Anything For Her

Chapter 75

Too Brutal

“No.” Tristan said nothing at all.

I’m no one to her, so what right do I have to ask so much of her? Whoever she wants to be with is
definitely her freedom!

Truth be told, he actually understood all that. However, at the thought that Sophie might not belong to
him, he would grow terribly frustrated, even if that possibility was negligible.

“Oh, okay.”

In the courtyard outside, a group of teenage girls was dancing in classical attire.

Every single move exuded grace.

They snagged Sophie’s attention, so she didn’t bother trying to speculate what exactly was wrong with


At that, Tristan couldn’t help sighing.

There’s still a long way to go before I win her over. Never had I imagined that such a day would come
for me!

When the dance ended, a young maiden in white and wearing a veil came out to play the harp.

Right then, Blossom came with a few other servers and served the food.

“Enjoy the food, Mr. Tristan, Ms. Tanner. Just call me if you need anything else.”


Tristan picked up the bottle of sherry on the table.

“This bottle is really unique!”

The bottle was similar to those in historical movies on television, but it was even more exquisite.


Tristan opened the bottle of sherry and poured some for Sophie as well.

“Try some. The most famous item here in Blossom Garden is its sherry.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk, Mr. Tristan? What do you want to do?”

Sophie arched an eyebrow, her eyes stunning beyond words.

“I want to do everything, but I can’t do anything.”

She was young, so he wouldn’t do anything to her no matter how fevered he was.

“I was just joking.”

Sophie liked that place a lot. She picked up the crystal glass and took a sip.

Sure enough, the taste was superb. It was incredibly mellow, a different taste compared to red wine.

In a single gulp, she downed the sherry in the crystal glass.

“Can I have more?”

Without commenting, Tristan poured her some more sherry.

“Sophie, it’s not appropriate for a girl to drink in front of men. You must learn to protect yourself. In the
future, don’t drink with other men.”

“Okay. I’ll drink with you in the future!” Sophie deliberately declared with a smile.

Tristan didn’t mind though he was aware that she was intentionally teasing him.

“Don’t just drink. The food at Blossom Garden is also top-notch.”

He took some vegetables for her.

“Go ahead and eat. You don’t need to worry about me.” Actually, Sophie wasn’t all that hungry. But she
really liked the sherry.

I wonder if Ms. Blossom will be willing to sell me a few bottles.

“Mr. Tristan, how’s your relationship with Ms. Blossom?”

“What relationship?” Tristan frowned, for he didn’t want her to misunderstand.

However, it turned out that he was the one who misinterpreted her remark.

“It’s just that I’m pretty fond of the sherry here. Please have Ms. Blossom sell me a few bottles.”

At once, Tristan was stumped.

“Blossom Garden doesn’t sell its sherry. Whoever wants to drink it can only come here.”

Even if the president himself came, the same principle applied.

“Even you can’t get it, huh?” Disappointment showed on Sophie’s face.

At the sight of her crestfallen expression, distress inundated Tristan.

“It’s okay. I’m in Jipsdale now anyway, so I can come whenever I like!”

Subsequently, Sophie poured herself another glass of sherry.

“What an alcoholic!”

Tristan didn’t expect her alcohol tolerance to be so high that she seemed fine even after drinking a few

“Don’t drink so much. It kicks in very strongly. Once, Felix got drunk at Blossom Garden.”


Having drunk quite a bit, Sophie went over to the window to watch the performance outside.

Unexpectedly, she saw Juan with Letitia.

This time, it was only the two of them.

Well, he recovers pretty quickly.

Juan went into the adjacent private room with Letitia.

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything’s fine. I just spotted someone I know. Wait for me here for a while.”

Sophie stood up. Back then, I didn’t get to settle the score with Letitia because I bumped into him and
the others.

Meanwhile, Juan had just taken his seat when Letitia snuggled up to him.

“Mr. Quigley, didn’t you say that I could act in Mr. Quelch’s new movie? The filming is about to start.
When are you going to make the arrangements?”

As she spoke, her hands weren’t idle either, roaming about his chest.

“If you serve me well, I’ll have you take the female lead directly and give you the role.”

Letitia had quite the looks. Otherwise, he would have gotten sick of her after fooling around with her for
a month.

However, after seeing Sophie at Nocturnal, he felt that she was too vulgar.

When Sophie opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of them in a scandalous posture.

“Who the hell dares to disrupt me?”

The instant Juan lifted his head, he saw Sophie eyeing him with a half-smile.

That expression of hers had Juan stiffening immediately.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Tanner. I didn’t know that it was you.”

He was so stricken that his face had gone pale.

Letitia, on the other hand, quickly straightened her clothes when she saw Sophie entering the room.

“Please step out for a moment, Mr. Quigley.” Sophie was exceedingly courteous.

“Sure! I’ll leave right away!”

Juan was truly terrified, for her methods were too brutal.

Wanting to leave as well, Letitia got to her feet. Alas, Sophie blocked her path.

“You’re a media student, right, Ms. Gatrell?”

“What do you want?” Letitia tried her best to appear brave.

This is a society governed by law, so she won’t dare to do anything to me.

“Do you still remember the brand Transfix Cosmetics? I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about it.”

Letitia went silent for a moment.

So, she’s someone from Tanner Group.

“Who are you? And what exactly do you want? Ms. Tanner, I don’t care who you are, but it’s a fact that I
was almost disfigured because of Transfix Cosmetics’ makeup!”

Striding up to her, Sophie grasped her chin and turned her face this way and that.

“Your face looks perfectly fine to me! Ms. Gatrell, you’re really gutsy to frame Tanner Group!”

“How dare—”

Letitia wanted to argue further, but she couldn’t utter a single word under Sophie’s gaze.

“I came to seek you out today to give you a final chance. You’d best clarify the matter personally.
Otherwise, you’ll know the consequences.”

Fear struck Letitia.

Sophie then spun around to leave.

“Don’t try to play tricks with me. Otherwise, I’ll make it so that you can never make a living in the
entertainment industry!”

Nowadays, all girls who had some beauty wanted to join the entertainment industry.

“Damn it!”

Back then, it was because Letitia saw that Tanner Group was on a downhill decline that she dared to
utilize Transfix Cosmetics.

She played the victim, but she also gained much popularity from that.

Never had she imagined that present situation.

If I admit that I framed Transfix Cosmetics, I won’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry

When Sophie returned to the private room where Tristan was, she was greeted by the sight of him
smoking by the window.

“Give me a cigarette as well!”

Hearing that, Tristan promptly tossed his cigarette into the trash can.

Sophie was dumbfounded.

“I’m not smoking anymore, so you shouldn’t smoke either.” Tristan felt that he needed to lead by
example in front of her.

“Do you think Letitia will listen to you?”

She’s pretty good at kicking up a fuss.

“It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t.” Sophie smiled nonchalantly.

“Whatever floats your boat.”

Tristan didn’t bother speaking further.

Sure enough, Letitia sought out a journalist the next day and revealed the despicable act of a heinous
capitalist threatening her, an inconsequential character with no one backing her up.

As soon as that news came out, many verified accounts on Twitter started hyping it up.

In the blink of an eye, Transfix Cosmetics and Tanner Group became the talk of the town.