Anything For Her

Chapter 70

Keep Him Alive

Terrified, Trevor started groveling at Tristan’s feet.

The latter turned to look at Sophie. “Well? What do you think we should do?”

“Miss, I was wrong. I’ve made a big mistake. Please let me off!” Trevor begged, hoping Sophie would
be soft-hearted enough to speak up for him.

At that moment, five strapping men entered the bar and walked up to Sophie. “Ms. Tanner, we’re here.”

“Mr. Gardner loves having fun with men. You guys like that, don’t you? Take him away! You can do
whatever you like to him, but make sure to keep him alive.”

“Yes, Ms. Tanner!”

“N-No! Ms. Tanner, I was wrong! I won’t do it again!” Trevor pleaded.

A cold grin crept across Sophie’s face. “Didn’t you say you were amazing in bed? Have you forgotten
that you wanted to play with Mr. Tristan too?”

“I didn’t know he—”

“Enough!” Sophie interrupted. “You said you love having fun, so I got plenty of people to play with you.
By the way, they don’t need your money, so you can enjoy yourself without spending a dime! Take him
away! What an eyesore.”

With that, two of the burly men pulled Trevor to his feet.

“Let’s go, Mr. Gardner! Stop resisting. Otherwise, don’t blame us if you get hurt.”

Seeing the scene unfold in front of her, Letitia hurried over.

“What are you guys doing? Let go of Mr. Gardner this instance, or I’ll call the police!”

“You’d better mind your own business, Ms. Gatrell! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself after all that you’ve
done? What gives you the right to stand here and lecture us?” one of the men said before dragging
Trevor away.

Now that Sophie had instructed them, they’d make doubly sure not to kill Trevor from all the fun they
were about to have with him.

“Well?” Sophie asked as she turned to Tristan. “Are you pleased with that resolution?”

“Not really, but I can still accept it.”

“Y-You… You guys have gone too far! Do you know who his father is? He’s none other than—”

Before Letitia could finish her words, Sophie interrupted, “So? Do you want to go with him? If that’s
what you desire, I can call my men back to take you along. You can all have a wild night together.”

Urgh. Letitia is seriously testing my patience. Doesn’t she know how tiring it is to teach people a

Suddenly, Tristan removed his suit jacket and tied it around Sophie’s waist.

“What are you doing?” Sophie asked in bewilderment. We’re in a bar, for goodness’ sake. I’m already
dressed very modestly for the occasion.

“It’s nothing. Let’s go in!”

Still seething with anger, Letitia ran off to inform Brayden.

With Brayden around, Trevor will be fine, won’t he? Tristan and Sophie are feeling pretty smug now, but
I’m sure the Gardners will never let them off! Just wait and see!

As expected, Brayden immediately sent people to rescue Trevor when he got the call.

However, upon learning who his son had offended, he was rendered speechless.

“That a*shole! Does he know what he has done?”

Brayden was a famous director, so it was natural for him to rub shoulders with high society.

He might have heard of Tristan’s name, but he had never met the latter in person before.

Despite that, he had always known that Tristan was someone he should never provoke, so why was his
son dumb enough to poke the bear?

“What should we do, then? We can’t possibly leave our only son in the lurch!” Brayden’s wife, Valerie,

Brayden flew into a rage. “Why don’t you tell me? We’re up against Mr. Tristan, for goodness’ sake! No
one in Jipsdale or even Chanaea dares to aggravate him! It’s all your fault. You’re home every day, yet
you’ve failed to educate our child.”

“You can rely on your connections, can’t you?” Valerie pleaded. “After all, you’re a famous director. I’m
sure Mr. Tristan would go easy on you.”

Left with no other choice, Brayden continued calling up his friends in a bid to track down Tristan.

Valerie is right. I’m a famous director with legions of fans. The CEO of Lombard Group can’t possibly
make me his enemy and risk incurring the wrath of everyone, can he?

Meanwhile, Tristan opened the door to the private room and ushered Sophie in, causing everyone
inside to look up at them.

After seeing the suit jacket around Sophie’s waist, Felix roared with laughter. “Sophie, what a unique
dress sense you have!”

Winter had initially thought that Tristan would change his mind about Sophie after the earlier episode
with Trevor.

To her horror, not only had he brought Sophie to the party, but he had also shown just how much he
cared about her.

After all, if she meant nothing to him, why would he mind that others were looking at her legs?

Sophie merely shrugged off Felix’s comment. Unique? So be it. What baffles me more is why Mr.
Tristan doesn’t seem too happy.

“Scoot over,” Tristan instructed Felix.

Without hesitation, the latter got up to sit with Sean, leaving the two-seater couch for Tristan and

The couple had just taken their seats when Tristan’s phone started ringing.

After answering the call and listening for a few seconds, he scoffed, “Well, what do you think? His son
pissed me off, so why shouldn’t I teach him a lesson to keep him in line? I won’t kill him, but if he
continues antagonizing me, don’t blame me for changing my mind.”

As it turned out, Brayden had managed to find someone to intercede with Tristan on his behalf.

“Wow. Who knew Brayden Gardner had that much influence?” Sophie mused, surprised that the
director could find people willing to help him.

Tristan hung up the phone, a flicker of annoyance crossing his face.

I don’t care who tries to intercede for the Gardners today. No amount of pleading would work.

“Don’t be angry, Mr. Tristan. It’s not good for your health,” Winter said as she poured him a glass of red

Besides, is it worthwhile getting so worked up for Sophie?

Instead of drinking the wine, Tristan opened one of the beers on the coffee table and took a gulp.

Naturally, Winter was shocked. Everything around her was changing so rapidly that she had trouble
grasping them. “Mr. Tristan, didn’t you use to dislike drinking beer?” she blurted out.

“Winter, there’s no need to be so strict,” Tristan replied. Does she expect me to report my likes and
dislikes? How ridiculous.

Sophie, too, had grabbed a beer to drink.

Winter’s trying to show me up, isn’t she? Why else would she keep implying how much she knows
Tristan? Then again, so what if she knows him well? He doesn’t fancy her at all.

Winter tightened her grip around the glass. “That’s not what I meant, Mr. Tristan.”

“All right, all right. We’re here tonight to celebrate Winter’s success, so cut her some slack, Tristan,”
Charles chimed in. He couldn’t bear to see his sister being so infatuated with someone who didn’t
reciprocate her feelings.

Thankfully, Tristan glanced at Charles and said nothing more.

Even though she felt aggrieved, Winter merely sat silently, not daring to say anything else.

However, there was no doubt that she hated Sophie with a vengeance.

I was supposed to have my celebration party tonight, yet Sophie has to show up and ruin everything for
me. It hurts so much to hear Tristan criticizing me!

“It’s getting late. I should go home now,” Sophie muttered as she got up from the couch.

Since Winter and I dislike each other, there’s no point in staying here and wasting my time. We should
go our separate ways.

“Okay. You guys continue with the party, then. I’ll send her home,” Tristan said.

Winter looked up in disbelief, but Tristan had already left the couch.

“Mr. Tristan, what’s this about?” Felix asked in bafflement. We’ve barely started drinking, and he’s
already on his way out?

“I’m not in a good mood. You guys carry on without me!” Tristan answered before following Sophie out
of the room.

“Got it!”

Ha! So, Mr. Tristan’s also the kind who favors his lover over friends!

After leaving the room, Sophie turned to Tristan.

“Mr. Tristan, I can make my own way home. You don’t have to give me a lift.”

“Even if I stayed, I’d only be drinking with them. What’s so fun about that?”

With so many people jostling about in the bar, Tristan swiftly pulled Sophie into his arms when he saw
someone about to bump into her.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Sophie replied. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay? I know Ms. Quigley would want you to.”

“Sophie, it doesn’t matter what Winter thinks. I have nothing to do with her.”

Indeed, Tristan wasn’t a promiscuous person by any means, and he had never done anything to lead
Winter on.