Anything For Her

Chapter 73

Teach Them All A Lesson

“Shut up, Danny.”

Naturally, Eustace, who followed behind Sophie, heard Danny’s remark as well.

Good Lord! Why are they saying all this to a little girl?

“Don’t take their words to heart. Such is their nature, enthusiastic without any malicious intentions.”

“I didn’t take it to heart.”

Danny proceeded to tell Sophie about the problem they encountered, and the latter managed to
resolve it in less than five minutes.

“How about this, Danny? Add me to your contacts on WhatsApp. If there are any problems in the
future, send them to me directly.”

In truth, Sophie found it very much a hassle to go to the police station often.


Danny instantly took out his phone and added her to his contact on WhatsApp.

“You’re really incredible, Ms. Tanner!” Her computer skills are indomitable! Perhaps only Phantom from
Wings of Light is her match!

Even then, Danny was blown away by her capabilities.

Subsequently, Eustace and Danny saw Sophie out.

Eustace opened the door to the jeep.

“I’ll drive you back.”

Without any token protest, Sophie climbed into the car.


Throughout it all, Danny and the other team members watched on the sidelines.

Eustace shot them a glare before driving off.

“I’m sorry. You must have been ill at ease today, huh?”

“Not really. I’m used to it.”

At once, Eustace was dumbfounded.

Huh? There’s getting used to such a thing?

“Then, it seems that you’re very popular, Ms. Tanner.”

Sophie didn’t reply to that comment of his.

Upon seeing that she seemingly didn’t want to talk to him, Eustace felt somewhat defeated.

He drove her to Jipsdale Premier High.

“I’ll go and explain things to your teacher.” By then, two periods had passed.

“No, it’s okay. I can manage by myself.”

“Thank you very much for today, Ms. Tanner.”

“You don’t have to stand on formality with me, Captain Sheppard. All right, I’ll be going in.”

Eustace watched Sophie enter the school compound from the car until she disappeared from sight
before he turned the car around and left.

She’s shrouded in mystery!

By the time Sophie arrived at her class, the third period had already commenced.

“I’m here,” Sophie declared.

When Derrick saw that it was her, his brows inexorably knitted together.

“Sophie, I know your grades are already excellent, but there’s no end to the pursuit of knowledge. You
must continue working hard.”

“I understand, Mr. Hayes.”

Derrick was a decent person, so Sophie was extremely courteous to him.

“All right, go back to your seat.”

After returning to her seat, Sophie didn’t sleep out of respect for the man.

When the third period had ended, Ysabelle asked Sophie to accompany her to the washroom.

“Where did you go? Do you know how worried I was? You should’ve brought me with you when you
skipped class!”

“Ms. Lombard, you seem eager to skip classes!”

“Of course! It’ll be even better if I get to scale the wall!”

After having been a good student for such a long time, Ysabelle wanted to do something out of
character during her senior year. Only then would she be able to boast of having lived her youth.

“Sure! When I’m free, I’ll bring you to do that!”

“Really? I just knew that you love me most, Soph!” Ysabelle gazed at Sophie in adulation.

Sophie didn’t want to go to the washroom, so she plugged in her earphones while waiting for Ysabelle
and listened to music as she stood in the corridor.

Out of the blue, someone patted her on the shoulder. She glanced over her shoulder, only to see that it
was Bailey.

Puzzlement inundated her, but still, she removed her earphones.

“Have you decided whether to join the physics competition yet?”

“Yeah. I’ll be joining.” Truth be told, Sophie couldn’t stand Aaron’s pestering anymore.

If she didn’t agree, he would hound her until she relented. It was her first time meeting such a teacher.
While she was a touch exasperated, she also found him rather adorable.

“That’s great!”

Bailey took out a pack of chewing gum from his pocket and handed it to her.

It was the flavor she favored.

Nevertheless, she didn’t take it.

However, Bailey stuffed it into her hand. “I just bought it at the convenience store earlier. I’ll be waiting
for you in the physics lab after school.”

Sophie was entirely floored.

Eh? Did I say I was going to the physics lab?

Coincidentally, Willow and a few girls from Senior Class 1 came out of the washroom. They witnessed
that scene.

The few girls were outraged.

Bailey is the campus hunk of Jipsdale Premier High and the pride of Senior Class 1. What right does
she have to taint him?

“Say, why are you so shameless, Sophie? Can you just stay away from Bailey?”

“Exactly! What’s so great about placing second?”

“Bailey isn’t someone you’ll ever deserve in terms of both family background and character! You may
be rotten yourself, but don’t go around tarnishing others!”

“Have you all said enough?”

Sophie grew utterly impatient. Ugh! Their mouths are really filthy!

“Look, Willow! Such is your sister! All she knows is to seduce others. How nauseating!”

Standing at the side, Willow merely watched the show.

She felt absolutely delighted at the sight of Sophie surrounded and insulted.

“From the look of things, the lot of you will really think that you can walk all over me if I don’t teach you
all a lesson today.”

Sophie then slapped them all.

“How dare you? You’re such a brute! This is bullying! I’m going to tell the teacher and expose you!”

“Hear, hear! No one had ever raised a hand against me!”

“Come, let’s all go and look for the teacher together!”

“Oh, the lot of you want to go and complain to the teacher? I think you’ve forgotten how Queenie ended
up in prison. There are surveillance cameras along the corridor. Everything you said to me constitutes
slander. Bullying, you said? You’re huge in numbers while I’m alone. Who do you think is the victim of
bullying here?”

“You’re simply unreasonable!”

The few girls were so livid that words eluded them.

Besides, they were also fearful at the mention of Queenie.

When Ysabelle came out and saw such a crowd, she immediately shoved them away and went over to

“What are the lot of you doing? Who wants to bully Soph? Over my dead body!”

Sophie couldn’t help giggling at her comical look.

How could there possibly be such a cute girl in this world?

“Ms. Lombard, do you know that it’s against the law to be so adorable?”

“Don’t be afraid, Soph. With me here, no one will dare pick on you!”

After saying that, Ysabelle took her arm and left under the few girls’ resentful gazes.

“Such is your sister, Willow.”

“Don’t tell me we’re to take the humiliation without being able to do anything?”

“What can we do? Have you forgotten what happened to Queenie?”

Queenie went to prison, and the Lane family didn’t have it easy either.

“Forget it! Don’t provoke her anymore. She won’t show any mercy even to me, her sister. No, that’s not
right. She has never regarded me as her sister in the first place.”

“You’re really unlucky to have such a sister, Willow. Your life at the Tanner residence must be torture.”

“There’s nothing to be done about it. It doesn’t matter to me that she’s treating me in such a manner
since it’ll pass with some toleration. Regretfully, she treats my parents the same way.”

“She’s really an awful person!”

After school in the afternoon, Aaron coerced Bailey and Sophie to the physics lab to conduct an

Sophie mastered the experiments in no time, so he was exceedingly satisfied.

“You’re truly a rare physics genius, Sophie!” Aaron couldn’t help lauding. Then, he asserted, “Trust me
in this—under my guidance, the champion and first runner-up for the physics competition this time will
definitely be ours!”

Just when Sophie was conducting an experiment, her phone rang.

“Bailey, take the call for Sophie. She doesn’t have the time to do so now.”

“May I?” Bailey asked Sophie.

In response, Sophie nodded.

“Hello. May I know who’s on the line?” Bailey pressed the answer call button.