Anything For Her

Chapter 69

You Love A Crowd

The next second, the man tried to make a move on Sophie, only to have her grab his hand.

“I told you to get lost. Did you not hear that?” Sophie snapped. She had never been a patient person,
but unfortunately, her appearance always made her look meek and vulnerable.

Alas, the man wasn’t about to give up on his lewd advances. “Come on, missy. I’m really amazing in

“What are you doing?” Letitia suddenly shouted as she glared at the nosy Sophie. “I had my eyes on
him first.”

The latter arched her brows. My goodness. This girl sure is an odd duck!

“Fine. In that case, sorry for bothering you,” Sophie muttered before letting go of the man’s hand and
returning to her seat.

As luck would have it, Felix entered the bar at that moment. “Wait a minute. Are my eyes deceiving
me? That’s Sophie, isn’t it?”

Upon hearing that, Tristan hurried over to take a look for himself. Ah, he’s right. That is Sophie.

She had worn a sleeveless sequin dress, and her long hair was draped sensually over her shoulders.

As she sat on the swivel chair with her legs crossed, there was no doubt many men would have had
the temptation to take her home.

Naturally, Winter had also noticed Sophie. After all, Charles had arranged the party at Nocturnal for her
so they could celebrate the success of her new perfume.

“Well, well, well. Who’d have thought that a high school student would take a shine to Nocturnal? Then
again, who wouldn’t be dazzled by the resplendence here? I suppose it’s even more exciting for Ms.
Tanner since she had spent time in a place like Horington,” Winter scoffed. “That said, don’t you think
she’s dressed a little too provocatively?”

In all honesty, Winter hated seeing Sophie near her. No matter where the latter showed up, she’d
immediately steal all the limelight, and Winter would no longer be the center of attention.

“Watch your words, Winter,” Charles warned.

What’s the use of making these comments anyway? The more she says, the more she’ll seem rude.

Winter shrugged.

“I’m not suggesting anything. I just don’t think it’s safe for a young lady to come to a place like Noctural

Felix was instantly rendered speechless. I can’t believe she’s shameless enough to say that! It’s wild
enough that she’d be worried about something untoward happening to Sophie.

“You guys can go over first,” Tristan ordered, his expression cold and stoic.

Deep down, however, he was fuming.

Sophie’s outfit was way too attractive, and several men in the bar were checking her out.

That, without a doubt, made Tristan very uncomfortable. All he wanted was to gouge out the eyes of
anyone who had the gall to look at her.

“Mr. Tristan…” Winter said before her voice trailed off. She was worried that Tristan might leave, but
after seeing his expression, she decided to hold her tongue and walk to their private room.

The next second, Tristan marched to Sophie and sat next to her. Like her, his long legs were just as

Having detected movement behind her, Sophie turned around and immediately came face to face with

“Mr. Tristan, have you installed a tracking device on me?” she mused with a raised eyebrow.

“Thanks for reminding me. I really should do that,” Tristan answered. It’s her fault for always playing
with danger and making people worry.

Instead of answering him, Sophie decided to change the topic.

“Why are you here?”

“It’s for Winter’s celebration party. We’re in the same private room as last time. Are you alone?”

“Yes, I am,” Sophie replied before glancing at Letitia.

From the looks of it, I guess she has chosen to sink into the depths of depravity. I’ll have to find some
other time to negotiate with her. Letitia is the key to saving Transfix Cosmetics, but I know it won’t be
easy to get the truth from her.

“Join me then!”

“It’s okay. I’m leaving in a bit. Besides, I’m not familiar with Ms. Quigley. I don’t think it’d be nice to
crash the party,” Sophie explained. More importantly, I know Winter’s not going to like me.

“It’s fine. We’ll only stay for a while, and I’ll send you home.”

“All right, then!”

As soon as Sophie got up, her long, slender legs stood out even more.

Alas, the men with Letitia noticed that and quickly made their way toward her.

After all, how could they let a perfect prey slip away?

The lustful man from before whipped out a wad of cash from his bag and slammed it on the table.
“Well? Is this enough?”

Sophie instinctively glanced at Tristan, but before she could say anything else, the man shouted, “Why
are you looking at him? I have all the money in the world, and if you don’t think this is enough, I’ll give
you more!”

With that, he tossed another thick wad of cash onto the table.

“Hey, missy, I really like you. As long as you leave with me tonight, I’ll give you any amount of money
that you desire.”

Winter, who had overheard the conversation, couldn’t help snickering.

Oh, my. I wonder how Mr. Tristan would feel after witnessing that. Sophie is such a fool! Doesn’t she
know she’s digging her own grave? Once again, this proves I’m the only one worthy of being with

Sophie suddenly burst out laughing. What’s wrong with this guy? Doesn’t he know he’s playing with

“Is it still not enough? Fine. I have more!” the man thundered as he slapped another hundred thousand
in cold, hard cash on the table.

“Wait a minute. You are—”

“Yes, I’m Trevor Gardner! You might not have heard of me, but I’m sure you know my father, Brayden

“Brayden Gardner? Oh, so you’re his son,” Tristan said coldly with a glint in his eyes.

“That’s right! Look, missy, even he knows who my father is! Why don’t you be my girlfriend? I’m serious
about it!” Trevor exclaimed as he grinned from ear to ear.

“You want me to be your girlfriend?”

“Yes. What do you think? Leave with me tonight!”

Alas, Trevor still had no idea who he had just offended.

“Wait a minute,” Sophie muttered before taking her phone out to make a call.

As soon as the call got through, she immediately rattled off the address of Nocturnal. “That’s the bar
I’m in. Bring a few of your kind over here right now.”

Then, she hung up the phone.

“Wow, so you love a crowd! That’s no problem. I know many people who would be happy to join us!”
Trevor said with a lewd smile. “I see we’re the same kind!”

By then, Sophie could no longer be bothered to answer him.

Tristan, though, couldn’t help but chime in, “You’re courting disaster.”

How dare he perv on my love!

“Why are you so angry? Calm down. If you like, we can rope you in too. You’re quite a looker yourself,”
Trevor uttered as he looked Tristan up and down. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind trying it out with a man for

Unable to hold it in any longer, Sophie burst out laughing.

“Do you know who he is?” she asked amid guffaws. I got to hand it to him for even thinking about
touching Mr. Tristan.

“Does it matter who he is? What’s most important is who I am, isn’t it?”

“Mr. Tristan, he said you’re not important.”

“M-Mr. Tristan? Hey, missy, cut it out. Y-Your joke is not funny…” Trevor stammered. His father had
once warned him not to mess with anyone from the four major families of Jipsdale, especially not with
the head of the families, Tristan Lombard.

“You’ve got some guts,” Tristan said as he finally got up from his seat. “So you want to play, huh?”

“You guys can’t scare me! Why would the real Mr. Tristan show up in a place like this? I’m not dumb!”
Trevor retorted, even though he could feel his legs turning into jelly.

“I’m indeed Tristan Lombard. You can now think about how you should die to appease me.”

Upon hearing that, Trevor immediately fell to his knees.

“I-Is that really you, Mr. Tristan? Oh, my goodness. I’m such a fool. I didn’t mean to put you down. I’m
so sorry!”

“Is that all?” Tristan snapped, his voice even louder now. “Do you have a warped understanding of who
I am? Is that why you think I’m a kind person who’d easily forgive those who insulted me?”