Anything For Her

Chapter 54

So Cool

“Ah! Me! Pick me!”

The fans cheered even louder and wilder.

“Now, I wonder who will that lucky fan be?”

Darkness enveloped the bar, leaving only a beam of light shining down on Sophie.

“And there we have it! Our lucky fan today will be that stunning woman!”

Sophie was speechless.

“Oh, my God, Soph, you’re going to work with my idol! Ahhh! That is so amazing! You’ve got to get me
an autograph, okay?” Ysabelle was beyond excited.

“Do you not want to go? If you don’t, we can leave now,” Tristan asked.

“It’s fine. I’ll do this for Ysabelle. It’ll be her birthday present.”

In the next moment, it was as though a miracle had happened because the fans parted ways and a
clear path magically appeared in front of Sophie.

“Shall we?”

The ladies screamed in delight when they saw Mark extending the invitation gracefully.


Mark signaled the others to calm down.

The fans had always listened to him, so the place turned silent a moment later.

Mark led the way and brought Sophie up onto the stage. However, Sophie had no intention of singing
at all. She walked toward the band and whispered something into the drummer’s ears. The drummer
stood up immediately after to let her have his seat.

Mark grabbed the microphone, walked to Sophie, and greeted her.

“It’s been a while since we last saw each other.”

Sophie ignored him. D*mn, this guy is still as immature as ever.

Mark nodded to the other members of the band.

“I didn’t realize that Sophie knows how to play the drums,” commented Felix, who was rather surprised.

“Neither did I.”

The music played, and Sophie turned to Mark. Their eyes locked before their performance began.

Sophie spun her drumstick in a way that made her look cool.

The lights landed on both Mark and Sophie.

When Sophie played the drums, her style was so breathtaking that every move she made stirred
Tristan’s heart.

Tristan rarely went to concerts, but the way Sophie played the drums at that moment… She was
mesmerizing, and for a moment there, he felt as though that drum set was perfect for her. It was almost
as if she was born to be a drummer.

Many fans were unhappy at the beginning when they weren’t chosen as the lucky fan and couldn’t
hang out with Mark. After seeing Sophie’s performance, however, everyone was pacified.

They thought that the lucky audience member was cool and worked perfectly in sync with Mark.

The song was over soon. Sophie put the drumsticks away and planned on getting off that stage right

“Let’s have dinner together,” invited Mark.

“I’m busy.”

“You’re still as cool as ever,” commented Mark. He couldn’t help smiling at that. “But I don’t care. I’ll be
leaving Jipsdale in a few days for my tour, so you must have dinner with us.”

“Is that a threat?”

“No, I wouldn’t have the guts to do so. The band can’t afford to lose you.”

“Mark, I’m sure you know this, but I only joined the band for fun. I never intended to make a career out
of this.”

“I know. That is why I’m asking you to have dinner with all of us sometime. For old time’s sake,” said
Mark. He never overstepped or pushed her.


Eventually, Sophie agreed to go to dinner with him.

Back then, she joined Mark’s band because she was bored. Their band happened to be looking for a
drummer, so she auditioned for the role.

“Give me an autograph. My friend’s a huge fan.”

“Not a problem.”

As a prank, Mark signed his name on her coat.

Sophie walked down the stage and made her way back to Tristan.

“Let’s go home.”

The concert was over, so the fans returned to their seats.

Tristan narrowed his eyes when he saw the signature on Sophie’s coat. A dangerous aura oozed out of

I guess I’ll have to get someone to break that superstar’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sophie. Is it just me or is he angry again?

“It’s nothing. You let him touch you, huh?” replied Tristan as he pointed at the signature on her coat.

Sophie was speechless.

She took off her coat right away and handed it to Ysabelle.

“Here, the autograph you asked for.”

In truth, Sophie didn’t expect Mark to sign on her coat either.

Ysabelle hugged Sophie tightly in her arms after getting the autograph she had been dreaming about.

“Ah, Soph! I love you so much,” she exclaimed. She never imagined that she would actually get her
hands on Mark’s autograph.

Oh boy, did I just offend Uncle Tristan? Why is he looking at me as though he’s going to kill me?

Felix was surprised as well. He didn’t think that Tristan would be jealous of his own niece.

Isn’t that a little too possessive?

Winter didn’t get to push her way in earlier, but she saw Sophie’s performance from afar with the rest of
the crowd.

My guess is that Sophie knows that supposed superstar, Mark. How else could they work so perfectly
in sync? Relationships between band members have always been messy. Who knows? Maybe the two
of them have a complicated past together.

She was convinced that Sophie would be in hot waters if any incriminating evidence was exposed. I’m
certain that the powerful Tristan would be pickier with women.

The group of five returned to their seats soon after. Ysabelle was still excited and kept staring at the

“It’s just a signature, isn’t it? I can sign a dozen for you in a minute. Is it really necessary to stare at it
like that?”

“Pfft, I’m not interested in your signature. Not all signatures are valuable, you know?”

“Ysabelle, that’s a little harsh, isn’t it? My signature is worth millions… maybe even more. How is it
worthless to you? D*mn, you’re terrible at valuing things.”

Ysabelle shouted a little too much earlier, so she was parched. She picked up the cocktail sitting right
beside her and sipped some.

“Ms. Tanner, do you know Mark personally? The two of you worked rather well together, and he chose
you out of all the fans here tonight. Did something happen between the two of you?” asked Winter
while feigning curiosity.

“Is that true? Soph, do you really know Mark?”

“Nope. I was just lucky.”

“Oh, that makes sense, too. You have always been a lucky one.”

Winter harrumphed. It was obvious she didn’t believe a word Sophie had just said.

Sophie didn’t care, though. As far as she was concerned, what Winter thought had nothing to do with
her. There was no need to care about a random woman at all.

“You must’ve learned how to play drums in the past because your performance earlier was amazing.”

Winter refused to change the topic. She kept pushing and asking about it.

“Ms. Quigley, you seem especially interested in my past. May I know what exactly it is you want to

Impatience shone in Sophie’s eyes.

“That’s not it at all. I just wanted to keep a casual conversation going. Isn’t that why we sat down here
together in the first place?”

“That’s enough, Winter!” growled Tristan as he glared at her.

She doesn’t get to butt in on Sophie’s past, regardless of what it was like.

“Yeah, he’s right. Come on. Let’s drink instead,” suggested Charles. He was truly annoyed with his

Why must Winter try to humiliate Sophie? It’s not as though Mr. Tristan will fall in love with her if she
does that.

“Soph, you were so cool earlier! Even a straight woman like myself was on the verge of falling for you!”
complimented Ysabelle. She still hadn’t recovered from her shock.

“Let’s play darts,” suggested Winter.

“Sure. What are the stakes?” asked Ysabelle. She was especially high that night, so she was down to
play anything.

“The loser must find a person they like in Nocturnal and kiss him or her.”

“Winter,” warned Charles sternly once again.

“Oh, come on, Charles. The whole point of coming out here is to play. Besides, it’s just a kiss. It’s not
like I’m asking for anything drastic.”

Winter was setting up a trap. If Sophie were to lose, she would be forced to kiss a stranger. On the
other hand, if Sophie were to win the game, Winter would point out that Sophie was an experienced
player in bar games despite her young age. That would make her seem like a rowdy girl.

“Since Winter is so adamant about playing the game, let’s do it then.”

Winter didn’t expect Tristan to support her like that. She couldn’t help feeling delighted and