Anything For Her

Chapter 77


Willow, who’d been eavesdropping, was dissatisfied. Is Grandpa going to take her side no matter how
big of a mess Sophie caused? It looks like age is getting to him, that’s why he starts acting soft.

“Dad, are you going to watch Tanner Group fall into ruins?”

Yale was still unwilling to accept the fact that Josiah was taking Sophie’s side.

“I have no choice even if it does fall into ruins. Didn’t I give you a chance too? Tanner Group turned out
to be in its current state under your leadership. What do you have to say for yourself? Now, I’ve given
that chance to Sophie. No matter what decision she makes, I’ll support her. No matter what the
outcome is, I’ll accept it.”

Josiah didn’t want to say anything anymore, so he turned around and went upstairs.

“What should we do now? The company’s stocks were down by tens of millions within several hours.
On the bright side, I presume not even a single shareholder is on Sophie’s side now.”

“Right, no one is going to want to take her side with the present situation. The final victory belongs to
me. Dad wants her to inherit the Tanner Group, right? How is that even possible?”

I will never let that happen.

“Yale, no matter what, she’s your daughter. I hope you don’t cross the line.”

“Humph, women have no rationale. You treated her like your daughter, but did she ever treat you as
her mother? Has she even shown us any kindness ever since she returned?”

“I only hope you can let her live.”

She’s my flesh and blood, regardless. How can I not care for her?

“That depends on her performance. I won’t be heartless if she doesn’t get in my way.”

Sophie didn’t go to school in the evening. Instead, she went to Transfix Cosmetics’ Development

Sophie asked the receptionist, “Is the person in charge around?”

“May I know who you are? Why are you here instead of school at this hour?” the receptionist asked

The receptionist merely wanted to send the young girl away when she saw it was just a normal high

“I request an audience with your general manager. Can you have her come down to meet me?”

“Please don’t cause trouble here. If you refuse to comply, I’ll have to ask the security to escort you out
of the premise.”

We don’t even get our pay on time these days. Wasting our time here slacking off feels terrible.

“Perhaps it’s best I resign from my post. What do you think we’re still doing here? Now that Transfix
Cosmetics’ sales are at an all-time low, no, scratch that, I should say zero sales. If this goes on, we’d
lose our job sooner or later, might as well we leave now and search for new jobs!”

“Yeah. I even heard that the Tanner Group had handed us over to a high schooler. Say, do you think a
high schooler can manage the company well? Aren’t we going to end if this goes on?”

“I request an audience with your general manager. Are all of you deaf? Also, I’m the high schooler
you’re talking about. If you’re staying, do your job, otherwise, you can choose to leave now.”

Oh my gosh! Did my boss actually hear me gossip about her?

“Ms. Tanner, right? I’ll bring you up right away. The general manager is currently having a meeting.”

Sophie followed one of the receptionists into the elevator and ignored the rest.

“Ms. Lineker, we really can’t come up with an idea. We didn’t manage to sell even a piece of cosmetics
since the incident. The entire nation is boycotting us due to Ms. Sophie. Yet, you’re asking me to think
of a solution for that? That’s impossible.”

“Yeah. We all know now how crazy netizens can get. The products they boycott won’t be able to
survive. If this goes on, we’ll lose our job.”

“I’m sorry we can’t be colleagues anymore. I’ve decided to switch jobs. I hope we’ll meet again

“You—” The general manager of Transfix Cosmetics, Wilma Lineker, didn’t think her colleague would
turn in their resignation.

At that time, Sophie, who had been listening in by the door, gently knocked on the door and attracted
the attention of everyone in the meeting room.

“Excuse me.”

“There’s no hope for Transfix Cosmetics with the current management allowing just anyone to enter the
conference room. If this goes on, you won’t have any prospects. Does anyone else wants to leave with
me?” The woman who resigned wanted to bring a team with her.

“Ms. Summers, I’m leaving with you.”

“I’m going with you too.”

“You’re crossing the line here, Rachel! It’s fine if you’re leaving, but now you’re planning to take my
people with you? Do you have no regard for me?”

Transfix Cosmetics was Wilma’s blood, sweat, and tears. She had worked for Tanner Group since she
was a fresh graduate. She was the one who set up Transfix Cosmetics.

“I guarantee your new salary will be twice your current one if you come with me. It’s fine if you’re
unwilling, we’ll still be friends.”

Rachel got up and left.

The few girls that piped up earlier also got up and left.

“Is there anyone else leaving? Anyone who doesn’t feel anything for Transfix Cosmetics may leave

Sophie searched for a seat and sat down. The reason she was there that day was to make some
reorganizations. She never thought she would see such an incident.

“You are…”

Wilma had never seen Sophie before, so she didn’t recognize her.

“I’m Sophie Tanner. From today onwards, I’ll be in charge of Transfix Cosmetics.”

“My words earlier still stand. Anyone who wants to leave may leave now. I won’t force anyone to stay.”

“Ms. Sophie, you—” Wilma knew once an employee has a change of heart, it would be pointless if they
continued to stay. However, they couldn’t afford to lose more manpower.

“Wilma, is it?”

With one glance from Sophie, Wilma immediately stopped talking.

“Are you willing to stay?” Sophie asked.

“Of course, I’m willing to stay. Transfix Cosmetics is my blood, sweat, and tears. I won’t give up on it no
matter what.”

“Yeah. We’ll follow Ms. Lineker no matter what happens.”

The ones that stayed were Wilma’s trusted subordinates.

“Very well. I know all of you have doubts about me. The attack on Transfix Cosmetics is scary, but
please believe me. I have full control of the situation.”

“Are you sure it’s okay, Ms. Sophie? The rumors are getting worse. The whole internet is boycotting
Transfix Cosmetics. Even if we have a new product, we can’t launch it, and even if we do launch it, no
one will buy it.”

“You have a new product now?” Sophie turned to Wilma.

Wilma immediately handed over a proposal to Sophie.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m agreeable to being under her management. Since Sophie is now the
person in charge, I’ll do what I’m supposed to.

Sophie quickly looked through the entire proposal.

“I have three conditions for your current proposal.”

“Firstly, the new product’s quality has to pass the quality control. The details…”

“Secondly, we’ll hold a press conference for the launch a week later. It will be at…”

“Thirdly, I want to be in charge our brand ambassador.”