Anything For Her

Chapter 57

Private Territory

“Thank you, but I’m not interested in becoming a model.” Sophie never liked others knowing about her
private life.

“Oh, I see. That’s such a shame because I think you’re born for it. You don’t have to reject me right
away, though. Sleep on it, okay? If you happen to change your mind, call me anytime.” The designer
passed Sophie her business card.

Right then, the assistant brought over the dress Tristan had ordered them to custom make. “Ms.
Tanner, please come over with me to try the dress out. If needed, we can alter it on the spot.”

The assistant then led Sophie to the changing room and helped her put on the black dress.

“The dress fits you like a glove, Ms. Tanner! Mr. Lombard is going to be over the moon when he sees
you in it.” The assistant was dumbstruck. Although the girls who had gone there to custom-make
dresses were all pretty, Sophie was the prettiest of them all.

“Thank you.” Sophie had been praised for her looks ever since she was young. Hence, she was
already numb to such compliments.

“I’ll help you tie your hair up!” The assistant tied Sophie’s auburn hair up to reveal her beautiful neck.

Although Sophie wasn’t wearing any makeup, she was still stunningly beautiful.

“We’re done!” The assistant opened the door, and Sophie headed out.

When Sophie came out, Tristan was on the phone in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Upon hearing
the sound of footsteps, he turned around gracefully. Right then, he saw Sophie walking toward him in
that black dress.

He was usually a composed and calm man. However, at that moment, he was stunned to the point he
could not speak. I knew she was going to look good in black. It seems like I have good eyes for such
things, after all. Indeed, Sophie looked very alluring dressed in that black sleeveless dress.

He then hung up the phone and approached Sophie.

“How is it? Do you like it?” The sleeveless dress stopped just right above the knee. Its design was
meant to showcase her beautiful legs and stunning arms.

“Isn’t it a little too short?” Tristan wasn’t pleased when he realized all the men at the party would stare
at Sophie’s legs.

“No, it isn’t. The length is perfect for an evening gown! All that it’s showing are the arms and legs.” The
designer was thrilled with the dress. As a designer, her primary aim was to be able to get her
customers to showcase her impeccable designs.

The designer then approached Sophie to check out the dress. “The area around your waist is still a
little loose, though. Ms. Tanner, you have such a slender waist!”

Sophie had a spectacular figure. Despite being slim, she had all the assets a woman would want on
her body.

“It’s all right.” Sophie wasn’t bothered. Nonetheless, she was in love with the dress.

“Ms. Tanner, Mr. Lombard had personally picked this out for you.”

“Thank you.” With that, Sophie went to the changing room to change into her own clothes.

The designer wanted to alter Sophie’s dress, so Sophie and Tristan sat on the couch and waited.

“Mr. Lombard, your suit is ready.” The assistant brought Tristan’s suit out and asked, “Do you need to
try them on?”

“That won’t be necessary. You can just leave them there.” His suits were always tailored there, so he
was quite sure everything would fit nicely.

“It’s getting late. Shall we have lunch first?” Tristan asked.

Sophie nodded in response. Since she had just had a hearty breakfast, she wasn’t hungry. However,
she was getting bored while waiting.

After instructing the assistant to send the dress and the suit to a particular location, Tristan brought
Sophie to a fancy restaurant.

The moment Sophie sat down, she received a call from Ysabelle.

“Soph, where are you?” Ysabelle’s schedule was packed that day, so she had only found the time to
ring Sophie.

“I’m at Dream Restaurant.” Sophie was talking to Ysabelle and flipping through the menu at the same

“What? You’re only having lunch now? By the way, you must come over tonight, okay?” Ysabelle was
worried that Sophie wouldn’t show up.

“I know, Ms. Lombard. I’ll be there. That’s all, right? I still have matters to attend to, so I’ll be hanging up
now.” With that, Sophie hung up the call.

Seeing that she had finally gotten off the phone, Tristan asked, “What would you like to eat? They
serve good steak here.”

“I’ll have a salad to go with the steak, then.”

Tristan ordered the dishes.

When the steak was served, Tristan helped her cut the steak into small pieces.

Being the handsome man that he was, he looked dashing even when he was cutting steak.

After he was done cutting, he served the plate to Sophie.

“Mr. Tristan, thank you so much for today. You don’t have to accompany me to get the dress, actually. I
can do it on my own.” Knowing how busy Tristan was, Sophie was surprised that he would spend so
much time with her. After all, getting a dress is just a small matter.

“Don’t worry about it. These are all things I want to do. As long as that’s the case, I don’t find them
tedious at all.” Tristan continued cutting the steak.

After lunch, he found out he had left something behind at Lombard Group. Hence, he brought her along
to the legendary Lombard Group’s headquarters.

“I’ll just wait in the car.”

“It’s fine. Let’s head up together so that I can show you my working environment.” Upon saying that, he
went and opened the car door for Sophie.

Sophie had no choice but to get out of the car.

Lombard Group’s headquarters was the most luxurious commercial building in Jipsdale. It was a
ninety-story skyscraper.

Tristan brought Sophie along to the ninetieth floor using the elevator meant for the CEO.

The entire ninetieth floor was reserved for the CEO, and it had all the facilities one could ask for.

It was divided into two sections. One was for work, and it comprised the CEO’s personal office and five
offices for the secretaries. Apart from that, there was a luxurious conference room and a massive

The other section was Tristan’s private space, and it was designed like a presidential suite.

“Do you stay here?” Sophie asked, knowing that she was staying in his unit at Wisteria Apartments.

“I would stay here whenever I’m caught up with work.”

Lombard Group had all sorts of subsidiaries dealing in different industries. When he took over the
company, there were a lot of things he needed to familiarize himself with. Furthermore, the power
struggle within the company was a thorny situation to deal with.

When that happened, Tristan would just stay there and work endlessly.

Hence, the place was properly equipped, and he had everything he needed. After all, he wasn’t one to
mistreat himself.

“Have a look around, okay? I’ll go to the office to get some things ironed out. I’ll be back once I’m
done.” Tristan brought her to his private area.

Once Tristan left, Butterfly’s call came.

“What’s up?” Sophie asked.

“Phantom, something bad has happened. Someone was attacking Wings of Light’s firewall.”


“Nothing happened in the end, of course. After all, you’ve personally set up Wings of Light’s firewall. No
one’s going to be able to break it. Still, there seems to be a loophole in our firewall. If you’re free, come
over and have a look, will you?” Despite her confidence in Sophie, Butterfly was still slightly worried.