Anything For Her

Chapter 67

The Burn

The company Yale got was Tanner Group’s most profitable one.

If everything went well for him, he would not even have to do anything, and the company would still
make the most profit.

Did he seriously think no one would notice? Is it so hard for him to just admit his incompetence? Sophie
was unsure how to feel about her father.

“What are you looking at, Soph? Come on. Let’s go eat,” Ysabelle urged Sophie to go.

“You probably don’t have much money left after you got me that gift. So from today onward, I’ll pay for
all your food.” Ysabelle really liked the rock Sophie got for her. She could not bear the thought of the
young woman skipping meals.

“Sure!” Sophie was more than willing to let her friend take care of her meals.

“What do you want to eat?” Ysabelle had always had trouble deciding where to go for food.

“Let’s have spaghetti! It’s been a while.”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

There was a restaurant famous for its spaghetti just less than a mile east of Jipsdale Premier High.
Many, including the students of the high school, patronized the establishment regularly.

Naturally, the place was almost full when Sophie and Ysabelle arrived there.

“Hurry, Soph! I just saw two empty seats!” Ysabelle pulled Sophie to an empty table, and the two
ordered spaghetti after sitting down.

“Hi there. I’m Bailey Dixon from Senior Class 1,” greeted the boy seated across from the young ladies
as soon as they settled down.

Because of how tall Bailey was, he did not seem comfortable with his table and chair.

The young man had a pair of clear but cold eyes that made him seem somewhat distant.

“So you’re Bailey! I’m Ysabelle, and this is my best friend, Sophie,” Ysabelle gladly introduced herself
and Sophie to Bailey. Now I know why he’s the campus hunk. What a handsome face!

“What the heck? I’m only here because Bailey is!”

“Me too! We’re in the same class. I don’t understand why he’s talking to those two from Senior Class 8
instead of me.”

“I can’t believe he just introduced himself to them.”

The other female students in the restaurant were upset when they saw what had happened.

They all had a crush on Bailey because not only did the young man come from a wealthy family, but he
was also kind and smart. Most importantly, he was exceptionally good-looking.

Bailey’s admirers thought his appearance was as impressive as that of an angel.

“Your spaghetti is on the way.” A waiter was rushing toward Sophie and Ysabelle when somebody
bumped into him.

“Soph, look out!” Ysabelle’s heart almost skipped a beat when she saw the plate of hot spaghetti flying
toward Sophie.

Fortunately, Bailey was strong and quick enough to pull Sophie out of the way.

Some of the sauce landed on Bailey’s arm, but most of it ended up on the floor.

Had Bailey not rescued Sophie in time, the young woman would have been covered in spaghetti.

“Oh, my goodness! I’m terribly sorry. It was an accident. Are you okay?” The waiter was so shocked
that his face was drained of color.

Since the spaghetti came just out of the kitchen, it was piping hot.

“Are you hurt?” Bailey wanted to ensure that Sophie was fine even though his arm was slightly burned.

“I’m fine. We need to get you to the hospital!” Sophie could see a sizeable red patch on Bailey’s fair
arm since the young man got the sleeves of his school uniform rolled up.

“That’s not necessary. I’ll just apply some healing balm, and it’ll be as good as new,” said Bailey
nonchalantly since he did not think his injury was anything a man like him could not handle.

“I still think you should go to the hospital.” Ysabelle insisted that the young man seek professional help
after looking at his injury.

“I’m good. Really.”

“Fine! If you won’t go to the hospital, at least let me get you something from the pharmacy. You guys
wait for me at the school gate.”

“Sophie…” Before Bailey could finish his sentence, Sophie had already left.

The young woman went to a pharmacy to buy a bottle of burn relief spray and returned to the school
gate, where her schoolmates waited. “Take off your jacket.”

“Let me help you,” offered Ysabelle, but Bailey would not let her.

“It’s fine. I can do it myself.”

Bailey wrapped his jacket around his arm after taking it off.

Then, Sophie approached the young man to lift his arm with one hand while holding the spray with the

Even though the process could not be simpler, Sophie gave Bailey her full attention anyway.

Suddenly, it was as if they were the only two people around.

Bailey found himself completely captivated by the young woman treating his arm.

After she was done spraying, Sophie handed the bottle to Bailey.

“Spray again before going to bed and make sure your arm stays dry.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m the one who should be grateful here, Bailey.”

“It’s nothing. That’s what schoolmates do. Hey, you guys haven’t had dinner yet, right? What do you
say we go get something to eat?”

“Sure. To show my appreciation, I’ll buy,” offered Sophie generously.

She was the kind of person who knew how to hold a grudge, but at the same time, she was also quick
to repay kindness with kindness.

The three then went to a pizza place near Jipsdale Premier High.

Sophie only returned to her seat after placing their orders.

“I heard Mr. Elswick wanted you to participate in the physics competition, Sophie. Let’s do it together!”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Sophie knew she had to keep her promise to Josiah, so she could not afford to
be distracted.

“Well, I hope you’ll decide to participate.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Ysabelle could not believe there was no hot sauce on the pizza when it got served. “Who eats
pepperoni pizzas without hot sauce?”

“I don’t mind,” responded Bailey before glancing at Sophie unconsciously. Sophie may look cold, but
she’s actually a very thoughtful person.

“Let’s dig in!”

During dinner, Ysabelle posted on her Instagram: What should I do? I think Soph is going to abandon
me for someone else soon. Still, she was lucky the campus hunk was around to save her today. For
Soph’s sake, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself for now.

It had only been a minute since Ysabelle posted on Instagram when Tristan called her.

“What’s going on?” questioned Tristan.

“What are you talking about, Uncle Tristan?” Ysabelle had no idea what the man was referring to.

“Where are you now?”

“At school, of course!” Ysabelle was about to say something else, but Tristan had already hung up.

“What’s wrong?” inquired Sophie curiously when she saw how baffled her friend was.

“Nothing.” Ysabelle had not the faintest idea what had gotten into her uncle.

Even though she did not say anything about it, Ysabelle thought there was something seriously wrong
with Tristan then.

When Tristan finally arrived at the pizza place, he saw the three walk out.

Even though he could not hear the conversation between Sophie and the young man beside her, he
could see how attentive she was.

The two were so absorbed in their conversation that they did not even notice Tristan when they passed
by his car.

“What are you worried about, Mr. Tristan? It’s just a harmless boy. He’s got nothing on you.”

“Give me a cigarette.”

As instructed, Felix lighted a cigarette before handing it to Tristan, who then took a long drag.

“Are you okay, Mr. Tristan?” Since Felix could not read Tristan’s mind, he could not understand why the
man would feel threatened by a boy. So what if he’s the campus hunk? He’s no match for Mr. Tristan
when it comes to good looks.

After their self-study session, Sophie only returned to Wisteria Apartments after watching Ysabelle
leave in a car.

The young woman only walked for five minutes before she stopped and turned around to look at
Tristan behind her.