend with her and skip school.
She didn’t want her friend to feel down about what the inflammatory comments were saying, whether it
came from Letitia’s fans or just random netizens.

Things got so bad that even their classmates were cursing Sophie.

It made her feel awful, but she alone couldn’t control what other people say about Sophie, which was
why she suggested skipping school.

Sophie pulled out her phone, logged into Twitter, and saw Letitia’s post that read: I’m really afraid of

Below that sentence was the audio file of the “conversation” they had at the restaurant.

Even though Sophie only uttered a single sentence in the recording, and she didn’t admit to anything,
everyone believed Letitia was the victim.

They were all convinced Sophie was really posing a threat to Letitia’s life.

The comments underneath the post even insulted all three generations of the Tanner family.

Some netizens were even calling for a witch-hunt against Sophie to avenge Letitia.

“This Letitia is going overboard. I really want to tear her to pieces right away!” Ysabelle spoke angrily.

Sophie closed Twitter.

“How about I send people to tell Letitia to take down the post and control the comments?” Felix also
thought the things people were saying about Sophie were going a little overboard.

“No need.” Sophie grinned.

“What’s wrong with you, Soph? Are you all right? We believe you, you know?” Ysabelle was worried
her friend was driven mad by anger.

“I’m really fine. Transfix Cosmetics is about to launch its new product. Since Letitia is so eager to help
me out, I’ll just let her.”

“How is she helping you, Soph? She’s clearly trying to hurt you!”

“I have a plan. Letitia wants to be famous, right? Well, I’ll help her out with that just this once. I’ll make
her famous in the whole world.”

When Felix turned back, he saw Sophie’s malicious smile.

In the past, he thought Tristan was the only one he shouldn’t piss off.

However, at that moment, after seeing her expression, he knew he couldn’t afford to cross Sophie

When Letitia saw the comments the netizens were posting, her grin turned wider and wider.

Ever since the start of the incident, she had received multiple invitations from a few directors.

As expected, a person really can’t go far without knowing how to make headlines about themselves in
the entertainment industry. This is finally my time to shine. With this, no one can stop me. I will get
famous! When she saw another call on her phone, her smile became brighter.

In the past, I’m the one who has to butter Juan up. Now he’s taking the initiative to call me!

“Mr. Quigley.” Letitia still wanted to act prideful.

“Are you insane, Letitia? Didn’t I tell you not to mess with Sophie? If you want to get destroyed, go
ahead but don’t drag me down with you. I’m telling you, from here on out, I have nothing to do with
you!” Juan yelled.

She was utterly dumbfounded.

“Are you living in your own fantasy right now? What an ignorant woman.” He then hung up the phone.

Letitia was struck dumb at his words. What the f*ck is going on?

“Coward! What can the Tanner family do to me?” She gritted her teeth. Still, even without him, the
resources that I currently possess will make me famous! He may be afraid, but I’m not! As the saying
goes, no pain, no gain!

Tristan brought Ysabelle and Sophie to Lombard Group’s headquarters.

He asked his assistant to prepare lots of desserts and fruits for them.

Ysabelle smiled bitterly when she saw the desserts and fruits on the table. “Do we look like we’re very
hungry, Soph?”

She was so full from lunch that she didn’t have the appetite to eat.

“Probably!” Sophie replied.

“You two stay here. I have a meeting later. Once my meeting is over, we’ll have dinner and I’ll take you
two to a concert.”

“A concert!” Ysabelle wasn’t very enthusiastic about it since she liked contemporary music better.

“Be good.” Tristan was worried Sophie would be in danger if she went out alone since the netizens
were emotional. Therefore, he didn’t want her to go out alone.

Sophie knew he was saying that to her.

However, she wasn’t exactly a good girl.

After Tristan left for his meeting, Ysabelle lay on the couch. “Do you think my uncle likes you, Soph?
I’ve never seen him treat other people so nicely before. He never even treated me, his own niece, that

She turned to Sophie. “What about you, Soph? What do you think about my uncle?” It’s not too bad if
Soph ends up with Uncle Tristan. This way, we’ll be together forever!

Before she could get the answer she wanted, Sophie’s phone rang.

When Sophie saw it was from Yale, she immediately declined the call.

The moment she did that, he called again and again.

She got annoyed and answered it.

“What are you doing, Sophie? Do you know you made your grandpa so angry that he was sent to the
hospital?” Yale’s voice was heard on the other end.