Anything For Her

Chapter 52

A Show To Watch

“Just someone ordinary.”

Sophie was not afraid of Eustace looking into her.

“An ordinary person who knows how to defuse a bomb?” Clearly, Eustace did not believe her.

“I’ve read a few books in relevance to the topic.” If it wasn’t for the urgency of the matter, Sophie would
not have defused the bomb herself. “What’s the matter? Are you going to arrest me?”

“No. I’m just curious about you.”

“There’s no need for that. I simply like reading books.”

“Regardless of everything, thank you. I’ll buy you a meal another day.”

“It’s fine. Also, I don’t want the reporters to find out what I’ve done. It’s annoying.”

Sophie then took her bag from a police officer and quietly left the barricaded area. There were many
reporters outside, and she did not want to speak to any of them.

There’s still blood on me. I should go back and clean myself up. I probably look quite frightening at the

When she took out her phone to look at the screen, she realized that Tristan had called her multiple

She called him back.

“Where are you? I’m out right now. Wait, I see your car. Don’t move. I’ll come over now.”

All Sophie wanted was to leave the area as quickly as she could while not catching anyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, after ending the call, Tristan alighted the car to wait for her. However, the first thing he
noticed on her was the blood on her shirt.

Instantly, he strode toward her.

“What happened?” I was only away from her for an afternoon. Why is she covered in blood now?

“I’m fine,” was the only thing she said to him.

“You’re covered in blood, but you’re telling me that you’re fine?” Tristan growled, and the air around him
turned cold.

Who is it? Who’s the one who dared lay a finger on my woman?

“It’s not my blood; I’m not hurt. So don’t worry.”

After making sure that it really was not her blood, Tristan became at ease. He then opened the car door
for her to enter the front passenger seat.

“Ms. Tanner, how did you end up covered in blood after your shopping trip?”

“Bad luck. I met a piece of trash.”

Sophie hated criminals with high intellect the most. They’re so smart, but instead of putting their
intelligence to good use, they choose to commit crimes.

Once Sophie returned to Wisteria Apartments, she took a shower and changed into a set of fresh

She threw the bloodstained clothes into the trash can, but when she thought about how the
housekeeper was going to notice it, she tied up the trash bag and planned to throw it out later.

“Let’s go. Felix is going to have an early celebration for Ysabelle’s birthday, and Ysabelle told me that I
have to bring you there.”

Ysabelle and the others were at Gold Sea Club. The place was the most luxurious five-star club in

Just as Tristan and Sophie entered the car, Ysabelle called.

“Soph, hurry up. Everyone’s waiting for you. What’s the matter with my uncle? Why does he need to
take so long to pick someone up?”

“Something happened, so you guys can start eating first if you’re hungry.”

“We’re not. You can take your time. There’s no need to hurry.”

With that, Ysabelle ended the call.

“She’ll take a little while longer. Soph’s a little busy right now.”

“What can a student be busy about? I’d say it must be because she doesn’t care about your birthday.”

The one who spoke was Winter.

“Winter, I don’t like the way you’re talking about Soph. If she says that she’s busy, then she must be
busy. If you’re in a rush, you can leave first.”

Ysabelle was upset to hear Winter talk about Sophie in that way.

“Ysabelle, I don’t mean anything by it. I just don’t think tardiness is good. It’ll make her seem

The smile on Ysabelle’s face dropped. “Winter, I doubt talking behind someone’s back is a cultured

“Winter, you can leave first if you’re busy,” Charles uttered unhappily. This woman keeps talking smack
about Sophie. If Tristan were to hear her, even I wouldn’t be able to protect her.

Winter clamped her mouth shut.

If it wasn’t for Tristan, I wouldn’t have wanted to come to this place! Besides, what kind of witch is
Sophie to make Ysabelle so protective of her?

“All right. Don’t be mad anymore. We’re all friends here,” Felix said, trying to defuse the situation.

“Who’s friends with you?” Ysabelle huffed, still angry.

Felix patted her head.

“Ysabelle…” There’s really nothing I can do about her.

Ysabelle smacked his hand away.

“You’re messing up my hairstyle.”

Right then, a server opened the door to the room, and Tristan entered with Sophie.

The moment Ysabelle saw Sophie, she beamed.

“Sit here, Soph!”

Ysabelle pulled Sophie to a seat beside hers.

To Sophie’s left was Ysabelle, while Charles was already sitting on her right. In other words, there was
no space left for Tristan to sit.

“Uncle Tristan, why are you still standing there? Take a seat!”

When Charles saw Tristan looking at him, he stood up and offered his seat to the latter. “Here you go,
Mr. Tristan.”

We’re just having a meal. Does he really need to stick by her side?

Tristan took Charles’ seat without any hesitation.

With that, Winter was sitting by Tristan’s other side.

She did not care why Tristan was sitting there as long as she was sitting beside him.

Felix then asked the server to bring the dishes over.

“Ysabelle will be having her birthday tomorrow. Old Mr. Lombard will surely take up most of her time
tomorrow, and there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’ll be celebrating her birthday here today. Thank you
for coming, guys!”

Felix opened a bottle of 1982 Château Lafite-Rothschild.

The server then filled the glasses of the people by the table, but when she was about to fill Sophie’s
glass, Tristan stopped her.

“Just a hot glass of milk for her.”

“Of course, mister.”

“It’s Ysabelle’s birthday today, so all of us are drinking a little. Ms. Tanner, could it be that you’re not of
age yet?” Winter asked.

Tristan ignored her.

The others did the same, and Winter turned gloomy at once. It felt as if someone had slapped her
across the face.

“Happy birthday, Ysabelle!”

Sophie took her glass of milk and stood up.

“I’m glad that I’m friends with you, for you make me hate Jipsdale less.”

Ysabelle lifted her glass of red wine as well.

“Soph, it’s my pleasure to be friends with you too. We have to be good friends for the rest of our lives,
okay? You have no idea how much I like you!”

The two toasted, and Ysabelle took a sip of her red wine while Sophie took a sip of her milk.

“Happy birthday, Ysabelle! You’re all grown up before I even knew it.” Charles lifted his glass as well.

“Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Sean only lifted his glass in Ysabelle’s direction. He was a man of few words, after all.

“Thank you.”

Felix then put a meatball on Ysabelle’s plate.

“Our Ysabelle’s finally all grown up.” I’ve been waiting so long for this day.

Sophie was only inattentive for a split second, and when she came back to her senses, she realized
that there was much more food on her plate than before.

At that, she could not help but glance at Tristan.

Is he trying to feed a human or a pig?

After a few mouthfuls, Sophie lost her appetite. Just a glimpse at her plate, and she already felt full.

Hence, she put all the meat onto Tristan’s plate.

When the others noticed her actions, they stared at her.

Winter sneered, thinking, Sophie must have a death wish! Everyone knows that Tristan is a
germaphobe, but Sophie just gave him the food that she has bit into before. Guess it’s time for me to
just sit back and watch the show.

“What’s the matter? Why are you all looking at me?”

Then, Tristan ate the food that Sophie had bitten into in front of everyone.

Charles gaped at the sight of it. Is this still the Mr. Tristan that I know?

Even Sean was dumbfounded. I guess that’s the end of Mr. Tristan, huh?

Meanwhile, Felix did not have much of a reaction. What’s wrong with that? I’d be glad to eat anything
Ysabelle can’t finish, but sadly, I don’t have the chance to do that.

At the same time, Winter was shocked to her core, Where did Mr. Tristan’s principles go? Isn’t he the
one with the most principles? Could it be that he’s no longer a germaphobe?

With that thought in mind, she mustered up the courage to put a piece of barbecue ribs onto Tristan’s