Anything For Her

Chapter 76


The matter kept on brewing. The majority of the people had animosity toward the rich and empathized
with the weak.

Especially Letitia’s last words. She hoped everyone would remember that if anything happened to her,
it was for the cause of justice.

Someone posted: How pitiful! Letitia thought she could make a career in the entertainment industry
after enrolling at the University of Communication. I bet she never thought things would turn out this

A netizen wrote: Yeah, how cruel of the Tanner Group! Transfix Cosmetics had nearly destroyed the
face of a girl who depended on it to put food on her table. She was merely revealing the truth. How
could they be so ruthless?

One comment wrote: You don’t know then. How can a girl survive in the entertainment industry without
any backup?

Another netizen posted: I’ll boycott Transfix Cosmetics and all the other brands under the Tanner

Someone else wrote: That’s right. I agree to boycott.

Another netizen commented: Please release a statement, Tanner Group.

Suddenly, a wave to boycott Tanner Group swept the internet.

Willow was thrilled at the news.

Didn’t Sophie think highly of herself? Let’s see how capable she is this time around.

Sophie had just come out of class when she saw Willow waiting for her.

“I don’t want to waste my time on her, but why does she keep showing up in front of me?”

“That’s because you’re too pretty, Soph. That makes you a target of others’ jealousy.”

“Is there something to be happy about, Sophie? With you causing so much damage to the Tanner
Group, do you think Grandpa will still take your side?”

“Ignore her, Soph.”

“What’s wrong? Wasn’t that the truth?”

At that moment, Sophie’s phone rang.

“What’s the matter, Grandpa? All right, got it. I’ll come over in the afternoon.”

Willow’s heart leaped up in joy at Sophie’s words.

“Let’s see how long you can stay happy.”

I’m sure the reason Grandpa summoned her is related to today’s incident. He cares about the name
and image of Tanner Group the most. Sophie is a goner this time.

“Why is she acting all arrogant, Soph? She’s not as pretty, her body is not as curvy, and even her brain
isn’t as smart as you.”


Willow was so furious that she couldn’t come up with a retort.

“Laugh on! We’ll see how long you can laugh.”

Willow whirled around and left.

I don’t have to do anything but watch. Sophie has to leave Tanner Group no matter the cost. Tanner
Group is mine! There’s no way she can take anything from me.

“Soph, are you all right? Should I ask for Felix’s help? He’s close to the media.”

“I’m fine. Let Letitia continue her act.”

It’s better if this matter escalates even further.

“All right, I trust you. No matter what our Sophie does, she’ll do it well.”

Meanwhile, Felix was in Tristan’s office.

“Mr. Tristan, are you sure you don’t need me to interfere?” I don’t understand what Mr. Tristan is
thinking. Doesn’t he care about Sophie a lot? Why is he acting this way now?

“She can handle it.”

“Fine.” What else can I do when Mr. Tristan is as cool as a cucumber?

After classes let out, Willow was waiting to go back with Sophie.

Once Sophie came out and saw Willow talking to the driver, she didn’t want to spare another glance at
her and turned to leave in another direction.

“What are you doing, Sophie? Grandpa asked me to take you back. Why are you running away?”

Now you’re scared? Don’t have the guts to face your family members?

“Can’t I not go with you?”

Sophie hailed a taxi, got in, and gave the driver the address without giving Willow any time to react.


Anger coursed through Willow. Why is she so arrogant?

“Let’s go, Ms. Tanner. We’ll miss the show if we’re late,” the driver reminded Willow.

“That’s right! There’s a good show today for sure. How can I miss it?”

Back at the Tanner residence, Yale was complaining to Josiah about Sophie.

“Dad, look at this. Look at the mess Sophie has caused. The Tanner Group’s share is still dropping.”
Yale paced around the living room agitatedly.

“That’s right. Sophie is still a child. We can’t let her risk the Tanner Group like this.”

“Dad, I know I didn’t manage Tanner Group well the past few years, but at least nothing as bad as this
happened while I was in charge.”

“Are you done talking? The reason Sophie did what she did was for the Tanner Group. Silence, all of

“Dad, I’m your son!” Am I that untrustworthy?

Sophie heard Yale badmouthing her the minute she stepped into the Tanner residence.

“I’m back, Grandpa.”

Sophie set her bag down on the couch.

Yale could feel his anger grow the moment she appeared.

“What the heck are you doing, Sophie? I know you’re still mad at us for abandoning you at Horington,
but you can’t destroy the Tanner Group like this!”

Yale was shouting so loudly that Sophie could hear ringing in her ears. She picked at her ear, trying to
relieve the ringing.

“You’re too loud,” Sophie said nonchalantly.

“You—” Anger coursed through Yale at her impassiveness. “Do you hate the Tanner family so much?”

“Shut up, Yale!”

Ever since Sophie came in, he could only hear Yale’s voice.

Yale sat down with a huff, the glare he gave Sophie was enough to kill her a thousand times over.

Willow had come back at that time too. When she felt the tense atmosphere in the room, she smiled

“Grandpa, Dad, Mom, I’m back.”

“Go upstairs. This matter doesn’t concern you.”

Charmaine didn’t want Willow to hear anything about the matter and only wanted Willow to focus on
her studies, so she could get into a good university and make a career out of art.


Willow obeyed obediently and went upstairs.

However, the minute she was out of sight, she immediately hid in the back and stealthily eavesdropped
on the conversation downstairs. How can I let such a good opportunity go? I’m happy to listen to
anyone criticizing Sophie.

“Sophie, no matter what you do, I believe you.” Since I’ve already transferred the twenty percent of
shares to her, she has the right to make all the decisions.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Grandpa has always trusted me wholeheartedly. No matter how ridiculous the things I did are in other’s
eyes, Grandpa would still support me. His complete trust moved her.

“Dad, how can you still be like this at this point in time? The Tanner Group is your blood, sweat, and
tears. Can you bear to watch it fall into ruins?”

Yale was simmering with anger at Josiah’s attitude.

“I see that you’ve gone truly senile.”

“Are you done?” Sophie asked in a chilling tone. “Don’t worry, Grandpa. I know what I’m saying.”

“It’s good as long as you understand what you’re doing. Stay for lunch.” The reason he summoned her
was so that he could have lunch with the whole family.

He had always wanted to bridge the distance between the family members. However, no matter how
much effort he put in, the others didn’t take it to heart. He felt helpless at his failed attempts.

“It’s okay, Grandpa. I still have other things to do.”

“Sophie, I’m warning you. Don’t do anything that’ll harm Tanner Group’s benefit. Otherwise, don’t blame
me when I turn against you.”

I don’t care who is it. I will not show mercy to the person that brings me loss, even if that person is my
daughter. I’ll treat her all the same.