Anything For Her

Chapter 59

Tear You Apart

“Oh? Which wealthy family is she from?”

Upon hearing that, Louisa and Willow turned around and saw Sophie walking toward the cruise ship.

“Why is she here? How did the Tanner family get an invitation from the Lombard family?” Louisa was
curious because even the Yarborough family didn’t get invited.

“I have no idea.” Willow clenched her fists in anger. Since she didn’t get on the cruise ship, she wasn’t
going to let Sophie get on it either.

Willow and Louisa stopped Sophie in her tracks.

“What are you doing here, Sophie? Do you know where this is? You’re not worthy of being here.”
Louisa was so boastful she had forgotten her own invitation card was a fake.

“Indeed! Soph, you can’t go aboard the Diamond Cruise without an invitation, you know? Since it’s
impossible for you to get on it, I would suggest you leave now before you embarrass yourself!” Willow

“Get out of my way.” Sophie wasn’t in the mood to entertain their nonsense.

“Do you have an invitation card? Like this one. See?” Louisa asked while waving her invitation card in
Sophie’s face. She was sure Sophie wouldn’t have been invited.

“I mean, look at that miserable face of yours! I’m sure you weren’t invited,” she added.

“Is that any of your concern?” Sophie ignored the two of them and walked toward the cruise ship. I
wonder is Tristan here yet? That guy is so strange.

Louisa suddenly grabbed Sophie’s hand and said, “I’m just reminding you out of kindness. There’s no
way you’re getting on that cruise ship without an invitation. So could you please just leave before you
embarrass the whole Tanner family?”

Sophie was pissed, so she grabbed Louisa’s hand and pinched her.

Louisa yelled out in pain. “Ouch! What the hell are you doing, Sophie? You’re hurting me. Let me go!”

“Didn’t I warn both of you before? Didn’t you understand when I told you guys not to pester me?”
Sophie asked.

“What are you doing, Soph? Let go of Louisa!” While saying that, Willow was walking toward Sophie to
stop her.

Sophie instantly shot her a gaze. Willow got spooked and backed off. She was scared because she
was well aware of what Sophie was capable of.

“You’re such a b*tch, Sophie! Let go of me now! Otherwise, I’ll make you pay!” Louisa was in so much
pain by then that she started having cold sweat.

“What a foul mouth. Since your parents never bothered to teach you a thing or two about manners, I
guess I would have to teach you some lessons myself.” With that, Sophie let go of her hand and gave
Louisa two hard slaps across her face.

Louisa was stunned. Did that b*tch just slap me? How dare she hit me?

“How dare you?” She was infuriated. Just when she was about to pounce at Sophie, she saw her
contemptuous glare. Louisa immediately froze.

“You’d better hide the next time you see me. Otherwise, you’ll be getting something more than two
slaps.” Sophie took out a napkin from her purse and wiped her hands before throwing it into the bin.

The reporters were excitedly snapping photos of what happened. Noticing that, Sophie called Butterfly
and told her to get rid of all the photos.

Afterward, she walked toward the check-in booth with Louisa’s and Willow’s eyes glued to her.

“Miss, may I see your invitation card?” the security guard asked.

Sophie frowned. It’s just a party. Why is an invitation card needed? Ysabelle didn’t even give me any

“I don’t have one,” she told the security guard.

“Miss, I’m sorry. But you can’t go in without an invitation card.”

The guests at the party were all rich and powerful. That was why the security was extremely strict.

Just then, Sophie received a call from Ysabelle.

“Why aren’t you here yet, Soph?” Ysabelle asked.

“I’m here. But did you forget to give me an invitation card?”

“Invitation card? Oh! I’m so sorry. I must’ve forgotten. It’s fine. Pass the phone to the security guard.”

Sophie handed the phone to the security guard. Upon hearing Ysabelle’s voice on the other end of the
line, the guard panicked.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were Ms. Ysabelle’s friend! Please go ahead!”

Sophie walked right into the cruise ship after having her phone handed back to her.

Louisa and Willow could only watch as Sophie walked into the party they wished so much to attend.

“How is that possible? How did Sophie get on the cruise ship without an invitation card? We were
denied access even when we had our invitation cards!” Louisa was baffled.

Willow kept mum. Why does everything seem so easy for Sophie?

Louisa once again went to the security guard and grumbled, “She didn’t have an invitation card, right?
Why did you let her in when you’ve denied us access even though we have invitation cards?”

“Miss, if you insist on being a nuisance here, I would have no choice but to call the police.” The security
guard was getting irritated.


Willow pulled Louisa away when she saw an argument was about to take place.

“Forget about it, Louisa. Let’s just leave.” Willow was embarrassed.

“Forget about it? How could I? Sophie hit me just now,” Louisa complained.

“Louisa, haven’t you humiliated yourself enough?”

Louisa went quiet. Indeed, she had never been so humiliated before.

“I swear to make her pay! I must make her pay!” Louisa kept mumbling to herself all the way to the car.

After getting on the cruise ship, Sophie didn’t see Tristan around, although most of the guests had

In the meantime, she wanted to find Ysabelle so that she could give her the present she brought along.

However, someone purposefully bumped into her, causing her to drop the present.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It was an accident.” The girl that knocked her over then bent down to pick up the

“Give it back.” Sophie glared at the girl coldly. She definitely did it on purpose.

“I’ve seen all kinds of things! Don’t be so petty.” The girl opened the box and saw a rock inside. She
couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You’re giving a rock to Ms. Ysabelle? Are you serious?” one of the other girls asked.

“You’re giving Ms. Ysabelle a rock? That’s so cheap!” another added.

“Don’t push it, girls. Has anyone heard of the Tanner family before? This is the third eldest daughter of
the Tanner family. Her family has already disowned her! I guess the best she could do is a rock!”

The socialites on the cruise ship were all discriminating against Sophie.

“What are you girls doing?” Suddenly, Winter showed up and stood beside Sophie. “This is Ms.
Ysabelle’s best friend. She will not be happy with how you girls are treating her best friend.”

“Winter, it’s not that we’re treating her poorly. But Ms. Sophie is being such a cheapskate by giving Ms.
Ysabelle a rock as a present! We’re just standing up for Ms. Ysabelle,” one of the socialites argued.

“Give it to me.” Sophie was starting to get impatient.

“It’s just a d*mn rock! Why are you so anxious about it? I have plenty in my backyard. If you want
some, feel free to come over and pick them up yourself.”


The socialites were having the time of their lives making fun of Sophie.

Sophie walked toward the girl who knocked her over and snatched the present. While she was at it,
she stomped her heel into her foot.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It was an accident,” Sophie apologized sarcastically.

With a heel in her foot, the socialite instantly squatted down in pain while holding her foot.