Anything For Her

Chapter 74

Going Off The Deep End

Thinking that he might have dialed the wrong number, Tristan put his phone down and glanced at it.

It’s Sophie’s phone number all right. Then, who’s the man who answered the phone? Is it the man this
morning? So, she’s been with him all this while?

Something astringent welled within him. Verily, he was very much unfamiliar with such emotion.

“Is Sophie there?” His voice was frightfully glacial as though dripping ice.

“I’m sorry, but she’s currently occupied. I’ll have her phone you back when she’s free.”

Bailey hung up right after saying that.

Sophie was totally focused as she conducted the experiment, so she didn’t bother asking who exactly
phoned her.

Meanwhile, Tristan’s expression turned even darker.

“Are you okay, Mr. Tristan?” Felix inquired cautiously.

Why is he wearing such an expression? He has been on the brink of blowing his top the whole of today,
and he’s even more terrifying now!

Again, Tristan phoned Sophie.

This time, it was Aaron who answered the call.

“You’re already told that she’s busy. Can’t you understand that?”

He loathed people calling when he was conducting experiments. This time, he turned the phone off
right away.

Tristan was dumbstruck.

Noticing that the man was on the verge of going off the deep end, Felix didn’t even dare to breathe.

Tristan’s expression was really intriguing since that was the first time someone dared to speak to him in
such a manner.

“Who was it, Mr. Tristan? I’ll go and end him!”

Felix was truly afraid, for it was petrifying when the man lost his temper.

“No, it’s okay.”

Tristan’s voice was close to subzero temperature. Felix cast a glance at Sean, who sat across from

On the contrary, Sean was calm and unruffled as though it had nothing to do with him. But then again,
that made sense considering his occupation.

“You guys enjoy yourselves. I’m leaving first.” Getting to his feet, Tristan snagged his suit jacket from
the couch and draped it over his wrist before leaving.

“Mr. Tristan…”

Felix wanted to persuade him to stay, but he had already left.

“It must be because of Sophie again! Truly, I’ve never seen him so affected because of anyone in the
past. Say, does love really have so much power over someone?” Charles couldn’t help remarking.

Finally, Sean lifted his head.

“Who knows when love is subjective? All right, seeing that Mr. Tristan has left, I’m leaving as well since
I’ve still got a case on my hands.”

“You’re leaving as well?”

It’s been really difficult for the four of us to gather recently!

After Tristan got into the car, the driver turned and queried, “Where are we going now, Mr. Tristan?”

He was exceedingly cautious when he asked that question, for the murderous aura emanating off the
man was simply too intense.

He’s been like this since he saw Ms. Tanner getting into the SWAT car this morning, and now, it’s even

“Jipsdale Premier High.”

When the driver drove over to Jipsdale Premier High, Tristan didn’t alight from the car, merely sitting in

He phoned Sophie again, but her phone was turned off.

“Please excuse me while I take a puff, Mr. Tristan.” Finding the atmosphere scary, the driver decided to
make himself scarce.

At that exact moment, Aaron stepped out of the gates of Jipsdale Premier High with Bailey and Sophie.

“Let’s continue after dinner! There’s still another experiment today.”

“Mr. Elswick, there’s still a long time before the physics competition. We really don’t need to be in such
a rush.”

“The physics competition this time is a national competition, Bailey! If your performance in the physics
competition this time is outstanding, you can go to Jipsdale University directly. As such, we must work
hard now!”

“I also think that there’s still much time left. Mr. Elswick, I’ve still got something else to do tonight, so I’ll
take a rain check on dinner.”

As soon as Sophie came out, she caught sight of Tristan’s car.

“You’re supposed to have a self-study session today anyway. What else do you have to do?”

“Would you please give me some freedom, Mr. Elswick? Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass you during the
physics competition.”

“Fine, then. Go, go!”

Thereafter, Sophie walked toward Tristan’s car.

“Let’s go! I’ll bring you to dinner. Sophie has taken off, so you can’t do the same.” Aaron dragged Bailey

While being dragged away, Bailey peered over his shoulder, curious to know the identity of the person
in the car.

When Tristan saw Sophie heading over, he swung open the car door from the inside.

Sophie got into the car.

“Why are you here?”

“No particular reason. What were you busy with today?”

“Nothing! I just went to school as usual!”

Tristan said nothing.

“What’s wrong with you, Mr. Tristan?” Sophie sensed something amiss with the atmosphere.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

Disappointment flooded Tristan that she was keeping secrets from him.

I thought we could at least be honest with one another!

“Where were you all planning to go originally?” he questioned.

“Dinner. Mr. Elswick wanted to take us out for dinner.”

Us? Does that refer to her and the other guy?

“I’ll bring you out to dinner instead!”

Tristan wound the car window down and instructed the driver to get back into the car.

Willow had a stomachache, so she planned to go home to rest. Unexpectedly, she spotted Tristan’s

She was all too familiar with that car, for she recognized it as the car that often dropped Sophie off at

That was the first time she beheld the man’s face clearly.

He was incredibly handsome and striking. In fact, if he were to join the entertainment industry, he would
definitely shoot to stardom.

Wanting to take a photo, she took out her phone. Alas, Tristan swung his gaze at her.

She promptly stilled, not daring to move a muscle.

Sophie saw Willow as well, upon which a smirk tugged at her lips.

What rotten luck to always bump into her!

“Step on it,” Tristan ordered the driver in the front.

Willow stood there with the phone raised in her hand, but she didn’t dare press the capture button.

This morning, a SWAT car came to pick her up. Then, Bailey was all attentive to her at school. And
now, it’s a man with an unknown identity. She’s really good at seducing people!

“I’ll just wait and see how you ruin yourself, Sophie!”

“That sister of yours seems rather dismal.”

That remark had Sophie stupefied.

That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me!

“Why is your phone turned off?” Ultimately, Tristan couldn’t resist voicing that question.

Sophie took out her phone and turned it on straight away.

“I don’t know. I didn’t notice that.”

Tristan had no response to that.

The car drove to Blossom Garden.

Sophie had heard of it in the past, but she hadn’t had the opportunity to visit it.

The owner of Blossom Garden was a lovely middle-aged woman. As soon as she saw that Tristan
brought a guest, she came over to serve them personally.

“You haven’t been here in a while, Mr. Tristan. Are you taking your usual room?”


The proprietress, Blossom, personally led Tristan and Sophie to a private room with a retro feel.

From the window there, one could see the pavilions in the courtyard. It was a stunning sight.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before, miss. May I be so bold as to ask for your name?”

“Sophie Tanner.”

“Go and make the preparations, Ms. Blossom. Just get us the usual dishes.”

Tristan brought Sophie there so that he could be with her alone for a while.

At that, Blossom flashed him a charming smile.

“You’re finding me the third wheel here, aren’t you, Mr. Tristan? Fine, fine, I’ll leave then.”

With that, only Tristan and Sophie were left in the private room.

Sophie took out her phone, for Danny sent her a WhatsApp message.

Since we stepped into the private room, she’s been on her phone. Am I not even as captivating as a

When Sophie lifted her head, she saw Tristan staring at her intensely.

“What’s the matter? Do you have something to say to me, Mr. Tristan?”

She couldn’t shake off the feeling that he seemed a tad hesitant whenever he looked at her that day.