Anything For Her

Chapter 60


“Danielle, are you all right?” her friends asked before helping her up.

“F*ck you! Do you know how important my feet are to me? I’m going to make you pay!” Since Danielle
Judd was a ballet dancer, her feet were her invaluable assets.

“Oh, is it? Then, you shouldn’t pester me anymore. Otherwise, I’m going to make sure to incapacitate
your feet. Treat this as a lesson.” With that, Sophie ignored them and went to look for Ysabelle.

Winter walked toward Danielle and pretended to be considerate. “Are you okay, Danielle? Didn’t I tell
you not to act impulsively?”

“Winter, you know I’ve always been interested in Mr. Tristan, right? What’s so good about that wild
girl?” Danielle raged. She’s nothing compared to me in terms of family background and looks!

“Well, you can’t force your feelings upon others, you know? That’s enough. Stop causing any trouble.
Otherwise, Mr. Tristan isn’t going to be happy about it,” Winter advised.

“I know.” Danielle was still incredibly frustrated. However, she was aware of how scary Tristan could be.
Although she liked him a lot, she was scared of him more.

“That stupid, poor girl. How dare she get on Diamond Cruise and wrap up a rock as a present? I’m sure
Mr. Tristan is just fooling around with her,” Danielle grumbled.

“All right. Enough. You’ll get in trouble if Mr. Tristan hears that,” Winter warned.

At that moment, Tristan had arrived on the cruise ship.

The cruise ship then set sail shortly after.

Upon seeing Tristan, the socialites started posing seductively.

“You’re here, Mr. Tristan!” Winter dashed toward him and asked, “Would you be my partner tonight, Mr.

There was going to be a dance later that evening. Hence, Winter wanted Tristan to be her dance
partner. Since he didn’t come with Sophie, that means I have a chance to dance with him!

“I’m sorry. I already have a dance partner.” Tristan turned her down.

He then cast a glance around, but he couldn’t find Sophie. She must’ve gone to look for Ysabelle.

“But, Mr. Tristan—” Winter was about to ask again.

“Winter, don’t make me repeat myself.” Tristan had always been impatient with other women.

As she watched him leave, Winter’s face turned grim.

Just then, Danielle walked up beside her and scoffed, “Winter, don’t you think Mr. Tristan is way out of
your league? How could you be shameless enough to ask him to be your partner?”

She was provoking Winter on purpose.

She wasn’t happy with the fact that Winter was acting all high and mighty. You had the audacity to offer
yourself up? Jokes on you for getting rejected.

“What did you say?” Winter was enraged.

“You should mind your attitude, Danielle,” she added.

“What’s wrong with my attitude? Since we both like Mr. Tristan, why should I treat you nicely?” Danielle

“Oh? I wonder what would Mr. Tristan think when he finds out you were bullying Sophie!”

“You!” Danielle didn’t expect Winter to use that against her.

“Know your place, Danielle. Don’t ever crave for something that isn’t yours,” Winter taunted. You’re not
worthy to fight against me.

Sophie saw Ysabelle lying on her bed upon walking into her room. Isn’t she worried about messing up
her hair?

Ysabelle sat up immediately when she saw Sophie. “Finally, you’re here! I thought you bailed on me!”

Sophie went over to sit on the bed as well. “It’s your birthday. How could I miss it? You look so pretty,
Ysabelle,” Sophie said sincerely.

Ysabelle leaned on Sophie’s shoulder and said, “I’m not as pretty as you, Soph. You look mesmerizing
in that little black dress.”

If Ysabelle hadn’t seen Sophie fight with her own eyes, she wouldn’t believe she could fight so well with
that slender waist of hers.

Ysabelle couldn’t help but wrap her arms around Sophie’s waist and asked, “Why don’t you just marry
me, Soph?”

Sophie laughed upon hearing that. Does this girl not filter her words when she speaks?

“Why are you laughing? I’m serious. Honestly, I’m capable of doing everything except for giving birth.”
Ysabelle was promoting herself enthusiastically.

“Really?” Sophie asked.

At that moment, the door to Ysabelle’s room was pushed open, and a cold voice followed.

“Uncle Tristan, what are you doing here? This is my room!” Ysabelle was unhappy.

Tristan’s gaze fell upon Ysabelle’s arms, where she was holding Sophie’s waist. Truth be told, he
wasn’t happy with what he saw.

“Your dad asked for you. Go see him in his room,” Tristan said nonchalantly.

“Oh? All right, then. Wait for me here, Soph. You can have a rest here if you’re tired. I’ll go see what my
dad wants from me.” Ysabelle didn’t dare to defy her father’s instructions.

“Sure. Go on. Don’t worry about me.” Sophie had quick adaptability.

Ysabelle then left to find her father.

“Come here,” Tristan ordered.

Since Tristan and Sophie were alone in the room, his voice turned alluring.

Sophie remained still despite his order. Why should I go just because he asked me to? I have my pride.

“Fine. If you’re not coming here, I’ll go to you,” Tristan added.

Sophie instantly stood up and walked over after hearing that.

“What do you want?” she asked.

Tristan took out a jewelry box and revealed a necklace that looked exquisite and expensive.

“I forgot to give you this,” he said.

Tristan bought it because he knew the necklace suited her the moment he laid eyes on it.

“Mr. Tristan, this is too expensive. I can’t accept this.”

“I’m just lending it to you.”

Sophie was rendered speechless. Fine. What else can I say to that?

Tristan then walked behind her and put it on for her.

“How much does it cost? What if I can’t afford to pay you back if I lose it?” Sophie wasn’t well-off at all.

“It’s quite expensive, actually. If you lose it, I would have no choice but to sell you.”

Sophie went speechless again. Why do I keep humiliating myself?

“It’s almost time. Let’s go,” Tristan said.

Considering Tristan’s posture, Sophie thought it was only natural if she coiled her arm around his.

Although she didn’t want to bring too much attention to herself, Tristan was leaving her with no choice.

The two of them then strolled toward the grand hall on the cruise ship while holding each other’s arms.
By the time they arrived, most of the guests were already there.

The socialites were all clenching their jaws in jealousy when they saw Sophie holding Tristan’s arm.
That d*mned vixen! What does she think she’s doing? How dare she hold his arm?

In truth, Tristan had never been a fan of such events. Although he had attended a few in the past, he
had never brought along a female partner.

However, not only did he bring a female partner this time around, but he also let her hold his arm.

The socialites were so annoyed that they wanted nothing more than to rip Sophie’s arm off of him.

Tristan leaned toward Sophie and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’m here with you.”

He was so near to her she could feel his breath on her cheeks.

Sophie felt rather helpless when she saw the stares the socialites were giving her.

Great, I think I just made myself a ton of enemies tonight…

“Mr. Tristan, don’t overdo it.” His actions were a little too affectionate to her liking.

“All right.” Despite his words, Tristan proceeded to wrap his arm around her waist.