Anything For Her

Chapter 48

Delicate Skin

A heavy downpour suddenly started while Sophie was on the way back.

As she had not brought an umbrella, nor had she gotten the Tanner family’s driver to send her back,
she ended up getting drenched by the rain.

After she returned to Wisteria Apartments, she took a shower and felt a slight headache.

Sophie settled onto the couch and watched TV. She did not know how much time had passed, but by
the time she woke up the next day, it was already past nine o’clock.

She felt groggy and lethargic, so she nestled on the couch again after boiling a cup of hot water.

Her phone rang, and she answered the call upon seeing that the caller was Ysabelle.

“Why didn’t you come to school, Soph?” Ysabelle sounded very worried on the other end. “What’s
wrong? Did something happen?”

“I’m fine.” As soon as Sophie spoke, she realized that her voice had changed and her throat was
hurting badly.

“Did you catch a cold?”

It took some effort for Sophie to reply, “Yes. Please help excuse me from class. I won’t be going to
school today.”

Every time she had a cold, she did not like to take medicine.

It doesn’t matter if I do or not, it’ll still take me one or two weeks to recover, so it’s no use taking
medicine at all.

“Okay. I’ll do that. Why don’t I take the day off and head over to keep you company?” Ysabelle

“No need for that. Focus in class. I just want to sleep, so it’s pointless for you to come here.”

“All right, then. I’ll hang up now. Remember to drink more warm water.”

In actuality, Ysabelle wanted to say that accompanying her for a nap was also fine!

After all, warm water cures all diseases.

After explaining Sophie’s absence to Derrick, she posted on her Instagram: My best friend is sick, and
I’m so bored alone. How I wish I was sick too!

Felix was constantly keeping an eye on Ysabelle’s Instagram, so as soon as she made that post, he
immediately knew about it and called Tristan.

“Where are you, Mr. Tristan?” he asked the moment Tristan picked up the call.

If I do Tristan a favor now, he’ll also help me in the future! I still have a long way to go to win Ysabelle

“At the Lombard residence. What’s the matter?” Tristan was having his breakfast at that moment and
had an urgent meeting to attend not long after.

“Sophie is sick, and she should be alone in Wisteria Apartments right now!”

“Got it.”

“Girls are the easiest to win over when they are sick, Mr. Tristan. I’ll await your good news. I’m rooting
for you!”

Tristan could not be bothered to listen to Felix’s nonsense and promptly hung up.

William, who was doing yoga in the courtyard, could not help but frown when he saw Tristan walking

“It’s the weekend, and you’re still going out?”

“Mhm. Something came up.”

After saying that, Tristan went to the underground garage and drove his silver Lamborghini to Wisteria
Apartments. On the way, he also bought Sophie some chicken noodle soup from The Crown.

Upon reaching Wisteria Apartments, Tristan rang the doorbell, but no one came to the door. In the end,
he could only open the door himself.

Once inside, he discovered Sophie lying on the couch, looking flushed.

Tristan placed the bag down and crouched beside the couch.

“Wake up, Sophie. I’ll take you to the hospital.”

As soon as Sophie opened her eyes, she was met with a close-up view of Tristan’s face.

“Has anyone told you that you’re extremely handsome, Mr. Tristan?”

Sophie seemed to be delirious as she reached out to touch Tristan’s face.

He froze for a moment. Am I, a mature man of twenty-eight, being teased by an eighteen-year-old girl?

“Such delicate skin.” Sophie’s hand gently stroked his face.

For a moment, Tristan wanted nothing more than to pounce on the daring girl.

However, as soon as he touched her forehead, he immediately came to his senses.

The girl is running a high fever right now! How can I have such an outrageous thought?

“I’m taking you to the hospital.” Tristan picked her up, intending to get her to change into a new set of
clothes, but she shook her head.

“I’m fine. I don’t need to go there. I never go to the hospital when I’m sick.”

“All right. We won’t if you don’t want to.” After all, he could still get his private doctor to come over.

After placing her on the bed, he immediately called the doctor.

“Have you had breakfast yet?”

It’s past ten o’clock now. Judging from her condition, she probably hasn’t had breakfast yet.

Sophie shook her head.

“I have no appetite.” At that moment, she did not feel like eating anything and just wanted to sleep. “Go
back, Mr. Tristan. I’ll be fine after a nap. It’s like this every time.”

It was the same when she was in Horington. She had never cared about colds and fevers.

“I’m very angry now, Sophie. You’d better behave yourself.”

“What’s there to be angry about when I’m sick? If you think it’s troublesome, you can leave now. No
one is keeping you here.”

It’s not as though I told him to come over. Who does he think he is? What right does he have to get
mad at me?

Hearing her response, Tristan’s anger instantly vanished.

“Sorry for my poor behavior. Be good and have some chicken noodle soup.”

Sophie harrumphed.

“Come on. Be a good girl and have some chicken noodle soup.”

Seeing that Tristan had given in, Sophie also did not stay angry and allowed him to feed her some
chicken noodle soup.

Dr. Zimmerman came over and gave her some cold and fever medicine. He then left after giving some

By then, Sophie had fallen asleep.

Tristan brought a cup of warm water over and placed it on the bedside table. He then sat on the bed
and helped her up to lean against his body.

Sophie was jolted awake.

“What are you doing?”

“Take your medicine.”

Tristan showed her the medicine in his hand.

“Open up.”

Sophie could not help but frown upon seeing the pills. Those white pills scared her the most as she
could tell from one look that they were bitter.

“Can I say no?” To be honest, she was not afraid of knives and guns. However, she did not like taking

“No. If you refuse, I’ll feed you with my mouth.”

If her high fever persists, she’ll become even more delirious!

Sophie glared at him as though he was her mortal enemy.

“Seems like you’re looking forward to my kiss.”

With a snort, she promptly opened her mouth.

Tristan gave her the pills and also fed her some water.

“That’s my good girl.”

“I’m not yours. I don’t belong to anyone but myself.”

“No. You’re mine. One day, you’ll willingly be mine.”

“You’re so confident in yourself.”

Sophie was too lazy to be bothered by him and closed her eyes.

Tristan bent down and kissed her lips.

Although it was merely a peck, it made her shudder.

Opening her eyes, she glared at him.

He, on the other hand, gave her an unsatisfied smirk.

“All right. Get some sleep.”

Sophie closed her eyes but opened them a while later.

“How am I supposed to sleep when you’re here?”

“Do I affect you that much? Why don’t I get in and sleep with you? I don’t have anything to do today

Looking at her speechless expression, Tristan could not help but smile.

“Sleep well. I’ve no interest in a little hedgehog that’s about to combust.”

Only after he left her room did Sophie close her eyes. His taste still lingered on her lips.

Tristan? He… wants me?

As she drowsily fell asleep again, Tristan instructed the housekeeper to make some light lunch for her
before heading upstairs again.

He touched her head and found that her temperature had gone down.

However, her sleepwear was drenched with sweat.

Tristan opened her closet to look for another set of sleepwear.

Seeing the undergarments, he was caught in a dilemma.

Should I take them or not?