Anything For Her

Chapter 65

Turning The Tables

Yale cleared his throat before turning on his microphone to address the investors. “After Mr. Jennings’
introduction just now, I believe we all now have a better understanding of the profit and loss in the
previous phase. I also believe we’re all well aware that there are ups and downs in the business world.
That’s why I hope we can take some time to remember why we started this in the first place. Let us
keep moving forward because I know that Tanner Group will rise again one day.”

“I don’t appreciate those words, Mr. Tanner. The only reason I invested in Tanner Group is to make
more money, and now you’re telling me that I’m losing money instead? I can’t accept that.”

“That’s right! Do you think our money grows on trees? Is that why you spent it like it’s nothing?”

“If you can’t do your job right, then I think it’s time we replace you with someone else. That way, we can
sleep easier at night,” suggested Victor White. The man owned twenty percent of Tanner Group’s
shares, making him a majority shareholder that was second only to the Tanners.

Yale did not expect Victor to undermine him like that in front of all the other investors. “Mr. White, I’m
the biggest shareholder of Tanner Group. Besides, it’s Tanner Group, not White Group.”

To that, Victor responded with a sneer. “I see. So you’re telling us that Tanner Group is a family
business and that there’s nothing we can do about your incompetence, then? Is that it?”

“Why you little…” Yale got so upset that he was lost for words. He never knew Victor could be so

Even though Victor had a devious smile on him, he had a point.

“I agree with Mr. White. If you don’t have what it takes, Mr. Tanner, you should let someone more
capable take your place.”

“That’s right! Why tire yourself when you can just sit back and let your dividends take care of you? In
case you didn’t notice, you’re not doing a very good job.”

Charmaine looked at Sophie and realized that the young woman was simply sitting there as though
what was happening around her mattered not.

“We can keep doing this and waste everybody’s time, or we can raise our hands and vote! Mr. Tanner
may have forty percent of the shares, but together, we have sixty,” suggested Victor impatiently.

“Those who do not agree that Yale Tanner should continue to hold his position as CEO of Tanner
Group, please raise your hands.” Victor decided to ignore Lionel and proceed with the voting himself.

As soon as Victor finished his sentence, he was the first to raise his hand. The other shareholders
thought for a while but eventually followed suit. This is the society we live in now, and family business
just doesn’t work anymore. Mr. Tanner should let someone more capable take his place if he can’t
produce desirable results.

In the end, Charmaine, Sophie, and Yale were the only ones who did not have their hands raised.

Combined, those who agreed to replace Yale possessed thirty-five percent of the company shares.

“Do you see now? You only have thirty-five percent, which means my family and I are still in charge.
None of you have any rights to kick me out.” Yale could not help but gloat over the result.

Disappointed, Victor stood up and was ready to leave the conference room.

“Wait.” Suddenly, Sophie raised her hand. “I agree that Mr. Tanner should be stripped of his position as
CEO of Tanner Group.”

The room immediately fell dead silent when everyone heard Sophie.

“Sophie, I’m your father!” exclaimed Yale furiously.

“I’m sorry, but we’re in the office right now. Personal relationships do not apply here.”

“How dare you!”

Victor turned back around, utterly impressed by Sophie.

“In that case, the first decision of today’s shareholders’ meeting is to dismiss Yale Tanner as the CEO
of the Tanner Group,” announced Victor, thrilled that Yale was finally knocked off the pedestal. “Since
we need to assign someone new as CEO now, I volunteer.”

“This is what it’s all about, isn’t it, Mr. White? You power-hungry b*stard!” cursed Yale with a popped

“Not so fast. I’ll be contending for the position as well.”

Sophie’s voice resounded throughout the room once again. Even though she did not turn on her
microphone, her voice was loud enough to catch everyone’s attention.


“Isn’t she just eighteen years old?”

“She is! What makes her think this is a good idea anyway?”

“Doesn’t she know who Mr. White is? How dare she oppose the man like that!”

“You?” asked Victor after a moment of silence. Although he preferred not to embarrass the young
woman, he did not think it was appropriate for her to treat the company like her playground.

Sophie nodded in response because she had promised her grandfather that she would ensure their
family name stayed in the company name. “That’s right. Me.”

Victor snorted. He could not believe that a young woman like Sophie would dare to compete with him.
What the heck is this family’s problem? I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

“Is there a problem?” questioned Sophie as her glance swept across the shareholders.

“Ms. Tanner, this is a workplace, not your personal playground.”

“Do you think we’re fooling around here? A huge amount of money is at stake here!”

“I know. That’s why I think Mr. White and I should each take charge of a loss-making company. Then,
we’ll compare the profits we make after a month. The winner gets to be CEO. How does that sound?”
Since the shareholders refused to take her seriously, Sophie decided to let her capability do the talking.

“Are you sure about that, Missy?” Victor was confident that he could beat Sophie. After all, he did not
go from rags to riches because he was lucky.

“Are you?”

The man could not help chuckling in amusement when Sophie riposted.

“You’ve got guts, Missy; I’ll give you that. Nobody has ever talked to me like that before. Fine! If that’s
what you want, I’ll play along. See you in a month?”

“If that’s the case, I’d like to participate as well. I don’t think either of you can do better than me.”
Discontented that he was no longer CEO, Yale thought the competition Sophie suggested would be his
chance at redemption.

“Sure! I wouldn’t stop you from embarrassing yourself.” Since Victor agreed to let the man join in, the
other shareholders had nothing to say about it.

“That’s it for today’s shareholders’ meeting, then! See you all in a month.” Victor was sure that he would
become the CEO no matter what.

“Mr. Jennings, would you kindly sort out the three companies with the highest loss and send the
information to us?” Sophie asked the general manager.

“Sure, Ms. Tanner,” responded Lionel immediately.

Sophie was ready to walk away after all the shareholders had left, but Yale stopped her.

“Is there anything else?”

“Is this how you treat your own father, Sophie? Do you have any idea how disappointed I was just
now?” Yale was upset that his daughter undermined him.

“What’s wrong with how I treated you? Since you can’t do your job right, it’s only normal that we get
someone more capable to replace you.”

“Why you little…” Thoroughly infuriated by his daughter, Yale felt as if his head was about to explode.

“Do you see what you’ve given birth to? She can’t even do well in her studies yet thinks running a
company is easy. It’s nonsense!”

“We’ll know for sure in a month.” Sophie did not want to listen to the ranting any longer, so she turned
around and left.