Anything For Her

Chapter 50

“Show me that one.”

“I want that too.”

Louisa was determined to mess with Sophie that day. She never liked Sophie.

“This one—”

“I’ll take that too.”

The commotion had even gotten the sales manager’s attention.

“Ms. Yarborough, are you sure you want everything? All these already add up to ten million.”

I know the Yarborough family is wealthy, but I don’t think she has that much allowance.

“What do you mean? Are you implying I can’t afford them?” Louisa’s temper spiked at the sales
manager’s words.


The sales manager shot Sophie an apologetic glance. Ms. Yarborough is a tough nut to crack.

A cold grin stretched across Sophie’s lips.

“Louisa, are you sure you want all of it? Is your credit card limit enough?”

“That’s none of your business!”

Louisa instantly took out her card and set it on the desk.

“Wrap everything up for me.”

The sales manager reached for the card and went to the register to settle the bill. However, she
returned shortly after.

“Sorry, Ms. Yarborough, but your card limit isn’t sufficient.”

“What? How is that possible?” Louisa’s expression darkened.

“Louisa, why don’t you just choose one from those?”

“I heard Ms. Yarborough would get her hands on everything that caught her eye. It’s a mere ten million.
I’m sure she has enough with her other cards.”

Louisa was caught between a rock and a hard place. Without a choice, she took out her credit card.

Her heart ached when the sales manager swiped the card. This costs me ten million! How long will it
take for me to settle the debt? My monthly allowance is only around half a million.

“Does Ms. Yarborough still wants to make more purchases?” Sophie smirked.

Louisa was infuriated at Sophie’s taunt, yet she couldn’t show it.

Why am I seething here while victory is seemingly on my side?

“What are you smug about, Sophie?”

“I’m not smug about anything. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you this store belongs to the Tanner family.”

Sophie had decided to visit a few jewelry stores under the Tanner Group to check on their sales. She
didn’t expect to run into the idiotic Louisa.

“Thank you so much for contributing ten million to Tanner Group’s sales today.”

Louisa’s expression darkened even further.

“Have a nice day.”

Sophie was in an excellent mood. Louisa’s dark expression efficiently lifted Sophie’s mood.

“Also, about the ten million. Your father will probably want to have a chat with you about where that
money went. If he knew about your actions, I figured you wouldn’t be living your best life in the near

Sophie had a thorough understanding of Louisa’s father.

“Louisa, I didn’t know.” Willow was oblivious to the fact that the store was under the Tanner Group.

Without another word, Sophie whirled around and stomped away. I got tricked by that b**ch, Sophie.

Willow immediately chased after her.

“Louisa, don’t be mad. We can ask for a refund.”

“Ask for a refund? Sophie is still inside right now. Won’t I just be humiliating myself if I ask for a refund

“What should we do then?” That’s ten million. It’s not a small amount.

“It’s fine. At most, I’d live a slightly difficult life for the next few months. Despite that, I can’t humiliate

“Louisa, you wouldn’t be in this state if it wasn’t for me.”

Louisa wrapped her arm around Willow’s.

“Don’t worry. Sophie was planning to drive a wedge between us. I won’t let it happen. Willow, tomorrow
is the birthday of the young miss from the Lombard family. My dad had given me an invitation. I’ll bring
you with me tomorrow.”

Many people wanted to be acquainted with the Lombard family.

The Lombard family was planning a grand celebration for Ysabelle’s birthday. However, they only gave
out a hundred invitations. Her father had spent a lot of effort to get his hands on one.

“You can do that?”

The Lombard family is the real big boss. I’ll get to truly enter the upper society if I can get acquainted
with them.

“Sure. The bracelet I bought today was a present for Ms. Ysabelle.”

“Okay, I should prepare a present for her too.”

Maybe I can meet Tristan this time. If I can marry that legendary man, that’ll be the peak of my life.

After the girls had left the store, Sophie turned her gaze to the sales assistant.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Nora Baum,” Nora answered. I have nothing to fear. She’s just Sophie Tanner, the unwanted third
daughter of the Tanner family. This store does belong to the Tanner Group, but Sophie can’t do
anything to me with her current status.

“You fail as a sales assistant.”

“Haha, Ms. Sophie. You’re just a kid. It’s not up to you whether I fail or pass.” Nora had someone
backing her up, so she wasn’t afraid of Sophie.

“Shut up, Nora!”

The sales manager glared at Nora. Ms. Sophie can get Ms. Yarborough to spend ten million here. How
dare a sales assistant like Nora challenges her?

Nora felt wronged.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I sold ten million worth of goods today and brought a huge profit to the
company. The company should give me a bonus. How can they fire me?”

“Fire her. The Tanner Group doesn’t need an employee like this.”

“What did you say? What right do you have to give that order? Do you truly think you’re a daughter of
the Tanner family?”

Sophie didn’t want to waste another breath with her and summoned the store manager.

“Your employees here aren’t eligible to work here. I’ll give you one month, and if they still behave this
way, I won’t keep anyone currently working here, including you.”

“Miss, you—”

The sales manager quickly whispered something to the store manager.

“I understand, Ms. Sophie.”

The day after the next was the shareholders’ meeting. No one was sure who would be the next CEO of
the Tanner Group. The store manager didn’t dare to offend Sophie.

“Have her fired immediately.”

Sophie turned around to leave.

Nora’s face paled.

“Manager, she’s just the unwanted third daughter of the Tanner family. You won’t actually fire me,

“Go back first. I’ll see how it goes once the shareholders’ meeting ends.”

No one knows what changes will befall the organizational structure of the Tanner Group after the
shareholders’ meeting. The same goes for Ms. Sophie, so I won’t make any decision before the

Sophie continued her shopping at the Monarch Mall and finally spotted a unique rock in an antique

That tiny rock was exquisite. It was clear and shiny on the surface, but inside was a picture of the
beauty of nature.

Sophie figured it suited Ysabelle a lot.

“You have good taste, Miss! This rock might look tiny, but it’s priceless.”

“Can I have a look?”

The sales assistant took out the rock and gave it to Sophie.

“How much is it?”

“Fifteen million.”

“Ten million, and I’ll take it. If you agree, then pack it up for me.”