Anything For Her

Chapter 53

In His Arms

Tristan instantly furrowed his brows, evidently upset.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, mister? What can I do for you?”

“Bring a new plate for me.”

Everyone was rendered speechless. So, he’s still a germaphobe; he’s just fine with Sophie.

Winter’s face turned purple with rage. Does he hate me that much? Besides, I was using a new fork!

“Ms. Tanner, I heard that you have good grades. Did you rank second in grades?” Sean abruptly

“It’s just average.”

“Ha,” Winter sneered. That’s nothing to be proud of. She’s just a nerd.

“Ms. Tanner, you’re quite good with your words. Maybe you can think about studying law. If you actually
do that, you can come and work at Burtons’ Law Firm.”

The best lawyer from the best law firm in the country was offering her a place in his company.

Winter frowned. When did Sean become such a bootlicker? Isn’t Burtons’ Law Firm the hardest place
to get into? It’s a hundred times more challenging than the examination for civil servant job

“Thank you for the offer, but I’m not interested in becoming a lawyer,” came Sophia’s reply.

“It’s still a while before the start of the university entrance exam. You can take your time to consider

It was the first time the others had heard so many words from Sean.


“Ms. Tanner, there’s a revolution going on in your company. I wonder what thoughts you have about
that?” There were many women who looked pretty, but there were few who had a brain. Winter felt that
she was the latter, for she handled her perfumery business well, and that was why she looked down on

“Nothing much.”

“Ha,” Winter gleefully chuckled. I knew it. She’s nothing but a bimbo!

“Winter, I’m the main character of the day. Why are you so focused on Soph?” Ysabelle was well aware
that Winter was targeting Sophie. If it wasn’t for Charles, she would have flipped the table in fury.

“Sorry. I’ll down a glass to right my wrong,” Winter said as she picked up a glass, feeling much better.

With that ongoing mess in the Tanner family, I’m sure Sophie isn’t living her best life right now. As long
as she’s unhappy, I’m happy.

“Finish your milk.” Tristan handed Sophie the glass of milk.

Sophie sighed in exasperation, but she still took the glass from him.

After all, he was doing that for her sake, and she figured she could not embarrass him like that.

Winter scoffed in disdain at the sight of Sophie’s meek demeanor. She’s just Tristan’s pet. He’ll get sick
of her eventually. If she’s not cunning enough, she won’t survive in our social circle.

After the meal, they went to the most famous bar in Jipsdale called Nocturnal.

Ysabelle was not of age back then, so they never brought her to places like Nocturnal. However, now
that she was finally of age, she insisted on going to the bar.

Sean and Charles walked in the front while Felix and Ysabelle were behind them. After those four were
Tristan and Sophie, with Winter walking last.

She could not help but clench her fists at the sight of the two in front of her.

If it wasn’t for Sophie, I would have been the one beside Tristan.

Once they were inside Nocturnal, Felix and Ysabelle went and sit on a two-seater couch while Sean sat
in an armchair.

The couch Sophie and Tristan sat on was the middle three-seater couch. When Winter saw that there
was space left on the couch, she tried to take a seat beside Tristan. However, Charles pulled her away
to sit beside him.

“Charles, what are you doing?” I didn’t even do anything yet!

“Don’t make Mr. Tristan mad. You won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

In fact, I don’t think anyone in Jipsdale is able to bear the consequences of angering him.

Winter did not want to admit defeat, but she was afraid of actually infuriating Tristan.

Naturally, Nocturnal’s manager knew who these people were. Thus, he arranged the best seats for

Then, he hired the best bartender to serve them.

“Mister, please make me the best cocktail.”

This bartender is so handsome!

“Of course, my lady.”

With that, the bartender began whipping up a cocktail for her. Indeed, he was the best bartender in
Nocturnal. His moves were suave, and the glass was flying from one of his hands to the other. The very
sight of his performance kept everyone on the edge of their seats, and the ending them them cheer as

“Here you go, miss.” The bartender handed a colorful cocktail to Ysabelle.

After taking a sip of the cocktail, Ysabelle immediately gave the bartender a thumbs-up.

The bartender then made a cocktail for everyone.

“Hurry up! Let’s hurry over there before the seats run out!”

“I’m so excited! I came here to see my favorite celebrity today!”

“Me too!”

“Mark’s my favorite singer! I heard that he frequently sings in this bar!”

“Will he be singing today?”

“No, he’s here as the DJ today.”

“It’s Mark, my favorite singer! I can’t believe I’ll be able to see him here today.”

Ysabelle was thrilled.

“Soph, why don’t we go over there to take a look?”


Sophie got to her feet and went with Ysabelle to see her favorite singer.

“I’ll head there too.” Tristan stood up.

“Me too.” What the hell? Isn’t Ysabelle a little too happy to hear Mark’s name?

Alarm bells were ringing in Felix’s head.

“Count me in,” Winter said as she stood up. She had decided to follow Tristan wherever he went. After
all, if it wasn’t for him, she would not be there at all.

Mark was already on the stage, and he was dressed in an oversized black T-shirt and a pair of black
distressed jeans.

His getup was simple, but the simplicity of his clothes made his ear stud even more eye-catching.

As he remixed the song, he swayed his body to the beat.

He was only moving his body to the rhythm, but his fans were screaming until their throats were sore
below the stage.

Ysabelle kept trying to squeeze her way to the front. Meanwhile, Felix, who was afraid that those
crazed fans would hurt Ysabelle, kept his arms spread out to protect her.

“Soph, come over quickly!” Ysabelle cried out upon reaching the innermost of the crowd.

Sophie had no choice but to squeeze her way into the crowd as Tristan shielded her in his arms.

The further they went into the crowd, the less space there was.

Hence, Tristan ended up wrapping his arms around Sophie so that no one could touch her.

Finally, Sophie reached Ysabelle.

Winter came with them, and she tried to follow them in. Sadly, she only managed to take a few steps
into the crowd before she ended up getting pushed out of the crowd.


Winter was furious. What a bunch of uncivilized girls!

She tried to enter the crowd again, but a plump young woman pushed her to the ground.

Winter landed on her bottom, and pain shot up her body from the fall.

She jumped to her feet, ready to lose her temper at the other young woman, but her voice was
drowned out by the screams of the girls around her. Everyone ignored her.

In the meantime, Tristan was still holding onto Sophie.

He was not interested in Mark, so his attention was on the people around them. He was not planning to
let anyone, regardless of whether they were a man or a woman, come into contact with Sophie.

“Ah! I’m so happy today! Mark, I love you!”

Felix pursed his lips upon hearing Ysabelle’s screams.

“I’m going to ask for an autograph later.” In the blink of an eye, Ysabelle had turned into a happy fan
who was eager to meet her favorite celebrity.

Not long after, the song ended.

Mark turned around to whisper something to the host, and the host beamed upon hearing his words.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’re in luck tonight. Mark has said that he would like to sing a song to thank
you all for your enthusiasm. However, he has asked to work with a lucky fan.”