Anything For Her

Chapter 72

Should I Follow The Car

Tristan calmly picked up the bowl. Bringing the porcelain bowl to his mouth, he took a huge gulp.

It’s astringent and spicy. Sure enough, it tastes strange.

Sophie continued gazing at him expectantly, hoping that he would finish it all.

Under her hopeful gaze, Tristan mustered his courage and downed the rest of the ginger tea.

“How was it?” Sophie even remembered to ask him for his opinion.

“It was good.”

When Sophie said nothing to that, Tristan reiterated, “Really, it was delicious!”

“All right, then! Since you like it, I’ll make it for you again next time.”

At that, Tristan went silent instead.

“Or do you not like it?”

“Of course not! I love it!”

Sophie washed the porcelain bowl and earthen pot before spinning on her heel and leaving the kitchen.

“Do you need my help with Letitia Gatrell?” Tristan had a thousand ways to have Letitia speak the truth.

He was naturally aware that the woman deliberately framed Transfix Cosmetics, but even if he wanted
to help Sophie, it still depended on whether she wanted to accept his help.

“No, it’s okay. I can handle it by myself.”

All at once, Tristan’s expression darkened.

“What’s wrong?” Hmm, why does the atmosphere feel as though it’s somewhat chilly?

“Nothing’s wrong.”

Tristan hoped that Sophie would rely on him no matter the problems she encountered, but she wanted
to resolve everything herself, the thought of asking for his help never once crossing her mind. That had
him feeling very much defeated.

“I’m not as weak as you think, Mr. Tristan.” Truly, I can settle it by myself!


Tristan was noncommittal.

Gah! This is not an issue of weak or otherwise! I merely want to help her.

“All right, sleep earlier. You’ve still got class tomorrow.”

Not only does she have to attend classes, but she also has to handle the affairs of Tanner Group, so
she must be exceedingly busy!


Sophie didn’t think much about it, merely whirling around and returning to her room. Tristan, on the
other hand, stayed in the living room for a while before leaving.

At ten past seven in the morning, Sophie headed out after washing up, donning her school uniform,
and snagging her schoolbag.

No sooner had she exited the residential area than Eustace, who had been waiting for her there,
blocked her path.

“Ms. Tanner, I need a favor from you.” Being a macho man, he was a tad embarrassed when he said

“I’m busy, Captain Sheppard!” After all, she still had to go to school.

“I know it’s really mortifying that I need your help all the time, Ms. Tanner. How about this? I’ll treat you
to breakfast, and you do me a favor in return.”

In Jipsdale, Eustace had never lowered himself so much before anyone.

He had always been invincible, both in conducting investigations and performing his duties.

However, he had no choice but to admit to his inadequacy in front of Sophie.

“Never mind, forget about that. Let’s go!” All of a sudden, regret swamped Sophie.

I must have had some wires crossed back then that I actually went to the police station. If I hadn’t gone
in person at that time, I wouldn’t have gotten myself stuck with such a troublesome man!

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to have breakfast first. You probably haven’t had breakfast, yes?”

Eustace drove a SWAT car that day, so it was rather ostentatious.

He went over and opened the passenger door for her.

Meanwhile, Willow had just alighted from the car when she spotted Sophie getting into the SWAT car.

Unbidden, her eyes narrowed a fraction.

Whipping out her phone, she quickly snapped a photo of it.

Who exactly is that man with Sophie? He appears to be a tough nut. Therefore, what exactly is so great
about her? Why are there always such formidable figures around her? Conversely, I’ve worked myself
to the bone, but I’ve only got Mason on my side.

“You’d best pray that I don’t find any dirt on you, Sophie. Otherwise, I’ll crush you right away, allowing
you no opportunity to ever make a comeback!”

“Mr. Tristan…”

The driver didn’t dare utter a single word as he sat there like a statue.

Mr. Tristan went to The Crown early in the morning and bought breakfast for Ms. Tanner, even bringing
it over personally. Unexpectedly, he witnessed her getting into another man’s car.

“Should I follow the car?”

It was his first time encountering such a situation, so he didn’t know what to do.


Just when the driver was going to start the engine, Tristan changed his tune.

“Never mind. She has her own freedom.”

Words eluded the driver.

I’ve been working for Mr. Tristan for a long time, but this is the first time I’m seeing this side of him. It
looks like he’s really irrevocably in love with her.

“Give me a cigarette.”

“I’ll go and buy some cigarettes for you, Mr. Tristan! Mine is too cheap.”

“It’s okay. Just give me a stick.”

Left with no other choice, the driver took out a stick of cigarette from the cigarette box and handed it to
Tristan alongside the lighter.

Only after Tristan had finished the cigarette than he ordered, “Let’s go! Head to Lombard Group.”

The driver finally breathed a sigh of relief. The atmosphere in the car was too frigid, so he hadn’t dared
to speak at all.

At the same time, Eustace had a hand on the steering wheel as he typed the location into his phone
with the other.

“The breakfast fare at The Crown is pretty good. Let’s go and eat there!”

“There’s no need to go to such trouble. We can just have something simple.”

“It’s no trouble.”

Eustace drove to The Crown. He then ordered plenty of food for the two of them.

Sophie was very quiet when she ate. She didn’t eat much, so she merely sat there and scrolled through
her phone when she had finished eating.

Seeing that she was already full, Eustace had the server pack some food for his team members.

There were many people on his team, so he ordered a lot for takeaway.

“You’re pretty nice to your subordinates.”

Sophie voluntarily helped him carry some of the bags upon seeing that he couldn’t carry everything.

“I suppose so. In our line of work, we risk our lives every day, and a single misstep would result in our
demise. As such, our bond is forged in death and blood.”

At that, Sophie stopped pursuing that subject.

Ultimately, Eustace was not wrong at all.

All cases that ended up assigned to the SWAT team were difficult cases.

Soon, the car drove right into the police station.

“Captain Sheppard is back!” Danny knew that Eustace had gone to pick Sophie up, so he had been
waiting outside.

After the jeep came to a stop, Sophie came out of the vehicle.

As soon as Danny spotted her, he immediately ran over.

“You’re here, Ms. Tanner? I ran into a problem recently. Can you please take a look at it for me?”


Sophie went over and helped Eustace with the takeover.

“Whoa! Breakfast from The Crown! You’re too nice to us, Captain Sheppard!”

“Ms. Tanner, Captain Sheppard is very nice to others!”

“Exactly! Captain Sheppard is definitely a great man, so you must cherish him!”

Similar sentiments rang out, one after another.

Sophie was rendered wholly speechless. So, what are they doing now? Are they promoting their

“All right, that’s enough. What nonsense are you all spouting? Go and eat!”

The moment Eustace spoke, his team members took their breakfast to the side and started wolfing
down the food.

There was a cafeteria in the police station, and the food was pretty good as well.

Compared to the food from The Crown, however, it was still not quite up to that level.

Danny brought Sophie to the technical department.

“Are you not eating?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Ms. Tanner, Captain Sheppard is really nice although he’s a bloody hero to the outside world.”

“Danny, is Captain Sheppard aware that you’re promoting him in such a manner?”

I just came over to do them a favor, so why are they all promoting Captain Sheppard? Whatever kind of
person he is has nothing to do with me!

“I don’t mean anything. I just want to tell you that Captain Sheppard is really an amazing man! If you
want to find a boyfriend, you can consider him.”

Danny didn’t bother masking his intentions at all. If she becomes Captain Sheppard’s girlfriend, I’ll be
able to ask her questions frequently in the future! Just the mere thought of it is intoxicating!