Anything For Her

Chapter 55

Anticipating The Kiss

“Are you okay with it, Soph? We don’t have to play the game if you don’t want to.”

Ysabelle was certain that Sophie could do most things well, but throwing darts was a game that needed
constant practice. I wonder if she ever played it before.

“It’s fine. We can play if that’s what you want.”

Sophie smiled warmly, and it was as though she was letting Ysabelle do whatever she wanted on her

“I love you so much, Soph,” said Ysabelle. In a way, Sophie was the perfect boyfriend material.
“Seriously, if you’re a guy, I would marry you in a heartbeat.”

Sophie smiled without saying anything else.

“Ms. Tanner, you truly are incredible. It seems like you can do everything with ease.”

Winter was bidding her time and planning ahead. The higher the pedestal she put Sophie on, the more
it would hurt when Sophie inevitably fell.

Sophie, however, didn’t think much of it. It’s just a game of throwing darts, so how hard can it be? I’ll
just let her think that she’s winning for a little longer.

“Do you need Mr. Tristan to give you some private lessons beforehand? He was the one who taught
you how to play pools the last time, right?”

“There’s no need for that. Since Ms. Quigley is that eager to lose, let’s just play.”

Sophie was truly irked by Winter’s behavior. After all, it shouldn’t matter what her relationship with
Tristan was like. Winter still had no right butting in on the matter.

“Hah,” replied Winter. She couldn’t help scoffing. “Before that, though, let’s make things clear. This is
just a game, so regardless of how things turn out to be, no one is allowed to hold a grudge, okay?”

“Winter, let’s just play. Why are you talking so much? What’s the point of saying all that, anyway?”

How have I never noticed that Winter is so annoying before?

“I’ll go first,” said Ysabelle. She stood up and tossed the dart right away.

“Ten points,” said Felix. He couldn’t help chuckling a little. Ysabelle’s skill is really… something else.

“What are you laughing at, Felix? Do you think you can do better? Fine, go on, then. You can go next.”

“Sure,” replied Felix. He stood behind the line, adjusted his stance, and threw the dart. “Twenty-five
points. See that? That is how you do it.”


That good-for-nothing Felix is deliberately messing with me!

“Soph, it’s your turn.”

Sophie made her way over. She picked up a dart and tossed it mindlessly.

Even so, it managed to hit the bull’s eye.

Everyone was instantly speechless.

The same thought flashed across their mind. My gosh, can she be any more nonchalant?

“Huh… I didn’t think my luck will be that good. Throwing darts is all about luck, right?”

Winter was even more delighted.

Although she was the one who suggested the game, she had never thought about winning it.

In fact, she was determined to lose the game. Only then would she be able to kiss Tristan.

After all, it was just a game. She figured that Tristan wouldn’t be able to complain even if she were to
kiss him.

“Wow, you play so well, Ms. Tanner. You must frequent clubs often and play regularly, huh?” Winter

Sophie sneered. Ah, so that’s what she has been planning.

Charles and Sean were up next. Both had trained with the special forces before, so games like that
were nothing to them.

Hence, their results were virtually perfect.

“It’s your turn, Mr. Tristan.”

Winter was smiling brightly. Yes, I will surely lose now.

“You should go ahead. I’ll be the last one,” said Tristan.

Winter didn’t have the guts to disobey since it was Tristan who told her to play first. There’s no way
Tristan is that bad at throwing darts, right? At worst, he will definitely get some points.

Winter made her way to the right spot, grabbed a dart, and threw it as well as she could.

In the end, however, she got the worst result with only one point.

“I’m so sorry. It’s been a while since I last played this game, so I under-performed,” said Winter sadly.
She pretended to be disappointed, but she was actually brimming with happiness.

She reckoned she finally had the chance to kiss the man she loved, who was right there in Nocturnal.

“It’s your turn, Mr. Tristan.”

Winter was getting a little eager.

“Soph, why does it seem as though Winter wants to lose the game? Is it just me, or is she that

“It’s not just you. She wants to lose so that she can kiss Tristan. Can you really not see that?”

Sophie would have to be an idiot to not know what Winter was planning.

“Huh? What the hell? How shameless can that woman get? I can’t believe she came up with a plan like
that. Does she really like Uncle Tristan that much? Ugh, this is so disgusting. She is not worthy of him.”

Ysabelle would never have put two and two together if Sophie hadn’t pointed it out.

“Well… What do we do now? We can’t let her kiss Uncle Tristan, can we?”

“What is there for us to do? This is about your Uncle Tristan, and no one can do anything if he’s okay
with her kissing him,” Sophie replied.

“No, that won’t do. Anyone else can kiss him but her!”

“Why not? Aren’t the two of you on good terms?”

“She and I are no longer friends, okay? I mean, did you see how she repeatedly goes after you today? I
don’t want to be friends with her anymore.”

As far as Ysabelle was concerned, anyone who dared to go after her best friend would be deemed an
enemy. She didn’t even care who that enemy might be.

Tristan gracefully made his way over and picked up a dart.

Winter’s gaze moved with the dart.

Her heart began thumping fast.

The opportunity was so close that she began picturing what it would feel like to press her lips against
his. She had been dreaming of that kiss for so long, but she never had the chance to realize it.

In a way, she had to thank Ysabelle for it. If it hadn’t been for her, Winter would never have had an
opportunity like that.

“Oh my gosh, Uncle Tristan…”

“What the hell?” said Felix. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Uh, Mr. Tristan…”

Sophie didn’t say anything. She simply blinked. Okay, he definitely did that on purpose!

The dart fell out of the board, so Tristan was the one with the lowest point of zero points.

Winter’s smile faded right away. And here I was expecting that kiss eagerly. Yet, this is all I got for
waiting patiently?

The kiss she had been dreaming of, the opportunity she had been dying for… Everything faded just like

“I bet Uncle Tristan saw through her schemes. How is he so smart? Man, he lost so perfectly.”

Ysabelle was cheering inwardly. I’m okay with Uncle Tristan kissing anyone so long as that person isn’t
that scheming b*tch, Winter.

“Mr. Tristan, you…”

Winter lost her voice. T-That means he saw through my schemes.

The other men present knew that Tristan lost on purpose because it was too obvious. I guess he just
wants to kiss Sophie, huh?

“Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom,” said Sophie. Sh*t! Winter set this stupid trap, and I am not
paying for her mistake!

Hope began flaring within Winter again after hearing Sophie excusing herself to go to the restroom.

She figured that Tristan couldn’t possibly kiss one of the other boys, and since Ysabelle was his niece,
kissing her would be inappropriate. That meant that Winter was the only option available.

Obviously, she would be much happier to have Tristan kiss her instead of being the one who had to
take the initiative to kiss him.

Winter licked her lips a little, and her heart thumped faster.

Sophie had just stood up when Tristan suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled firmly. She fell onto his
lap right away.

She hadn’t even registered what had happened before Tristan planted his lips on hers.

Winter was speechless.

So… Tristan had been waiting for the opportunity to lose as well…


Sophie struggled to break free, but Tristan’s hold on her was strong. He did not give her a shot at