Anything For Her

Chapter 56

Feeling Under The Weather

Sophie was running out of breath. Will I be the first person to die from kissing due to suffocation? Will
the media report my death tomorrow?

Winter clenched her fists. D*mn it! How could this happen when I thought everything was within my

“You see that, Winter? No matter how hard you push, some things just won’t go your way, so please
stop testing Mr. Tristan’s patience.”

“I want to go home now, Charles. I’m feeling a little under the weather.” Winter could not take it
anymore. She stood up and left without even bidding Ysabelle farewell.

Ysabelle was just as stunned. Oh, my God. Uncle Tristan is taking advantage of Soph now. What
should I do?

If the person were someone else, Ysabelle would have walked up and fought him to the death. B-but
it’s Uncle Tristan!

She did not have the courage to go against Tristan.

She could only pinch Felix’s arm with all her might to vent her frustration.

Felix exclaimed in pain, “Hey! What’s wrong with you? Why did you pinch me?”

Felix had no idea what he did to deserve that. I didn’t even do anything! And that’s what Mr. Tristan
does best anyway. He has his way with women, and I’ll never be half as good as him.

“It’s all your fault. If you didn’t insist on celebrating my birthday early, Uncle Tristan wouldn’t have a
chance to take advantage of Soph. Who else can I blame?” Ysabelle vented her anger on Felix.

Since she could not express her frustration in front of Tristan, she could only release her anger on

“Belle, think of it this way. You like Soph very much, right? Wouldn’t it be great if she became your
sister-in-law? You two will be able to stay together forever!” Felix was proud of the idea.

Meanwhile, Tristan finally released Sophie when she thought she was about to die from suffocation.

She wanted to get up, but the lack of oxygen in her brain due to the prolonged kiss caused her to
stagger and fall back into a sitting position.

However, this time, she fell on a particular part of a man’s anatomy.

Sophie, who had always been a calm person, could not remain so when she realized what she was
sitting on. She snapped her head up and met Tristan’s burning gaze. “I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on

“It’s all right.” Tristan tried to tame the raging monster in his lower torso.

But no matter how hard he tried, he could not suppress the desire in his voice.

His reaction made Sophie even more embarrassed. However, the more embarrassed she was, the
calmer she would be. It’s just a kiss, isn’t it? It shouldn’t bother me. It’s a game anyway, and we all
agreed not to get mad no matter what the outcome was.

Yet somehow, her heart was pounding furiously. It was as if her heart was about to leap out of her

Sophie began to wonder why she allowed Tristan to get to her. I’ve never felt like this before!

“It’s getting late. I should go home now. How about you guys?” said Sean, who was a man who led a
disciplined lifestyle.

“Well then. Let’s call it a day. Felix, could you send Ysabelle home for me?”

They could not drive because they had been drinking all night, but their drivers had arrived to send
them home.

“Sure, don’t worry. I’ll send her home safely,” Felix replied. I want to spend more time with her too.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you home,” Tristan said to Sophie in a gentle voice.

Sophie still felt a little dizzy when they got into the car.

She could not believe that was how she had lost her first kiss.

“What’s wrong? Do you think I took advantage of you? Why don’t you kiss me back, and we’ll call it

Tristan’s suggestion rendered the young woman speechless.

“No, thank you. I’m all right.” Sophie gritted her teeth. There’s nothing I can do. I can only suck it up
and move on.

Even when she woke up the next day, she could not resist touching her lips after recalling last night’s
incident. Oh, come on, Sophie! It’s just a kiss! Grow up!

When Sophie was about to go out for breakfast after freshening up, the doorbell rang.

She opened the door and saw Tristan standing outside with breakfast in his hands.

“You could have opened the door yourself, couldn’t you?” Sophie did not understand why he had to ring
the doorbell since he was the house owner.

“I told you this is your private space now, and I can’t simply trespass on your premises unless there’s
an emergency.” Tristan wanted to respect her privacy.

“Let’s have breakfast. We’ll get you an evening gown after this.” She has to wear an evening gown for
Ysabelle’s birthday party tonight.

“Don’t get me wrong. I realized you didn’t have an evening gown in your wardrobe the other day, so I
decided to take you out and get you one.”

“You don’t have to explain further. I’ll do as you say.”

Sophie was not someone who would put on a hypocritical front. I’ll get an evening gown if the party
requires me to wear it.

Sophie was still in her sleepwear as she had just woken up.

Her sleepwear was a mauve pink short dress that exposed her slender and fair legs. She looked
exceptionally seductive in that attire.

The two of them had breakfast together. Today’s breakfast suited Sophie’s tastes, so she ate quite a

After that, Sophie went to change while Tristan waited for her in the living room.

Sophie wore a simple long-sleeve white t-shirt with a pair of jeans and a cap. “Come on. Let’s go!”

Tristan could not help but question himself after seeing Sophie’s youthful look. Am I too old for her?

While they were on the way to the store, Tristan asked, “Sophie, does age matter to you in a

Upon hearing that question, Sophie, who was enjoying the pleasant weather and the view of passersby
on the road while resting her right arm on the windowsill, turned around to look at the man.

Tristan cleared his throat to hide his awkwardness when he realized Sophie was staring at him.

“It’s just a random question I had in mind,” Tristan said. While some young girls like boys their age,
some prefer older men. I wonder what’s her preference.

“Me? I like young men—good-looking ones,” Sophia answered and giggled.

Tristan blanched at her words.

He then brought her to a store that specialized in custom-made evening gowns.

Sophie wondered why he brought her here as she knew the evening gowns were all custom-made. The
designers would have to take the customer’s measurements and design a dress according to the
customer’s demeanor. Tonight is the party, and we don’t have time to make a new one!

Meanwhile, the designer from the store came out to greet Tristan.

“Bring me Ms. Tanner’s evening gown.”

“The gown is ready, Mr. Tristan.”

The designer instructed his subordinate to bring out the evening wear.

“You made a gown for me? But how? I don’t think I’ve come here before!” Sophie wondered.

The designer responded with a grin. “Mr. Tristan gave me your photo a week ago and asked me to
make an evening gown for you.” “You looked amazing in the photo, but you look even more fabulous in
person! You’re what our brand is about. Would you like to become our model?”