Anything For Her

Chapter 66

Not Going To Do Anything

After walking out of the office building, Sophie was planning to catch a ride back to Wisteria Apartments
when a red Porsche Cayenne suddenly stopped in front of her.

When the car window was rolled down, Sophie saw Victor with his flashy sunglasses on.

“Where are you heading, Missy? Let me give you a ride,” offered Victor after propping the eyewear on
his head.

“No, thank you.” Sophie could immediately tell how showy the man was and would rather not be in his

“Come on. It’s rush hour. You’re not going to get a ride anytime soon. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything
to you,” promised Victor with a big smile, showing his pearl-white teeth.

Knowing that Victor was right, Sophie had no choice but to open the car door and get into the Porsche

“Where to?”

“Wisteria Apartments.” Even though it was already afternoon, Sophie still had to go to school.

“What do you say we go for lunch together? Come on. Don’t look at me like that! It’s not like I’m
planning to do anything to you; you’re too young for me. I admire what you did just now, so I hope to
get to know you better.”

Many who knew Victor professionally regarded him as their big brother because he always looked out
for others.

“No, thank you.”

Victor talked a lot on the way, but Sophie simply nodded or gave the briefest response possible.

“You really want to be the CEO of Tanner Group, Missy?”

“We’re here. Thanks for the ride.”

Victor wanted to say something after he parked his car, but Sophie quickly got out and denied him the
chance to do so.

“She’s a pretty serious one if nothing else,” commented Victor while scratching his nose awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Yale and Charmaine had just returned to the Tanner residence.

As soon as Yale parked his car, he rushed toward Josiah, who was busy watering the plants. “Dad, do
you know what Sophie did today? She sided with outsiders to strip me of my position as CEO! Tanner
Group is the result of your hard work, Dad. You can’t just let her ruin it!”

“He’s right. What Sophie did was cold and heartless,” Charmaine chimed in.

“Sophie should’ve done that sooner after what you two did to the company. You’re not fit to be CEO,
Yale. Even if Sophie doesn’t get the position, you should let someone more capable than you take your

“Are you looking down on me too, Dad? You’re just like the rest of them!” Yale got emotional since he
did not expect his father to agree with Sophie.

“Because it’s true that you don’t have what it takes.” Josiah had already given Yale enough chances,
yet all he got was nothing but disappointment.

“Just you wait, Dad! I’m going to prove you wrong.”

Willow clenched her fists when she overheard the conversation. Why did Sophie have to return? Why
did she have to take everything away from me?

When Yale entered the living room, Willow followed.

“I’ll always support you, Dad. To me, you’re the best there is.” Willow then hugged her father.

“You’re the only one who trusts me unconditionally, Willow,” stated Yale as he gently touched his
daughter’s cheek.

“Don’t be sad, Dad. Sophie won’t get her way because Mason’s coming back from overseas soon. He
can help you.”

“Good girl. You have to win Mason’s heart. With the Lairds’ help, there’s no way Sophie can take
Tanner Group from me.”

“Got it!” Willow was confident that she could handle Mason.

At two-twenty, Sophie bumped into Willow just when she was about to leave Wisteria Apartments for
school. Damn it! She doesn’t know when to give up, does she?

“What were you thinking, Sophie? How can you treat Dad that way?” rebuked Willow the second she
saw Sophie.

“Get out of my way.” Sophie would rather not waste her time talking to the woman.

“I’m your sister, Sophie.”

“I don’t have a sister,” uttered Sophie before bumping Willow’s shoulder to walk past the woman. “One
more thing. Stop stalking me because it’s disgusting.”

“How dare you!” Willow immediately stepped forward to grab Sophie by the hair.

“D*mn it!” Sophie shut her eyes and tried to control her emotions but to no avail.

With a swift turn, Sophie grasped and twisted Willow’s wrist.

The poor woman was in so much pain that she immediately ordered, “Let go of me! What are you
doing?” Her eyes were already red, ready to send tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Do you not understand what I just said to you?”

When the driver saw what the two were doing, he hurriedly got out of the car. “What are you doing? Let
go of Ms. Willow now!” demanded the driver while grabbing Sophie’s hand.

In response to that, Sophie furrowed her eyebrows. “This doesn’t concern you. Get lost.”

“What do you think you’re doing, Ms. Sophie? Ms. Willow’s hands are precious! They cannot be

The driver thought he could overpower Sophie just because he was bigger in size. However, he
realized he could not move when the young woman grabbed him by the hand as well.

“Why? Just because she knows how to use a brush? What she painted was trash anyway, so I might
as well save her trouble,” mocked Sophie.

“You little…” At that point, Willow wanted nothing more than to rip off Sophie’s lips. How dare she say
that about my paintings! I’ve won awards for my talent!

“You’re probably just jealous of me, aren’t you, Sophie? You’re jealous that I get to be with Mason while

“Jealous of you? You have absolutely nothing that I want.” Sophie applied more pressure on Willow’s
wrist, and immediately, the woman fell to the ground. “You’d better stay away from me, or I’ll be more

than glad to break that hand of yours.”

The driver hurried over to help Willow up. “Are you okay, Ms. Willow?”

“I’m fine, but you can tell my father what just happened.”

“I understand.”

Sophie stepped into her classroom just as the bell was still ringing.

Ysabelle wanted to walk over to speak with Sophie, but unfortunately, their physics teacher had arrived.

“Students, we have a physics competition next semester. Does anybody care to participate?”

The students exchanged looks, but none raised their hands to volunteer.

“What about you, Sophie?”

When Sophie regained her senses, Aaron was already staring intently at her.

“Mr. Elswick, I’ll be sitting for the university entrance exam next June, so I’d like to concentrate on
preparing for that.”

The entire classroom fell dead silent after everyone heard Sophie’s ridiculous excuse, for they all knew
that she did anything but pay attention in class every day.

Her classmates were convinced that the university entrance exam was nothing more than a joke to her.

“Sophie, I’m sure you’ll find the competition this time around very interesting because Bailey will be
participating too. You can learn a lot from each other.”

“But I—”

“Before you turn me down, just hear me out, okay? Come to my office after class, and we’ll talk.”

Seeing how excited Aaron was, Sophie had no idea how to reject her teacher.

After class, the young woman received information from Lionel informing her that she would be in
charge of Transfix Cosmetics, a makeup brand under Tanner Group.

The brand used to rake in the most profit, but after an unfortunate incident, it got boycotted by the

The incident, where a university student got disfigured after using the foundation produced by Transfix
Cosmetics, had yet to be resolved.

Hence, people avoided the Transfix Cosmetics counters as though they were plagued with diseases.

Reviving the brand would not be an easy job.

The company Victor was assigned had suffered heavy losses as well.

When Sophie saw the one Yale was assigned, she could not help chuckling.