Anything For Her

Chapter 62

Amorous Atmosphere

“Like I’d expect people like you to know what this rock actually is! It’s worth at least ten million!”

The man never liked women like them. All they had were looks but no substance.


Danielle wanted to retaliate, but her friend held her back.

“Stop talking. His family’s the biggest antique trader in Jipsdale. If he says the rock is worth that much,
it’s definitely worth that much. You’ll only look ignorant if you try to argue with him.”

“She’s right. Just keep your mouth shut. You’re embarrassing us!”

With that, Danielle stopped talking.

Never had she expected Sophie to be able to afford to buy Ysabelle a rock worth ten million.

“Sorry, but I can’t sell this no matter how much it costs. It’s my favorite gift. Thank you so much, Soph,
but you really didn’t have to go to such lengths for my birthday gift.”

She couldn’t imagine Sophie having forked out ten million on this rock.

“You’re most welcome. It’s just ten million, anyway. Anything is worth it as long as you like it.”

Sophie truly didn’t care about the price. All that mattered was that Ysabelle liked the gift.

“I love it!”

Felix felt a little sheepish now, for his gift no longer seemed as extravagant compared to what Sophie
had prepared.

Sophie didn’t like being in crowded places, so she turned and left after the cake-cutting ceremony,
heading outside to enjoy the night view of the city.

Yet, no matter how much she tried to avoid trouble, trouble always seemed to follow her.

With her group of friends, Danielle walked toward Sophie.

“Mr. Tristan helped you get that rock, didn’t he, Sophie? It’s not like your family has that much money

Danielle refused to believe that Sophie could afford something this expensive.

“Yeah! Even if you don’t admit it, that necklace you’re wearing is more than enough proof. I saw Mr.
Tristan buy it at an auction with my own eyes.”

“There’s no way a peasant like you can afford something worth ten million.”

“Well, if thinking that way makes you happy, I won’t stop you,” Sophie replied calmly. “Are you done?
Can you buzz off now?”

“Buzz off? Who are you telling to buzz off? Just who do you think you are?” Danielle retorted in an
attempt to establish dominance.

“You. I’m talking to you.”


In a rage, Danielle charged forward to push Sophie, but the latter swiftly evaded her, causing her to fall
to the ground instead.

“Danielle! Are you okay?”

One of her friend helped her up.

“You’d better stay away from me,” Sophie warned them.

Resentment swirled within Danielle.

“Godd*mmit! What are you getting all smug about?”

“Let it go, Danielle. I don’t think we should mess with her. Besides, Mr. Tristan’s got her back. He won’t
be happy if he finds out what you’re doing to her.”

“Shut up! Whose side are you even on? There’s no way Mr. Tristan would fall for a b*tch like her!”

“Danielle, we’re saying this for your own good.”

“Then I suppose I’ll have to thank you, huh?” I won’t accept this. I’ve prepared myself all this while and
learned so many things just so I could marry Mr. Tristan one day. I’m not going to let anyone else have

Sophie headed back in to look for Ysabelle. The cruise ship was still out above the waters, so she had
no way of getting off. Then, she thought of going to Ysabelle’s room, only to find it locked.

Left with no other choice, she could only head to Tristan’s room.

Sticking with him is still better than being around those stupid girls.

Standing in front of the door, Sophie only had to knock thrice before it flew open.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go, so I thought I’d hang out here for a while. If it’s not okay with you…”

She trailed off upon noticing a gorgeous woman inside his room.

“It’s no problem at all, but give me a second. I have some trash to take care of.”

After responding, Tristan turned around.

“Get out of my room, or I’ll feed you to the sharks.”

He had returned to his room, only to find a woman waiting inside. Then, a knock came on the door
before he could even take a close look at her.

“But Mr. Tristan…” the woman pled in a dainty voice.

“Get out.”

Feeling humiliated, the woman ran out of the room in tears.

Sophie felt awkward standing there.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

Tristan didn’t know how to respond to that.

Sophia continued, “But it looks like you really are a ladies’ man, huh? There’s always a woman waiting
to throw herself in your arms wherever you go!”

“Shut your mouth, or I’ll shut you up in my own ways.”

It would probably be easier if he just plugged that infuriating little mouth of hers.

“Ooh, someone’s mad.”

Hearing that, Tristan immediately grabbed her by the waist and planted his lips against hers.

Sophie’s eyes widened in bewilderment.

She didn’t think he meant it, or that he would shut her up this way.

Ugh… Me and my big mouth! Why did I p*ss him off in the first place?

Sophie remained frustrated even after Tristan had let go of her.

I was never such a pushover!

The man gently brushed her swollen lip with his fingers.

“Does it hurt?”

He had used a bit of force then.

Sophie pushed his arm away.

“I’m fine. It’s bearable.”

Tristan gazed at her silently.

“I don’t mean anything by that! Don’t get the wrong idea.”

He continued to stare at her.

“Seriously, that’s not what I meant! Argh! Forget it. You can think whatever you want!”

He smiled.

Sophie grew enraged at that. What’s so funny? He keeps getting on my nerves!

The air inside the room grew slightly amorous, making Sophie feel unsettled.

She sat down at the same spot as before and gazed out the window.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come here in the first place, but it’s too late to think about all this now.

Tristan handed her a woollen blanket for her legs again.

“You can sleep on the bed if you’re tired. I’m going to go say hi to some people.”

As soon as he left the room, Sophie heaved a sigh of relief.

Feeling bored on her own, she took out her phone and began to create a mini-game.

It was only when Ysabelle called her that she exited the program.

“Soph! Where are you? Come back! The waltz is about to begin.”

The waltz was the main event of the night.

“Okay. I’m on my way.”

Sophie wasn’t all that interested in dancing, but she didn’t want to rain on the birthday girl’s parade.

After putting the blanket back onto the couch, she left in search of Ysabelle.

When she arrived, she saw Ysabelle dancing with Felix.

They were the only two on the dance floor. It was Ysabelle’s birthday, after all, so she naturally had the
first dance.

Anticipation rose within Winter when she noticed that Tristan wasn’t with Sophie.

Where did he go? Well, it’s fine if I couldn’t make him my date for tonight. I’d be more than happy to
have one dance with him.

By now, Felix and Ysabelle had ended their first dance.

More couples entered the dance floor as the music played once again.

At that very moment, a dashing-looking man stopped in front of Sophie.

“Good evening, Ms. Tanner. Would you care to dance with me?”

Sophie frowned.

“Sorry. But I don’t know how to dance.”

“It’s fine. I’ll guide you.” The man had no intention of giving up.

“I’ll pass.”

“Give me a chance, Ms. Tanner. Aren’t you attending Tanner Group’s shareholders’ meeting this
coming Monday? I might just lend you a hand on that day.”

“An outsider like you shouldn’t interfere with the Tanner family’s affairs.”

“What’s wrong?” Suddenly, Tristan appeared behind her. “Didn’t I tell you to wait inside my room? Why
did you come out here on your own?”