Anything For Her

Chapter 64

The Fate Of Tanner Group

Tristan took Sophie to the dining hall for a simple breakfast, and by the time they finished eating, the
yacht that was supposed to pick them up had arrived. After bidding farewell to Ysabelle, Tristan led
Sophie onto the waiting yacht.

“What’s this? Mr. Tristan is leaving his niece here and heading back first?”

“Right? Now that Mr. Tristan has left, what’s the point of staying here?”

“I wish I could leave with him. Alas, I dare not tell him that.”

“You? Even if Mr. Tristan wanted to take someone with him, it’d be me. Why would he take you with

“Why you—”

With Tristan gone, all that was left behind were the ladies and their wild imaginations.

Over at Tanner Group, Yale had arrived at the office bright and early that morning.

The annual shareholders’ meeting would be held that day, and he couldn’t make a single mistake.

Charmaine, who held five percent of Tanner Group’s shares, had also gone to the office that day.

Yale’s secretary cautioned, “Mr. Tanner, many shareholders have strong opinions over the strategy you
employed the last quarter of the year. Today’s meeting may not be favorable to you.”

“I know that. But as Tanner Group’s largest shareholder, even if they’re displeased with me, there’s
nothing they can do to me. Am I right?”

To Yale, Tanner Group was meant to belong to the Tanner family.

The secretary was well aware of Yale’s character. He’s too stubborn, and his abilities are mediocre. If it
weren’t for him, Tanner Group wouldn’t have turned into what it was today.

The secretary did not say anything more, thinking it was probably time to start searching for a new job.

“I’ll go and prepare for the meeting, then.”

With that, the secretary left the conference room immediately.

“Are you sure there won’t be any problems?” Charmaine pressed.

Although she did not know what had happened to the company, she did know that the dividends she
received had gradually decreased due to the company’s less-than-stellar profits over the past few

“What problems could there be? Stop cursing me with bad luck,” Yale snapped irritably, in a foul mood.
His eye had been twitching over the past week, and he was worried that it was an omen that something
would go wrong.

I’d rather die than let Tanner Group slip through my hands!

“Why are you getting mad at me? Tanner Group’s profits have only plummeted lower and lower in your
hands. I honestly have no idea how you did that!” Charmaine’s temper also flared as she thought about
how her life was getting increasingly difficult.

“If you can’t say anything good, then shut up. Otherwise, get lost!” Yale yelled, infuriated.

If it hadn’t been for me, Tanner Group would be in a much worse state now!

Meanwhile, Tristan had driven Sophie right up to the lobby of the office building of Tanner Group.

“Do you want me to go in with you?” The car had come to a stop, yet he was reluctant to let her go in
and face the criticisms and judgments alone.

“That’s okay. Are you busy? If not, stay here and accompany me for a while.”

I don’t want to head up just yet. I’ll go to the shareholders’ meeting directly later. If I go up now, I’ll only
have to listen to a bunch of nonsense.

“I’m not busy,” he replied.

As long as she needs me, I’ll make time even if I’m busy.

Taking out his phone, he sent a text message to his assistant, asking the latter to delay his morning
meeting by half an hour.

“Sophie, if you really need me to be there, I can attend the shareholders’ meeting with you.”

“It’s all right. I just don’t want to go in so early and see the others, that’s all.”


Thus, they sat in the car for more than ten minutes. Seeing that it was almost time, Sophie got out of
the car.

“Thank you so much for today,” she said before leaving.

Tristan alighted from the car, grabbed her hand, and pulled her into his embrace.

“Remember this, Sophie. No matter what happens, call me first thing,” he reminded her. I believe she
can handle these matters by herself. Since she doesn’t want me to interfere, I’ll respect her decision.
It’s just that she has to protect herself.

Sophie beamed at him.

“It’s only a shareholders’ meeting, not a congregation of evil monsters. I’ll be fine. Honestly!” she
responded. Isn’t he thinking too little of me now? Then, she continued, “Okay. I should really get going

Tristan murmured an acknowledgment.

I believe in her.

Just before the meeting was about to start, all the shareholders took their seats.

Yale had also arrived at the conference room five minutes earlier. Seeing no sign of Sophie as he
settled into his seat, he visibly heaved a sigh of relief.

He did not know why, but he was terribly afraid Sophie would attend the shareholders’ meeting that day
despite knowing she only held twenty percent of the shares.

Charmaine let out a relieved sigh as well.

As long as Sophie doesn’t turn up, there won’t be any hiccups at the shareholders’ meeting today. After
all, we have forty-five percent of the shares in our hands. Together, we’re the company’s largest

“Is everyone here?” asked the secretary behind Yale.

“Except for Ms. Sophie, the other shareholders have arrived.”

“Let’s begin, then.”

“But Ms. Sophie isn’t here yet. She has a twenty percent stake in the company.”

“I’m her father. I can represent her.”

That had been Yale’s plan all along. As Sophie’s father and guardian, naturally, he would be able to
make a statement on her behalf if she did not show up.

“There’s no need for that. I can represent myself.”

At that moment, Sophie pushed open the door and strode into the conference room.

She had changed her clothes and was dressed simply in blue jeans and a white sweater with her hair
tied up.

Yale’s face fell slightly.

She could’ve arrived at any time, but she must’ve deliberately chosen to show up at this very moment.

After picking a seat at random and sitting down, Sophie said, “Isn’t there still one minute left? I’m not
late, so you don’t have to look at me like that.”

The other shareholders exchanged glances, wondering which camp Sophie belonged to.

“You may begin now.”

The person presiding over the meeting that day was Lionel Jennings, the general manager of Tanner

He glanced at Yale and waited until the latter nodded before making his opening remarks.

Sophie did not pay the slightest attention to what he said.

Instead, she pulled out her phone and started playing a game. A shareholders’ meeting like this is so

The other shareholders could not refrain from frowning when they saw her playing a game on her
phone at such a time and place.

As expected, she’s just a child. If Old Mr. Tanner hadn’t given her twenty percent of the shares out of
pity, she’d have nothing. Even though she’s here for the shareholders’ meeting today, her presence
probably won’t affect the outcome of today’s meeting.

The shareholders kept shaking their heads, thinking that there was no hope left in the Tanner family.

On the contrary, Yale was pleased with Sophie’s behavior.

It doesn’t matter if she’s present for today’s shareholders’ meeting. As long as she doesn’t stir up any
trouble, I can put up with her.

Noticing that Sophie did not seem to be listening, Lionel calmed down at once. She’s nothing but a silly
little girl. Anyway, I’ve done up all the reports for today flawlessly. Even Yale Tanner didn’t suspect a
thing, let alone a foolish girl like her.

The other shareholders listened carefully as Lionel continued with his report.

When it came to the portion of the profits, the expressions of several shareholders darkened.

We didn’t invest all that money into Tanner Group to get a pittance. If the company goes on as it is,
we’ll definitely lose everything!

It was then that Sophie finally set aside her phone and raised her head to glance at Lionel.

“Next, I’d like to invite our CEO to say a few words.”