Anything For Her

Chapter 49

Change Your Clothes

In the end, Tristan took everything with him.

He crossed the room to wake Sophie up. Sophie woke up feeling much better.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a hoarse voice. Her throat felt sore every time she talked.

“Helping you change.”

Sophie didn’t respond to him.

“Go on. Take off your wet pajama first.”

Sophie didn’t do as he demanded and merely stared at him coldly.

“What’s the matter?” Tristan didn’t think there was anything wrong with his request.

“Do you always flirt with girls like this, Mr. Tristan?”

“I don’t have to do anything. I just stand there and women will flock to me. I never needed to flirt.”

Sophie was speechless at his answer.

“Fine. Seeing as you’re feeling much better, change into these yourself, then come down for lunch.”

Tristan left the room after that. Sophie finally swung her gaze from Tristan to the clothing he brought
her. It was her pajama and lingerie.

She could feel the heat on her face, thinking about how he had touched her most intimate articles of
clothing. The always composed Sophie had lost her cool then.

Feeling uncomfortable with the sweat on her body, Sophie took a quick shower and changed into a
fresh set of clothing.

After drying her hair, she finally went downstairs.

“Lunch is ready, Ms. Tanner. I’ll be heading back now. You can leave the dirty dishes after you’ve
finished. I’ll clean them in the evening when I come over.”

“All right.”

After the housekeeper left, Tristan was still in the study, so Sophie took a seat at the dining table.

Tristan answered a call and told his assistant to reschedule all his meetings that day.

He left for the kitchen after that. At the threshold, he saw Sophie already seated at the dining table.

Tristan walked over and scooped some pasta for her.

“You didn’t take more than a few bites this morning, so eat more now.”

Sophie held a fork in her hand and looked at him.

“Don’t you have something to do today?”

He doesn’t have to accompany me.

“If you have something to do, you can leave after eating. I’m feeling much better now.” It wasn’t even a
big deal. It was just a fever.

“I’m free today.”

Collaboration worth billions can’t compare to the girl sitting in front of me.

“Fine then.”

Sophie didn’t try to persuade him anymore since he said so.

“Have some too, Mr. Tristan. Don’t just stare at me.”

Only then did Tristan pick up his spoon, but he didn’t start eating. Instead, he started scooping more
food for her.

After he was satisfied that she wouldn’t go hungry, he finally dug into his food. The crease on Sophie’s
forehead deepened with every bite. The food tastes quite bland today.

“What’s wrong? Is the food not to your liking? Shall we change the housekeeper?”

Sophie shook her head.

“It’s fine.” This housekeeper is quiet and professional. I feel comfortable when I’m with her.

“I’ll just have her add some condiments next time.”

“You have the numbers for The Crown and Pegasus Pavilion, so just give them a call for food delivery if
you don’t like the housekeeper’s food.”

“I’m not that particular.” I’m fine as long as it’s filling. I’m not picky with food.

After finishing lunch, Sophie couldn’t sleep anymore, so she settled onto the couch and watched the

Tristan cleaned up the dining table, then took a seat beside her.

He gently patted her head.

“I’m fine now.”

“That’s great to hear.”

Even though it was just a common cold and fever, I was worried sick when I saw her lying unconscious
on the couch. She didn’t even know how worried I was.

Tristan left in the evening after getting an urgent call. He even ordered her to rest at home before he

After he drove away, Sophie changed her clothes straight away. Ysabelle’s birthday is tomorrow, and I
haven’t even bought her a present yet. I was too busy the past few days.

Since she had already taken leave that day, she decided to spend the remaining time buying Ysabelle’s
present. She got on her new bicycle and pedaled her way to Monarch Mall.

After a period of observation, Sophie had a basic understanding of Ysabelle. A rich girl like her won’t
lack presents, so finding a suitable gift for her will be challenging.

Sophie entered a jewelry store, thinking of picking something out for Ysabelle.

Dressed in a plain white t-shirt, black slacks, and canvas shoes didn’t get Sophie any warm greeting
from the sales assistant. The sales assistant merely nodded at Sophie when she entered, then
pretended she didn’t exist.

Couldn’t care less about the sales assistant’s attitude, Sophie slowly studied each piece of jewelry on
the shelf.

Willow and a few of her friends were out shopping as well. She didn’t have to take any classes on
Saturday, because she had art lessons.

Yet, one call from Louisa and she skipped her lesson.

Louisa loved shopping for luxury goods. The Yarborough family was wealthier than the Tanner family.
Moreover, Louisa was the only child of the Yarborough family, hence the excessive love and pampering
they gave her.

A few other girls were following behind Louisa and Willow. With Louisa’s generosity in gifting the girls
small presents, they would agree to her request for an outing every time she asked.

They didn’t mind carrying the shopping bags for Louisa. Louisa would gift them luxury goods if she was
in a good mood.

“What’s wrong with you lately, Willow?”

“It’s all Sophie’s fault,” Willow complained. She never hid anything from Louisa. “You knew she was
back, right? Grandpa even gave her the company’s shares. It’s pointless no matter how hard I try.”

“It’s only twenty percent of the company’s shares. Just marry Mason when he gets back. Once you
married him, the Tanner family will be nothing to you.”

Louisa was Mason’s cousin. That was why Willow was so close to her.

“Oh, cut it. Mason might not even like me.”

Mrs. Laird dotes on me, but no one knows how Mason thinks of me.

“Willow, don’t worry so much. Wasn’t Mason quite concerned about you before he left the country? You
also have me as your wing girl.”

Louisa patted Willow’s shoulder reassuringly.

“Isn’t that the b**ch, Sophie?” Louisa’s steps paused when she saw Sophie.

Willow halted too.

“Come on, let’s go in and have a look.” Louisa intended to cause trouble for Sophie.

At that moment, a bracelet caught Sophie’s eyes.

“Hi, can I have a closer look at that bracelet?”

“Miss, are you sure you’re going to buy it? Our goods are pricey.”

Sophie’s brows furrowed.

“I said I want a closer look at that bracelet.”

Sophie was feeling impatient with the sales assistant’s attitude but still repeated her request.

“Do you know how much this bracelet costs?” The sales assistant still refused to take the bracelet out.

Then, Louisa led Willow and the rest into the jewelry store.

“Show me that bracelet,” Louisa demanded arrogantly the minute she stepped into the store.

The sales assistant knew Louisa was the only daughter of the Yarborough family and had made
repeated purchases from the store. She knew Louisa would buy anything she liked no matter how
costly it was.

“Yes, Ms. Yarborough. I’ll take it out for you immediately.”

Louisa would spend a lot every time she came. It looks like my sales performance will skyrocket again

“I saw this bracelet first,” Sophie said coolly. What’s with my luck today? Why do I keep bumping into
disgusting people no matter where I go?

“You saw it first? But have you paid for it? This bracelet costs eight million,” the sales assistant
continued to mock Sophie. “Miss, if you’re planning to buy a bracelet, you can go to the gift shop
outside and get one. Our items here don’t suit you.”