Anything For Her

Chapter 71

A Bridal Carry

“Okay, then. I apologize for saying that.”

When Sophie and Tristan left Nocturnal, it was raining heavily outside.

“What awful weather!”

It was pouring, so even if the valet were to drive the car over, they would still be drenched when they
walked the short distance.

Sophie rubbed her arms, for it was still rather chilly in Jipsdale in November. There was heating in the
bar earlier, so she didn’t feel it.

Right then, however, she was really cold.

Seeing that, Tristan removed the suit jacket from her waist and draped it over her shoulders.

Thus, his jacket enveloped her, covering even her bottom.

“What should we do now?”

“How about going back into the bar first? If you don’t like to hang out with them, we can get a private
room for ourselves.”

“No, I don’t have any issue hanging out with them.”

Felix and the others aren’t the hateful kind of people.


Tristan didn’t ask further, for the person speaking was Sophie, and he respected her decision no matter
the choice.

“Oh well, let’s just take shelter here for a while.”

There were quite a number of people taking shelter from the rain in front of Nocturnal then. Sophie
hadn’t experienced that in a long time, so she found it rather intriguing.

“Are you cold?” she asked Tristan. He’s only wearing a shirt at the moment, so he’s probably freezing!


Tristan, on the other hand, turned his gaze to her fair legs. I think she’s cold instead.

He then made a call and had the driver bring them an umbrella.

As the crowd grew, it became increasingly packed.

Some couples were already hugging, and others were even kissing.

To protect Sophie from being jostled, Tristan kept her in his embrace.

His chin came to just above the top of her head.

Such a posture was exceedingly intimate, with his warm breath tickling the top of her head.

Suddenly, someone jostled Tristan. He inched forward a fraction, upon which both their bodies
plastered together.


Sophie abruptly felt that it wasn’t a wise decision to take shelter with him under the eaves.

At that precise moment, the driver came with the umbrella.

The car was parked there, but the rain was coming down in torrents, so the curb was already flooded.

“I’ll carry you over.”

“No, it’s okay. I can walk over by myself.”

“You’ll ruin your shoes.”

Sophie initially wanted to say that she didn’t mind, but Tristan had already scooped her up.

Meanwhile, the driver opened an umbrella for her.

“I’ll carry her instead, Mr. Tristan!” he offered. How could I have Mr. Tristan doing such a thing?

“What did you just say?”

Glimpsing the look in Tristan’s eyes, the driver immediately shook his head and pretended that he
didn’t say anything earlier.

“Oh my God, a bridal carry! Look, that’s the ideal boyfriend! In comparison, you aren’t even willing to
carry me.”

“Look at his girlfriend first. She’s as beautiful as a goddess!”

“What do you mean by that?” The girl pinched her boyfriend’s ear.

In response, the boy took her hand at once.

“No, no, you’re my goddess instead!”

When Tristan carried Sophie over, the driver promptly opened the car door.

After placing her in the car, Tristan took the umbrella from him. He closed it before climbing into the car.

It only took seconds, but his shirt was all drenched.

“How about I return your suit jacket to you?”

However, Tristan stilled her hand that moved to doff the jacket.

“I’m fine, so just continue wearing it.”

The driver got into the car and turned on the air-conditioning in the car.

“Where are we going now, Mr. Tristan?”

“Drive Ms. Tanner home.”

“Your shirt is dripping water!” Sophie pointed at Tristan’s shirt.

At that, Tristan moved to the side slightly.

“Now, it won’t drip on you.”

“That wasn’t what I meant.” Honest to God, I didn’t mean that!

Just then, Tristan sneezed.

“Are you okay, Mr. Tristan?” the driver swiftly inquired in concern when he heard the man sneezing.

“I’m fine. I’m not that delicate.”

Alas, no sooner had he finished saying that than he sneezed again.

“I’m fine.”

This time, Tristan sounded incredibly solemn.

“I didn’t say that you’re sick. Sir, please step on it.”

Sophie merely instructed the driver to speed up.

There was heating in the car, so it was actually quite warm already.

Nonetheless, she still felt that he should take a hot bath as soon as possible.

Shortly after, the car drove into Wisteria Apartments’ underground parking.

“You may go back,” Tristan ordered the driver after alighting from the car.

“I’ll just wait for you here, Mr. Tristan.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go back by myself.”

Since he had said as much, the driver had no rebuttal left and could only leave.

Upon returning to the condominium, Sophie removed Tristan’s suit jacket.

“Go and take a bath.” After all, it was easy to fall sick when one got drenched in the rain in such


Anyway, Tristan felt very much ill at ease when he was all soaked.

He went into the room and took out a change of clothes before taking a bath.

Outside, Sophie quickly found a piece of ginger and scraped the skin off. Then, she surfed the internet
for recipes for ginger tea.

Following the steps stated in Google, she prepared ginger tea.

Truthfully, she wasn’t good at cooking. When she was alone in Horington back then, she basically had
takeaway all the time.

She couldn’t quite fathom which wires in her brain got crossed that day either that she was making
ginger tea for Tristan.

Tristan soaked in the bathtub for twenty minutes before he came out.

Slipping on a white bathrobe, he blow-dried his hair before exiting the bathroom.

He opened the door and went downstairs, only to see Sophie reading on the couch.

She had already changed into casual attire that was creamy white.

As the dim yellow lights illuminated her, it gave off a sense of warmth.

After going downstairs, Tristan took a seat on the single couch.

When Sophie noticed that he was only wearing a bathrobe, she couldn’t help averting her gaze.

“What are you brewing?” Tristan queried, breaking the silence in the room.

“Ginger tea. It’s my first time brewing ginger tea, so I’m not sure how it’ll taste. It’s about ready now. I’ll
go and take a look.”

Getting to her feet, Sophie went to check on the ginger tea.

Meanwhile, Tristan was at a loss for words.

Ginger tea? I positively loathe the taste of ginger tea. I don’t have a cold yet, no? Moreover, even when
I was really suffering from a cold in the past, I never drank ginger tea. But then, she prepared it
especially for me now.

He likewise stood up and trailed after her.

Sophie uncovered the lid of the earthen pot and watched as the color of the ginger tea darkened.

“It should be about ready.”

Turning off the gas, she snagged a cloth, planning to pour the ginger tea in the earthen pot out.

“I’ll do it instead.”

Tristan took the cloth from her. Wrapping it around the earthen pot, he poured the ginger tea into a

“It looks pretty good.”

Sophie seemed extremely satisfied with the fruits of her effort.

“Yeah, it’s indeed pretty good.”

While saying that, Tristan couldn’t help gulping.

Oh God, ginger tea really tastes strange! It’s bitter, astringent, and spicy!

“Are you not drinking it? I prepared it especially for you!”

Sophie gazed at him expectantly.

At her hopeful look, Tristan simply couldn’t bring himself to decline.

Well, I reckon that as long as she gazes at me with such a look in her eyes, I’ll drink it without
hesitation even if it’s poison!

“It’s too hot, so I’m leaving it to cool for a bit.”

“Phew! I thought you lack confidence in my cooking skills, so you don’t dare drink it.”

The expression on the man’s face was really interesting, causing the corners of Sophie’s mouth to turn
up inexorably.

“It’s cool enough, Mr. Tristan. If it’s too cold, we’ll have to heat it up again. That’d be troublesome.”

I’ve got to make it clear that I’m only doing this for his own good. I’m not at all pulling a trick on him!